GSO Test

Welcome to Year 6 


Class teacher - Mr Thomas

Teaching assistants -  Mrs Isaac and Miss Brook


Friday 22nd January

I have had another really enjoyable week with Year 6. What a lovely bunch. I’ve had to work from home a couple of times this week and the children enjoyed meeting one of my sons as he gatecrashed story time. They also insisted on recording a happy birthday message for my other son, which was very kind.

Small group meetings

This week I have had small group meetings with the majority of the class. These will continue next week at 2:30pm Monday-Thursday. While the children are happy with learning online, what they are missing most, unsurprisingly, is each other. Hopefully the small group meetings will provide the opportunity for them to have a chat with their friends- I will rotate the groups so they see different faces each time.

Our learning

The children are really enjoying The Hobbit and today we started planning our own adventure stories, which we’ll be writing next week. This will hopefully pull together all the writing features we’ve been learning about over the last three weeks. After a successful week solving some tricky percentage problems in Maths, next week we will be moving onto ratio.

Google classroom

The children have got to grips with Google Classroom in terms of finding assignments, following instructions, returning work and interacting with other during live lessons- they are now giving me tips! I’m impressed with their growing independence, which is great to see.

Buddy reading

A number of children have videoed themselves reading a story for Reception. These have been lovely so far and the Reception children are really enjoying them. Keep them coming!

Year 6 Quiz

Today we held our second virtual Year 6 quiz. Wilf, Archie, Otto and Alex asked the questions and challenged us all!

Have a fantastic weekend

All the best

Nick Thomas


Friday 15th January

The children have been fantastic again this week. A massive thank you to them for their hard work, good humour and positive attitude. It’s great that all members of the class are joining the live lessons and contributing so intelligently to the learning every day. It still feels like a real community, even though we are in different places in front of different screens.

Google Classroom

The children are getting to grips with completing their work online and returning it to me. I have asked them to practise uploading a photograph this weekend if they haven’t already done so. Just a reminder that I am available after the live lessons if the children need to ask questions or would like to go over anything with me.

Small group meetings

Next week I will be starting small group meetings in the afternoons. This will give me the chance to catch up with children in smaller groups and for them to speak to their classmates. I will inform the children in registration if they are to join me at 2:30pm. It’s no problem if they can’t make it for any reason- they can join another day.

The Curriculum

Our English unit this half term is centred around The Hobbit, which the children are thoroughly enjoying; the highlight of my day is reading to them in the afternoon- something I have promised I will also continue to do everyday when we’re all back at school. We have started learning about Sikhism in RE and we will be beginning a new science unit next week all about the heart and circulatory system.

Reading log

I have set up an online reading log in our google classroom and I have asked the children to fill this in when they have completed a book. Please encourage them to do so.

Buddy Reading

A number of children have videoed themselves reading a book for Reception. These have been lovely so far. Keep them coming!

Year 6 Quiz

Today we held our first virtual Year 6 quiz. It was a great success and the children really enjoyed it. Matilda, Elena, Elsie and Sapphira took control and put together rounds covering music, technology, sport and animals. We are looking forward to next week!


Here is a photo of some of this week’s artwork on landscapes.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about any of the home learning.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All the best

Nick Thomas


Friday 8th January

It’s been quite a week!

I would like to say a huge WELL DONE to Year 6 for adjusting so brilliantly to online learning. It’s been lovely seeing them everyday...


The class have been full of their usual enthusiasm and have worked hard on all the activities. They are getting to grips with the new classroom and I’m sure any issues with uploading work will be ironed out very quickly. Please do get in touch if you’re still having issues with this.

Here are a couple of pieces of artwork from this afternoon from Emma and Isambard.


I’m looking forward to next week and the exciting learning to come.

I hope the children have a break from the screen and you have lovely weekend.

All the best

Nick Thomas


Friday 18th December

It’s Christmas! We have made it to the end of a very challenging, but ultimately very rewarding term. The children have coped brilliantly in difficult circumstances and they have made fantastic progress- well done Year 6.

There have been many highlights; it was particularly pleasing to see the children perform superbly in Carols by Candlelight and in the final assembly this morning. We hope you enjoyed the productions.

Here is a photograph from the church earlier this week:

The Tragedy of Troy

As we look ahead to 2021, we have a very exciting class assembly coming up in January. The children have brought home their scripts for ‘The Tragedy of Troy.’ I have also uploaded it to Google Classroom. Please help your child to practise their lines over the holiday.

Merry Christmas

I hope the children have a good rest over the holiday and come back fully refreshed for the challenges ahead.

Thank you so much for all the lovely cards and gifts. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for 2021.

Nick Thomas


Friday 11th December

The children have worked really hard on their assessments this week, which have shown how much progress they have made in what has been a very hectic term- well done. They are now ready for the final week before we break up for Christmas. Our carol, Carol of the Bells, is sounding fantastic and we are all very excited about performing next week. Some extra practice over the weekend would be much appreciated. We have also been practising O Come All Ye Faithful, so please help the children to be word perfect with this too.

Google Classroom

Thank you to those children who have uploaded homework through Google Classroom. I will continue to put home learning activities on this platform, along with providing paper copies in the children’s folders for now.


Next week, within our PE lessons, we will be running Christmas themed House Competitions. The competitions will be snowball (dodgeball) competitions which will take place within each year group. Each class will be divided into their house groups where they will compete against their opposing house groups to win the House Competition Trophy. Each year group will have a winning house but the trophy will be given to the house with the most wins across the school; the trophy will be presented in one of our virtual assemblies and each member of the winning house will receive a certificate.

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas



Friday 4th December

The highlight for many of the class this week was performing ‘Stickman’ to their Reception buddies in the playground on Tuesday. The children had very little time to prepare, but they were fantastic and Reception were a very appreciative audience! The Houses are really enjoying performing picture books to their buddies and have taken ownership of the process themselves, which is great.


This week we have been focusing on persuasive writing and the children have written a leaflet aimed at Year 5 children to persuade them to stand up to bullying, which built nicely on our PSHE lessons during anti-bullying week. Next week we will be moving on to poetry.


We continued with measure this week, focusing on area and perimeter, and next week we’ll be learning about time, so any revision of this area would be beneficial.

Google Classroom

The children have now linked to our Year 6 Google Classroom. I have sent home their log-ins this afternoon so they will be able to access it at home. This week I am trialling setting their home learning on this platform- this weekend’s homework is available on Google Classroom, and children can submit their work here too. I have also sent home paper copies. Please do let me know how it goes on Google Classroom.

Christmas cards

We have a post box in the classroom, so children are welcome to bring in cards to post for their classmates or children in other classes.


The Eco-Council have set the school a challenge: How can we make our Christmas traditions more environmentally friendly? Ideas could include using sustainable wrapping paper or virtual Christmas cards. Be as creative as you can! Entries due next Friday, 11th December.

Christmas carols

Please can the children practise our Christmas carol, Carol of the Bells, as much as possible. Here is the link to the words, which I have also sent home, and backing track:

I hope the children get some rest this weekend- it’s going to be a busy last two weeks of term.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas


Friday 27th November

It’s been another very busy week in Year 6!


This week the children have written their own stories set during World War 1. There have been some fantastically creative pieces and the children are rightly very proud of their efforts. Next week, we’re going to be looking at some persuasive writing and producing a leaflet.


Maths has gone really well this week; we continued with fractions, decimals and percentages and moved onto measure, with a focus on converting units of measurement. Next week we’ll be solving problems and then moving onto area and perimeter, so any revision of this area would be beneficial.


Please can the children bring their Reading Records in every Monday, ensuring they have at least five entries in their book. Please do write a comment in your child's Reading Record if you talk about the book, or if you listen to them read.


The children are really enjoying our learning about Street Art and today we looked at the work of Banksy.

Christmas Carols

Please can the children practise our Christmas carol, Carol of the Bells, as much as possible. Here is the link to the words, which I have also sent home today, and backing track:

Foodbank Advent Collection

Our School Council is currently collecting items to give to the Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank to support the local community over the Christmas period.

Children can bring any items they wish to donate into school and give them to their class teacher. We are hoping to make a final collection on the 11th December.

For a list of food items the foodbank accepts, please follow the link below.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 20th November

Our theme this week has been ‘United Against Bullying’ and I hope the children now have a better understanding of bullying and the devastating effect it can have. We talked about the need to speak out against bullying and to talk to an adult if children have any concerns. Part of this weekend’s home learning is to design a poster to reinforce the message.


This week the children have written lovely letters in role as a solider during World War 1, with the main focus on sentence openers. On Thursday we had fun planning our own stories set during the First World War; next week we’ll be writing these stories with a focus on using a variety of sentence structures.


We started learning about percentages this week and learnt how to find percentages of amounts and solve problems. Next week, we’ll be continuing with this and then moving onto measure, so any revision of this area, particularly converting between unit of measurement, would be useful.


We continued our unit on light and investigated how light travels and used mirrors to show how light is reflected:


The children are really enjoying our learning about Street Art and today they children produced some fantastic artwork based on their name.

Christmas Carols

Please can the children practise our Christmas carol, Carol of the Bells, as much as possible. Here is the link to the words and backing track:

I hope you have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 13th November

It has been a great week in Year 6, with the highlight for many being on Wednesday, when we spent the day designing and building a Formula T Race Car!

It was lovely to see so many of you earlier this week, even if it was on screen rather than in ‘real life.’ I hope you found the parent consultations useful; please do get in touch if you want to discuss anything further.

DT Day

The children worked really hard designing and building their race cars on Wednesday, and we added the finishing touches this afternoon. I was particularly impressed with their focus and how they worked together, helping each other to solve problems. The children will be bringing their finished products home today. Well done! Here are some photos of the day:


We learnt about the NSPCC this week, understanding the importance of ‘speaking out and staying safe.’


We continued reading War Horse, which the children are thoroughly enjoying. Next week we’ll be writing letters in role, with a focus on sentence starters and using a variety of clauses.


This week we have been solving problems using long multiplication and long division and have started learning how to multiply and divide fractions. Next week, we’ll be continuing this, along with looking at percentages.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas


Friday 6th November

The children have worked really hard this week, having returned from the half term break full of energy and enthusiasm. We have started a number of new learning units this week.


We have started a new unit of learning on historical fiction, centred on the Michael Morpurgo book, War Horse. Below are a few photographs from our drama lesson this week, where the children created tableaus of war scenes.



This week we have been focusing on long multiplication and long division, with some practice to do over the weekend.


We have started a new unit, Light up your world, which is all about light and how we see.


The children will be learning about Natural Resources this half term.


Today we began out ‘Street Art’ topic by trying some bubble writing, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Buddy Reading

This morning, in their house groups, the children performed some stories virtually to their buddies in Reception. They did brilliantly, particularly as they had only worked together at break times to prepare. The Reception children loved the performances! Here are some photos:


House Athletics Competition

We would like to congratulate all the children for their wonderful sporting skills in athletics. Mr Cotton was so pleased with the determination and fair play from all the participants. Well done to Keys, who received the most points in the competition this time around. We look forward to running the next house sporting competitions at the end of this term.

Christmas Cards

We loved seeing all of the amazing artwork for the Christmas Cards homework and we're sure that all of the pieces which were sent in are going to make absolutely beautiful cards!  Above is a gallery of a selection of artwork from across the school and we hope that you enjoy!

I hope you have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas


Friday 23rd October

It’s half term! Well done to all the children for working so hard over the last seven weeks. I hope they have a good break and come back fully refreshed for the exciting learning to come.


Our Windrush unit came to an explosive end with a fantastic workshop led by Sinai Fleary on Wednesday. The session helped our understanding of the impact of the Windrush generation and the children have now completed their reports; the outcomes have been excellent. Here are a couple of photos from the workshop:


Home learning

I have set the children some homework for the holiday: Windrush Child by John Agard, which they need to learn for our poetry recital and some worksheets for Maths (answers are included). I would also like the children to do lots of reading and ensure they fill in their reading records.

Mayor’s Cup Trials

Thank you so much to those who took part in the Mayor’s Cup trials this week. Mr Cotton was impressed with your enthusiasm and etiquette on the pitch. After a long and hard deliberation, the team has been selected and the information regarding training will be sent out in due course. Congratulations to all of those who took part.

House Competitions

What a wonderful week for sport. Thank you to all year groups for taking part in the house athletics competitions this week; it has been lovely to get the children involved in competitive sport, and they really enjoyed it. It has been a very close call but Mr Cotton will tally up the results and announce the winning house after half term.

I hope you have an enjoyable week.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas




Friday 16th October

It’s been another action packed week in Year 6…


The children have been working really hard on researching the Windrush and we have started writing our reports. We were delighted to welcome some very special guests to our classroom yesterday- Mr and Mrs Uylett joined us via video call. Mr Uylett came to London from Jamaica in 1959 when he was just twenty-one. Last week the children put together a list of question about his experience and he sent his answers through earlier this week. Yesterday the children were able to meet him virtually, ask some follow-up questions and say thank you. Mrs Uylett commented: ‘’It was so nice to meet the children. They were inquisitive, charming and so eager to learn.’ Huge thank you to the Uyletts; here are a couple of photographs:




In Science we are coming to the end of our Electricity unit and this week we posed a question to investigate and began the process of answering it scientifically. Here are a couple of photographs from Monday:



Home learning

Well done to the children for their fantastic presentations on a Caribbean island- they clearly put a lot of effort in last weekend. We will continue to share these next week.

Mayor’s Cup Trials

A reminder that Mayor’s Cup trials will take place next Tuesday afternoon. We would like to encourage as many children as possible to go along. The children have PE in the morning, so those taking part can remain in their PE kit for the afternoon.

Walk to School Week

Many children from Year 6 walked, cycled and scooted to school last week, which was fantastic. However, Reception scored the highest overall total and are the winners of this year’s competition. Congratulations to them. Please remember we encourage you to walk, scoot or cycle to school (all year round) as much as possible to help our local environment.

I hope you have great weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 9th October

It’s been another busy week in Year 6, with lots of hard work and creativity. It was particularly pleasing to see the children’s artwork developing this afternoon in our ‘Trees’ project. I look forward to sharing the final pieces in a couple of weeks. 

Black History Month

We started researching the Windrush and next week we will be using our findings to write reports in our English lessons. I hope the children enjoy finding out about a Caribbean island over the weekend.


I have asked the children to make sure they bring their book and reading record in every Thursday. A reminder they should be making five entries per week. Please listen to them read when you can and it’s great to have a comment in their reading record too.

House athletics  

During the final week of school before half term (commencing 19th October 2020), we will be running sporting House Competitions in our PE lessons. The competition will be house athletics, which will take place within each year group.  Each class will be divided into their house groups where they will compete against their opposing house groups to win the House Competition Trophy. Each year group will have a winning house but the trophy will be given to the house with the most wins across the school; the trophy will be presented in one of our virtual assemblies and each member of the winning house will receive a certificate.

Mayor’s Cup Trials

On Tuesday 20th October Mr Cotton we will be holding Mayor’s Cup trials for children in Years 5 and 6.  Competitive sport is an integral part of PE and Sport; it develops team skills, sporting capabilities and friendships. At present, Mayor’s Cup competitions are on hold across the borough. However, we would still like to select this year’s teams and provide sufficient training for the selected children with the hope that at some point this year we can take part in friendly matches or the official Mayor’s Cup games. We will be selecting 14 boys and 14 girls; Matches will usually consist of 8 a-side teams with 2 subs.

I hope you have fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas


2nd October 2020 

It’s been another excellent week in Year 6, with lots of fun and hard work. We have been focusing on reflecting on our learning and thinking about how we can improve.

Black History Month

October 1st saw the beginning of Black History Month and we will be focusing on black British history throughout the month, with a particular focus on Windrush coming up the week after next.


Congratulations to our recently elected Ambassadors, who are looking forward to championing their areas over the coming year:





Online Safety












Macmillan Fundraiser

Here are a few more photographs from last week’s marathon. Thank you to everyone who has donated; we have now raised nearly £600- a fantastic achievement.

Walk to school week

Continuing with the fitness theme…. Next week is ‘walk to school week’- let’s do as many journeys as we can on foot, scooter or bike and be the winning class! Here are all the details:


Get your happy feet on, it’s time to celebrate.
Living Streets, have created the greatest national Walk to School celebration, where pupils and grown-ups around the UK unite for one week of walking to school.

The five-day walking challenge aimed at primary schools is a fun and engaging week-long activity, raising awareness and celebrating walking for all. Not only will it set them up for a positive day in the classroom, it will also help create healthy habits for life.

Walk to School Week is now scheduled to take place on w/c 5 October 2020, during International Walk to School Month.

The class with the most amount of children and staff walking to school will receive a lovely, sparkly certificate.


Our Harvest festival service will be on Monday- please bring in any tinned goods/long lasting produce or toiletries if you are able to donate.

I hope you have lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas


25th September 2020


Marathon success!

Today marked the highlight of our week as we attempted to run a marathon to raise money for Macmillan. The children were absolutely fantastic; we smashed our target by running over 1000 laps of the playground and reached a grand total of 32.6 miles, making it an ultra marathon! Huge well done to everyone- it was a real team effort and great to see the children encouraging each other along. Thank you to the other classes who came to support us- it really helped. As it stands we have raised £501.20! Thank you so much. Please continue to donate through the link sent out by parentmail.

Here is a finishing photo- more to follow:


Think! workshop

This morning the children took part in a Think! workshop run by Equaliteach, which focused on understanding stereotyping and encouraging the children to think critically about the information they receive. The class participated thoughtfully and they gained a lot from the session. It linked well to our learning in RE this week.

School Council

The class have now elected their school council representatives- congratulations to Adam H and Kyeiwah May.


The children have also voted for class ambassadors for the following roles: RE, Arts, Eco, Online Safety and Kindness. I will publish these next week.


Please support your child by encouraging them to read for at least half an hour each day and to fill in their reading records five times per week. It would be really helpful if you speak to them about their reading and write in a comment each week. Children should bring their book and reading record into school each day.

Have a lovely weekend

Nick Thomas



18th September 2020


It’s been a fantastic week in Year 6, with Thursday’s House Captains speeches being the highlight. I was so impressed with how all the children performed- they had clearly prepared very well. Although it was a shame for them not to be able to speak to all the children in the usual way, they did an amazing job in front of the webcam. The children of St Peter’s had a difficult choice, but the following were elected as House Captains for this year. Huge congratulations to them.




Matilda and Angelique


Malakai and Emma


Max and Holly


Annabel and Yabsra


Year 6 provides the children with many opportunities to take on extra responsibility, so well done to everyone who successfully applied to be Librarians. It’s a very important role and I’m sure the children will do a great job.

The children have now been matched up with a ‘buddy’ from Reception and their first task was to write a welcome card, which will be posted to the Reception children next week. In the current situation we are still working out how we can meet our buddies- this will be virtually to begin with.

We are all looking forward to the Macmillan fundraiser next Friday (25th September), when we will be attempting to run a marathon as a class! Sponsorship details to follow.

Thank you to all parents who were able to join the virtual open evening on Wednesday- do let me know if you have any follow up questions. It has been lovely to meet lots of you, if only briefly, at the school gate over the last two weeks.

In terms of learning in the classroom, the children have made a great start. We have been learning about place value in Maths and writing a biography about Roald Dahl in English. The children are looking forward to doing their own research about someone who is inspirational to them for the next part of the unit. We have also made a good start in Science, where we are learning about circuits and in RE we discussed our big question- ‘How has the Christian message survived for over 2000 years?’

We’re all looking forward to week 3!

All the best

Nick Thomas


Welcome Back! 

Year 6 have had a wonderful start into the year. I've really enjoyed getting to know every member of the class this past week and I'm looking forward to seeing more fantastic work next week. Now Year 6 are top of the school, they are taking on more and more responsibilities. This week they have shown that they can be great role models to the rest of the school and they should be really proud of themselves. 

House Captains: 

Another responsibility special to Year 6 is being a House Captain.  Today, the children were all given homework to write a speech explaining why they should lead their house.  On Thursday, the children will be delivering their speeches in assembly and the school will be voting for who they want to represent.  I’m looking forward to hearing what they come up with!  I've already heard some excellent ideas!


We've started to receive some excellent application forms to be librarians.  Mrs Zalar most certainly needs help with the library, and is looking forward to interviewing the applicants next Tuesday, so there is still time to get those applications in!

A few reminders...

The children have been given their reading records and have taken home both a class book and a brand new library book. It is expected that the children make 5 entries per week. These entries can be adults at home listening to them read or the children themselves making comments. The children need to bring their reading record in every Monday to be checked. 

We have our PE lessons on Tuesday and Thursday so the children need to ensure they bring in their full PE kit. 

Next Wednesday, we are holding our virtual open evening from 5:40pm-6:00pm where you will hear more information about Year 6, and it will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions. 

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend, and enjoy the lovely sunshine we're supposed to be having! 

Mr Thomas