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Welcome to Year 6


 Our class teacher is Mrs Adcock. Our TA is Mrs Todorova and our LSAs are Miss Bell and Mr Blott

 1st July - Music Assemblies and London Zoo

We’ve had a wonderful week in Year 6. The weeks really are flying by!

Music Assemblies

A huge well done to all our Year 6 children who performed in our music assemblies this week. It is wonderful to see the outcome of all their hard work this year - now we know what you have been working on every time you pop out of class! We are looking forward to seeing Seb, Hugo and Qinlan perform in the final on Tuesday.

London Zoo

The highlight of the week was our buddy trip! Year 6 and Reception had a wonderful time at London Zoo on Thursday. I was so proud of the way the Year 6 children looked after their buddies. We had lots of fun and walked for miles!

Year 6 - Buddy Trip to London Zoo

Oliver Twist

We continued rehearsing for Oliver this week and had the added excitement of learning dance routines for our two songs on Wednesday. Soloists must learn the words to their songs over the weekend ahead of Miss Ailsa being in on Monday. I have added the backing tracks to Google Classroom so they can practise them with the music.  

Please also remember to send costumes for the play in on Monday (4th). 

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Adcock

24th June - Health and Well-being Week

It’s been a very busy week in Year 6 with lots of health and wellbeing activities.

Health and Wellbeing Week

The children enjoyed a number of activities and workshops this week, including a street dance session, ballet and a talk from a book author. I was very impressed with their maturity and honesty during our Relationships and Sex Education lessons.


We continued rehearsing for Oliver this week. The children are improving every rehearsal, but please help your child to practise their songs. I have uploaded the backing tracks onto Google Classroom so the children can practise at home.

Have a great weekend.

Martha Adcock

 17th June - Learning lines and Rehearsals

It’s been a bit warm up in Year 6 this week!

Oliver, Oliver!

We continued rehearsing for Oliver Twist this week. The children are improving every rehearsal, and they have done a fantastic job learning all their lines. This has made a huge difference now we have begun setting each act and the children are not having to look down at their scripts constantly. We’ve got some real characters in this class and we’re having great fun setting it. Well done, Year 6.

Young Enterprise Winners!

Congratulations to Aimee and Izzy for making the most profit per head during our Young Enterprise competition! There simple game was creative but easy to run and it had the classes swarming. Entrepreneurs in the making!

Green 4 Grenfell

On Thursday 16th June 2022, children and staff at St Peter's School wore something green to unite with members of the West London community to remember those who died in the tragic Grenfell fire. As a community we came together to reflect upon this fire, show our respect, and thank those who helped support people affected by the fire. 

Green 4 Grenfell

Theme Park Design

In maths, we have been designing our very own theme parks and applying the skills we learnt during Young Enterprise to work out the costs and profit. This is an ongoing project that we will keep working on over the next couple of weeks.


Health and Wellbeing Week

Next week is Health and Wellbeing Week and we have a fantastic range of workshops and activities for the children to take part in. We will have specialist teachers in urban dance, ballet, yoga, recycling, mindfulness and many more coming into school and teaching your child/children. It will be an amazing week! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Adcock

10th June - First week but last half term!

Welcome back- it’s been a busy first three days!

Poetry recital

Year 6 went out in style in their last ever poetry recital and performed a hilarious version of the poem ‘Gran, can you rap?’ by Jack Ousbey. It was made particularly memorable because it turned out that the poet’s granddaughter was sitting in the audience. A special mention has to go to Oliver who made a particularly sassy and feisty granny!

Rapping Granny

Show Racism the Red Card

On Thursday, Year 4, 5 and 6 were very lucky to have a workshop with Anita, who was representing the charity ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. She discussed the meaning of discrimination, racism and hate crimes. Anita was able to engage with the children and talk about how everyone is influenced by stereotypes, and how that can lead to discrimination. We learnt that we should not just deflect, but participate in the conversation in order to create change. Both Anita and the children’s teachers, were impressed with how well thought through their observations were and their mature reflection of their role in stopping and standing up to racism.

Young Enterprise

The children did fantastically well on Young Enterprise Day. As a class they raised £519; we had a great maths lesson on Tuesday counting money and analysing the data.

Young Enterprise - Money counting


We have now started rehearsing for Oliver, which is very exciting! Please help your child to learn their lines over the weekend and keep practising over the coming weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Adcock

27th May  - Young Enterprise, Jubilee Celebrations and Auditions!

We have had a brilliant, action packed last week before half term! The children have had a fantastic time, with the highlight for most being Young Enterprise, which was held yesterday afternoon.

Young Enterprise

I am really proud of Year 6 for their efforts with Young Enterprise. They have worked hard over the last couple of weeks to prepare for today and they came up with some amazing stalls and activities, which were enjoyed by the whole school at various times this morning. It was a real team effort- they have collaborated brilliantly on this project. Well done. There will be more photos and once all the money has been counted, we’ll let you know the final sum raised. Thank you again for all your help and support with this great project.


Jubilee Celebrations

That song being stuck in our heads for the last two weeks paid off Year 6! You were fantastic. Year 6 sang ‘Shotgun’ by George Ezra beautifully and also acapella due to a mid-song technical glitch! Just like true performers, Year 6 continued without flinching and still had a lot of fun while doing it.  They also read their lines with enthusiasm and humour. Thank you for coming!


We also enjoyed our afternoon picnic which we enjoyed with our Reception buddies. Thank you for the amazing Jubilee themed cake, Rewa!



The children performed superbly at the auditions on Tuesday for our summer production. They were incredibly brave and there were lots of amazing performances. The competition was fierce and congratulations to all- Oliver is going to be awesome!

I am really looking forward to all the activities we have coming up over the next few weeks- it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Have a fantastic half term break.

Martha Adcock

STEM Week 

This week has been STEM week, and what an amazing week we have had!

Thank you to Irene, Humera, Eleni, Conor, Philip, and Natali for coming in and sharing their STEM expertise with the children.

We have been exploring architecture, boat engineering, why things glow-in-the-dark, climate change, cryptocurrency, and coding. It has been a jam packed week, and the children are so enthused and excited about the STEM world.

We also got to use our new IPads, and explore how we can use them in the classroom to enhance our learning.

Here are some of the things the children enjoyed this week:

I really enjoyed the experiment with Irene because I never knew how things glowed in the dark before!’ Mia

I loved our coding workshops and using Python to design our own town.’ Freddy

‘I liked the architecture workshop because now when I walk down the street and sit in my house I know how much thinking and hard work has gone into the design.Stella

I really enjoyed making the balloon powered vehicles because it built up my teamwork skills and perseverance as if it didn’t go our way we had to figure out a different way.’ Annabel

I liked making the balloon powered cars because if something didn’t work you had to change it and think logically about how to solve it.’ Louie

I also enjoyed the experiment with Irene because we learnt things about atoms and electrons.’ Aimee

I loved the chemistry workshops because we learnt secondary school information but it was fun and it was taught in a way that made sense.Hetty 

Year 6 -STEM Week

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mrs Adcock 

SATs are over!

And suddenly the big week of SATs is all over! We’ve actually had a wonderful week with our class breakfast each morning (thank you Rewa), our extra play times and post test snacks (oh…and a couple of assessments)! Many of the class have said that it has been their favourite week ever!

Here are some pictures of our trip to Holland Park today. We had a lovely time!


A huge well done on completing your SATs this week, Year 6! Enjoy this weekend and particularly having no homework!

Mrs Adcock

Next week is STEM Week, and across the school we have a fantastic range of STEM professionals delivering workshops and talks to the children. Within their classrooms, the children will be taking part in science experiments, computer based learning activities, and lots of maths problem solving activities. We are very excited to be getting out our shiny new IPads, and getting to learn how to use them to enhance our learning.

6th April 

Well done, Year 6! We’ve had a fantastic week of focused work and learning. Year 6 are ready to sit their assessments next week and should be looking forward to showing off everything they know. They should be extremely proud of their progress and hard work. Now it’s time for them to relax over the weekend before they begin next week.


Rest well, Year 6 and have a lovely weekend.

See you for breakfast on Monday morning!

Mrs Adcock

29th April

We have had a bumper week of revision now we are in the countdown before SATs. Year 6 have worked extremely hard. Well done.

Lights, Camera, Action! On Tuesday, we enjoyed an excellent workshop from a filming company called Spark Arts.  We learnt about all the different camera angles needed to get a Hollywood shot! Year 6 couldn’t believe that a camera needed for on a film set costs on average £200,000! The class then put their learning to action and experimented taking footage from different angles. We had a good laugh watching some of our takes.


In Science, we took a breather from revision and watched some fact files about different types of invertebrates! We learnt some fascinating things. Did you know that an octopus can change colour and shape to pretend to be other animals? What about the fact that crabs can regrow lost limbs?!

A highlight of the week for Year 6 was watching Reception’s Class Assembly and seeing their buddies perform so well. It was lovely to see the class celebrate their buddies success during buddy reading today. Year 6 are the most doting and loving buddies around!

Have a good rest this weekend Year 6 and enjoy the extra day off! See you on Tuesday!

Welcome Back! 22nd April 

I can’t believe this class have started their final term of Year 6 and final term of St Peter’s! We have so much fun to look forward to this term! I hope the class are excited about it.

Since getting back, we have been very hard at work revising topics ahead of our SATs. The class have really impressed me with their mature and positive attitude to their work. I think they are pleased to see all their learning come together and with how much they can remember!

Other than English and maths, we have also enjoyed beginning topics in our other subjects. In R.E., our big question for this half term is ‘What does the journey of life and death look like from a Christian perspective?’. This week we began by mapping out our own life journeys so far and our hopes for the future which is very relevant as the class begin to look forward to their next chapter at secondary school.

In science, we began our topic about classification by recapping our knowledge of groups of invertebrates and vertebrates. Freddy and Thomas both amazed us with their scientific knowledge. Thomas discussed why a platypus is a mammal and Freddy shared with the class about the corpse flower, which mimics the odour, texture and appearance of a dead animal in order to attract pollinators. It even has a set of teeth!

In history, we have started our thematic unit about ‘Crime and Punishment.’ Today, we focused upon crime and punishment in the medieval period but we will learn more about this next week.

Well done for your hard week Year 6! Keep practising those spellings over the weekend and complete your homework ready for Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Adcock

1st April 

The last week has flown by and suddenly it is the end of term!

The class have worked very hard in this final week completing their end of term assessments. They have all done extremely well and I’ve been blown away by the progress they have made - even since half term. The focus on spellings has certainly paid off! Well done, Year 6.

In R.E., we considered how Easter brings hope to Christians particularly thinking about the resurrection. In Science, we completed a pulse rate investigation in order to see the impact of exercise on our bodies.

On Thursday, we enjoyed our school egg-rolling contest. Year 6 painted some beautiful eggs at home which they then rolled/flung down the Scott Hall. Well done Samira for rolling her egg closest to the target and Amalia for winning the prize for the decorations – eggscellent job!


Well done for a brilliant term, Year 6. You’ve all worked so hard.

Have a wonderful Easter holidays everyone!

Mrs Adcock

Please see attached our March 2022 Sporting Newsletter


25th March 

Despite all the fun and excitement of Arts Week, it was lovely this week to be back on our normal timetable.

This week we have been busy in maths applying our learning of fractions, percentages and money to word problems. We are becoming more confident at working out what the question is asking of us and breaking it down into manageable chunks. Next week, we will do the same with measure and ratio while also completing our end of term assessments.

It was great to see the children have so much fun competing maths challenges against their peers in class and children around the world on Mathletics during World Maths Day!  Over 9,000 schools from 130 countries took part in this year’s event. It truly was a global celebration of maths and learning. St. Peters school came 57th in the country on the day, which is a fantastic result!  Well done St. Peters and keep it going!  

In English, we read about a rather disgruntled Mr Badger from an extract of Wind in the Willows. The rest of the week we spent finishing off and editing our discussion texts and learning about progressive and perfect tenses.

In R.E. this week, we learnt about how forgiveness in shown in the Bible through the parable of The Lost Son. In Spanish we recapped vocabulary relating to our hobbies, subjects and sports and then learnt how to explain what our favourite of each is.

Well done to those children involved in our debating team who did a fantastic job of representing St Peter’s at the debating final at Latymer. The children really got into the swing of it and won their second round when they argued against schools being co-educational! Good work, Annabel, Giorgio, Samira and Freddy.       

Have a lovely weekend, everyone and enjoy this beautiful sunshine.

Mrs Adcock

Arts Week!

What a fun week we’ve had filled with butterflies, butterflies and more butterflies!  We spent the week focusing upon Dominic Harris’ digital image artwork  called Metamorphosis.

A highlight of the week was definitely going to visit the Halcyon Gallery, seeing Dominic’s work in person and hearing from the artist himself. Year 6 loved the interactive nature of the screen art and we’re mesmerised by the detail, colour and movement of the pieces! It was an incredible day - thank you to Ella’s mum in Reception who made it all possible and for Miss Miller for organising!


The rest of the week we spent in the classroom using different materials to design and make butterflies for our final pieces. We’re still got a little bit of the way to go but we’ll soon share pictures of our artwork and of course, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve done in the Arts Cafe which is next Friday 25th! 

We also enjoyed a number of outstanding workshops including drama, dance and a visit from Ranger Stu and his animals!


We really have had a wonderful week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Adcock

11th March 2022

We’ve had a very good week in Year 6.

On Thursday, we enjoyed performing ‘Sick’ by Shel Silverstein in the school poetry recital. Year 6 spoke with confidence and clearly enjoyed delivering the twist at the end of the poem!

Over the next few weeks in maths, we will be revising many of the concepts we have learnt earlier in the year and applying our learning to problem solving type questions. This week we revised mathematical vocabulary such as prime numbers, factors, square numbers and multiples and applied them to some tricky questions. Year 6’s resilience was put to the test as many of the questions involved trial and improvement! They also did some excellent work today using algebra to work out sequences.

In English, the class have been writing up discussion texts based upon the question ‘Which weapon would be most suitable to help Bilbo use to retrieve the arkenstone from the dragon’s lair?’ The class are trying hard to use discussion based language within their writing and present the arguments in a balanced manner.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a fantastic Shakespeare workshop. It was lovely to see the children's creativity shine through their performances. Hugo and Thomas performed a particularly hilarious version of the scene from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' between Titania and Oberon. I've included some pictures below and also some pictures from our illustrating workshop last week!



In RE, Year 6 have been learning about pilgrimages specifically focusing on Christian pilgrimages. This week the class researched pilgrimages across different faiths including Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism.

Next week is… ARTS WEEK which is going to be a wonderful week and I know the class are very much excited.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Adcock


4th March 2022

World Book Day was a particular highlight of this week. The children looked fantastic in their bright array of colours and crayon costumes (+ Louie as Luigi) ! It was such a wonderful idea to all come dressed in the same outfit. Year 6 paired up with their buddies for the parade and it was too sweet to watch them walk in together. Enjoy looking at the pictures!


In English this week, we have studied the book called ‘The Rough-Face Girl’ which is a retelling of the well-known story, Cinderella. This was to coincide with our whole school focus on fairy-tales, which was the theme of this year’s World Book Day. The class wrote some brilliant pieces of writing from the perspective of the Rough-Faced Girl and I think they enjoyed applying their writing skills to this quick burst piece of writing. 

On Thursday, we turned our focus back to The Hobbit when we debated the question ‘Which weapon would be the best choice for Bilbo?’. This turned out to be one of the highlights of the week. The Year 6 staff were so impressed with our quick thinking ideas, counter arguments and also our ability to listen respectively to others presenting their opinions. Next week we will begin to write a discussion text based upon the same question.

In maths, we have continued to analyse data using pie charts, which has brought together several areas of learning – angles, fractions, percentages and proportion.  We have learnt how to use the mean to compare two sets of data. Some of the problems have been very tricky indeed but the children have risen to the challenge of them!  Next week, we’ll be exploring line graphs.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

25th February 2022

We’ve had a good start to Spring 2 in Year 6.

In English we’ve written instructions for a burglar on how to enter a mountain (guarded by a dragon) undetected. I have to say, the writing produced so far has been excellent. The children are learning to be reflective writers and always trying to better their previous piece, independently. We will finish our instruction manuals off next week.

In maths, we began the week by revising percentages of amounts and applying our learning to multi-step word problems. During the second half of the week, we began reading and interpreting pie charts. Next week we will move onto drawing pie charts before learning how to find the mean and average of a data set.

Year 6 have been busy this week because, not only have they done all of the above, but they also helped to solve a murder investigation in Science! The classroom became a crime scene on Thursday afternoon and the class were presented with a number of potential suspects by the police. The class went about eagerly investigating the pulse rates of the suspects which led them to successfully identify the killer! Good work, detectives! There must have been some tampering with the evidence as our photos from the afternoon had suspiciously been deleted! Here are some pictures from DT Day and our STEM investigation which took place before half term.


Have a lovely weekend everyone! See you on Monday.  

Mrs Adcock

11th February 2022

Dear All,

Another half term over and what a busy one it’s been.

Thank-you so much to the PTA for hosting an amazing Movie Night yesterday evening. It was super!

The highlight of this week was of course, DT DAY! The theme of this term was ‘Music Making’ and Year 6 were tasked with the job of making panpipes. This involved some careful measuring, sawing and hot-glue gunning which put our practical skills to the test. We had a wonderful day and made some beautiful instruments! 

We also enjoyed a STEM project in Science called ‘The Wind Power Challenge’ which we completed in recognition of International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

As well as the above, it was also Mental Health Awareness Week. In Year 6, we talked about the importance of having a 'Growth Mindset' by accepting mistakes and learning from them. We watched some familiar faces from the world of TV, music and sport share their stories of emotional growth with us.

To top the week off, we’ve had fun with our buddies, reading to them and chatting to them.

Have a very happy half term!!

Mrs Adcock

3rd January 2022

Thank you to those of you who came along to the SATs meeting last Monday. I hope it was helpful. Any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

We’ve once again been hobbit mad this week, finishing off our fantasy stories in English and they are absolutely fantastic.  We have a class just full of budding authors in Year 6! 

In maths, we’ve been having fun with the dreaded algebra, discovering that actually it isn’t always that tricky and can actually be quite fun believe it or not!

We had a fantastic trip to the Central Gurdwara in Shepherd’s Bush to learn more about Sikhs and where they worship. We were given a wonderful tour and had the Sikh principles of faith clearly explained. Year 6 were beautifully behaved and were really captivated by what they were taught. The children wrote their names in calligraphy and were given an absolutely delicious meal of lentils and rice cooked by some Afghanistan refugees who kindly gave up their time to cook for us.

Year 6 Gurdwara trip


In Science, we learnt all about blood…! We learnt some fascinating facts (ask us for some) and by the end of the lesson even the slightly squeamish among us were impressed!

In Spanish, we have been learning vocabulary to describe our daily routine and this week we wrote a paragraph to describe what we do each day.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Adcock

28th January 2022

It's lovely to have more of the children back in the classroom and we look forward to Mrs Todorova and Miss Bell joining us again this week.

In English, we have joined the hobbit and Gandalf on a fantasy quest through Middle Earth. The Hobbit has taken Y6 by storm and we are relishing being immersed in Tolkien’s mysterious world, painted with luxurious vocabulary. Year 6 are really intrigued by the slimy character of Gollum and Samira really impressed us with her dramatic reading of Gollum! We have compared the opening of the novel with the graphic novel and the film this week, discussing the portrayal of characters and settings between the three – very interesting.  We now planned our very own journey tales based upon The Hobbit and we are very excited to write them up next week.  

In maths, we’ve been scaling shapes up and down, and applying this to real life problems, such as map scales.  We’ve also been looking at proportion and what this means, and applying to some very tricky problems.

In Science, we looked specifically at the role and structure of the heart within the circulatory system. We had fun acting out the heart pumping in the playground! The children will be able to explain what the hoops are, and why they are madly running around!

Year 6 - Science Week 4 Spring

 In RE, we’ve learnt all about why the Amrit Ceremony is so important for Sikhs and the children have written some explanations about what happens during the ceremony.   In Art, we have been tracing outlines of The Great Wave and practising using different materials to add colour to our sketches.

We’ve also had a lot of sporting competitions going ahead this week, with our football team and athletics team out on Thursday and Friday. Well done to those who played!

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing the children back on Monday.

Mrs Adcock

21st January 2022

We’ve had a very quiet week in Year 6, with a rather large proportion of the class isolating at home. I hope all of those children at home are coping ok and are not too unwell. We’ve missed having you in the classroom!

In English, we have enjoyed reading about the beginning of Bilbo’s adventure in The Hobbit when he unfortunately came across three monstrous trolls!  Year 6 had fun rewriting the scene as a play script to practise portraying different characters through their speech. We then wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Bilbo about the day's events. Mrs Adcock was very proud of the effort we made to use a variety of sub-clauses and ambitious adjectives. Well done Year 6! Next week, we will be planning our very own adventure stories.

In maths, we’ve been focussing on ratio and proportion.  The children have worked amazingly on some incredibly tricky problems.  Five house points to anyone who can work this out:

Emma buys a pack of stickers that contains furry stickers, shiny stickers and glow-in-the-dark stickers.  The ratio of the number of furry stickers to the number of shiny stickers is 3:5. There are 32 fewer glow-in-the-dark stickers than furry stickers.  There are 221 stickers altogether.  Find the number of glow-in-the-dark stickers in the pack.

Next week, we’re going to be learning all about scaling amounts, and shapes, up and down.

In RE, we’ve been learning all about Vaisakhi and how it is a celebration of the founding of the Khalsa Sikhs.  This afternoon, in Art, we practised sketching an outline of Hosukai’s painting ‘The Great Wave’. The children produced some very striking outlines.  

Year 6 - The Great Wave Sketching

Year 6 have worked very hard this week and I hope that you all have a very relaxing weekend. We’re looking forward to having many of you back next week.

See you Monday!

Mrs Adcock

14th January 2022

Year 6 have continued to show such focus and determination in their learning, really impressing the Year 6 staff team!

In maths, we have been doing all sorts of fun calculations with fractions: multiplying and dividing mixed fractions, adding/subtracting, converting answers from improper fractions to mixed number fractions and simplifying. You name it – we’ve calculated it! The children have been challenging themselves on every level.  Next week, we’re going to have a look at proportion and ratio.

In English, we have had a lot of fun starting our new class text ‘The Hobbit’. The children have written some outstanding character descriptions, making sure that they are showing the reader what the character is like, and not just telling them! In SPAG, we’ve been revising sub-clauses and all of the different ways they can be written and positioned.  We’ve also been learning about expanded noun phrases and how they help the reader to picture what is being described.  The children have all been working really hard at including these elements of SPaG in their writing, too.

In R.E., we learnt about The 5 Ks in Sikhism. Year 6 found out that Sikhs wear the 5ks to remind themselves of what they believe and also to visually show that they belong to the Sikh religion.

In Art, we have begun to practise sketching ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai.

In Science, we discussed this concept cartoon.

We planned an investigation to test their statements using the question ‘Does the distance of an object from a light source affect the size of its shadow?’.  We then carried out our investigation using torches and spotted a pattern! Ask us what we found out.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Adcock

Happy New Year and Welcome back, Year 6.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! It has been lovely hearing all of the things the children enjoyed about their time off. Happy Ethiopian Christmas to those celebrating this week.

Back to the classroom...

In English, we have begun reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit. We have been amused to read about a grumpy hobbit, called Bilbo Baggins, and Gandalf, the wizard. Today, we also met the noisy dwarves who descended uninvited on the hobbit. We have been practising improving our sentences using sub-clauses and expanded noun phrases. Next week, we will be writing our own character description based upon our own magical and mystical creature.

In Maths, we have been revising long multiplication and long division. Next week, we will continue to apply our learning to word problems and revise our fraction learning from last term.

In history, we learning about the lasting legacy of the Ancient Greece. This week we considered the question ‘What can we learn about the Ancient Greeks from a study of the Olympic Games?’. We were surprised to find some key differences with how we celebrate the Olympics nowadays. Ancient Olympics had a larger focus on religion and the class was horrified to find out that they wore no clothes to compete!  

In art, we have begin to look at the artist Hokusai. In later weeks we will focus particularly on the artwork ‘The Great Wave.’ In R.E., we have begun our topic on Sikhism by researching what their key beliefs are.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Adcock

Happy Ethiopian Christmas Day - Friday 7th January 2022

From all the parents, staff and children at St Peter’s, we wish all those celebrating a very joyous day.

Brief History

Christmas in Ethiopia is called Ganna (or Genna) and is celebrated on January 7th. An important Ethiopian holiday, visitors in the country can get an insight into the religious traditions and culture of the African nation. Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated all over the world.

Merry Christmas!

And all of a sudden the first term of Year 6 is over! What a great term it has been and the trip to the farm last week was such a fantastic way to bring it to an end. The children have worked very hard this term and it is wonderful to see how much they have all come on.  

Thank you for the incredibly generous gifts – you are all very kind.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday everyone. I hope you all stay healthy and manage to rest well and see family.

See you in the New Year!

Best wishes,

Mrs Adcock

PS Here are some extra pictures from the farm that missed the cut last week and a couple from Monday’s Carol Concert.

Year 6 Christmas 2021


The farm - Day 4 - Coastal walks, the beach and Christmas dinner

 Day 4 on the farm is complete and we now have 28 fully fledged farmers to bring back to London tomorrow…

The class have thrown themselves into everything, whether that been feeding the pigs at 6:45 in the morning, herding sheep in icy cold winds, or even mucking out the donkey stables! It’s been a pleasure to bring them here. It is true that some have enjoyed the farm smells, mud and cold more than others but they have all been enthusiastic, got stuck in and enjoyed the activities.

Day 4 The farm 2

 Last night, the teachers were treated to a wonderful talent contest which took on a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ feel soon after Seb declared he was Tess Daley! The class decided Miss Royer should be the straight-talking judge so she quickly named herself ‘the Grinch’ and was difficult to impress! We saw some excellent acts with Louie’s solo and the comedy act stealing joint first prize.

Back to farming….

 Today, we completed our early morning duties and herded the sheep with Alid the sheep farmer, who has over 2000 sheep. Freddy was busy trying to think of a way to make Alid’s sheep tracking app more efficient by electronically tagging the sheep…. an entrepreneur in the making!

We particularly enjoyed our coastal walk and trip to the beach today. The winds have completely died down which made it very enjoyable and the scenery was stunning. The children were very busy looking for sea glass and catching crabs in the rock pools. Florence was certainly the crab expert!

 This evening the farm staff treated us to a delicious Christmas meal with all the trimmings. The dining room was decorated beautifully, and we ate like kings and queens! The children performed a little sketch given to us by Dan and sang a carol to say thank you to the farm staff for him.

We finished the evening with a Christmas quiz! The children are all very happy but are also looking quite exhausted. I think they’ll be glad to be home to you all after a great week of adventure!

Day 3 - The farm

The farm - Day 3 - Planting, St Peter's Got Talent and... more goats!

On the farm today, we mucked out and milked the goats again, fed the pigs, planted more seedlings and met the donkeys! We are getting to know the animals very well and are coming to the full realisation of how disgusting Brynn, the billy goat, really is. Ask us why when we get home!

Today, we also got in the festive mood while making some Christmas crafts to take home using materials from the farm. This included a wooden Father Christmas and a lovely winter wreath.

Any spare time that we have had has been used to practise for tonight’s ‘St Peter’s Got Talent’ which Seb is going to host. He has promised that the class have got seven wonderful acts including a number of Street Dance performances (no surprise there!), a comedy act, magic tricks and singing. They will be performing in front of our panel of fierce judges (the teachers!). We’ll feedback to you all tomorrow!

The children are having a wonderful time. I hope you get a taste of it all from the pictures which are saved below! They are being excellent ambassadors of the school.

Day 2 - The Farm 2

The farm - Day 2 - Wood chopping, cooking and Storm Barra

Day 2 on the farm is complete!

 Spirits are high despite Storm Barra raging outside. It is very blustery out there.

We got a real taste for farming life this morning since we were hard at work feeding the pigs and collecting the chicken eggs before the sun had even risen! Our early morning efforts were rewarded with a delicious breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs, which was very well received by the children!

The farm staff then treated us to some indoor sessions so we could shelter from the ferocious winds. We planted some seedlings for the farm vegetable patch and baked some tasty chocolate and beetroot brownies with the farm cook.  

Later this afternoon, we chopped wood for the farmhouse fires and then herded sheep across the fields. The children have given names to every animal we have met and were therefore horrified to find out the lambs would be on the shelves of Waitrose by Saturday morning!

Enjoy looking at these photos from yesterday and this morning. 

Day 1 - The Farm

The farm - Day 1 -  Goats and pigs

We have arrived safely and are already fully into the swing of farm life! 

The children have had a brilliant first day. After surviving the 6 hour bus journey (which was no mean feat), the children were very excited to see the first sign for Treginnis farm along the windy country roads. 

We were given a hugely warm welcome by all the farm staff and are very much enjoying being in this beautifully toasty farmhouse. After finding our rooms and settling in, Y6 enjoyed a blustery walk along the stunning Welsh coastline. We arrived back and were fed a delicious homemade lasagne and chocolate cake, before we rushed back out to milk the goats and feed the pigs! Not our average Monday that's for sure! 

This evening, we enjoyed a great game of charades before hot chocolate, reading and bed time.  Phew! 

Photos to follow....

3th December

Year 6 have coped very well with a week that has been full of assessments. The children have shown a very mature attitude throughout and have been extremely kind to each other, which has been lovely to see. It has also been great to see the progress that Year 6 have made since the first half term. Well done everyone!

In geography, we played a trading game to help us understand that the value of minerals is impacted by world events. We had to apply our maths learning to work out the percentage increase/decrease following an event!

In Spanish, we have completed our learning of time and are now confident! Ask us the time at home in Spanish -‘¿Qué hora es?’

In R.E., we watched a number of Christmas adverts that had been produced by the church. We analysed what the were trying to highlight about the meaning of Christmas and compared them to the shopping adverts that we often see around Christmas.

In PSHE, we discussed how we felt about moving to secondary school : what we are excited about and what we are nervous about. We learnt about a number of strategies that can help us when we are feeling worried.

Finally, in science, we learnt about all the parts of the eye and the role they play in enabling us to see. The class were fascinated that our eye actually recieves an upside down image that the brain then turns the right way around. We then investigated what our blind spot is !

It’s been a lovely week.

Rest well this weekend ahead of our trip to the farm, Year 6 ! See you bright and early on Monday morning !

26th November 

Given that we’ve enjoyed two theatre trips this week, it’s been a week of treats in Year 6! Without a doubt, the highlight of the week was watching The Lion King. It was truly incredible to watch and was made even more special by seeing our very own Stella act as the young Nala! She was outstanding and seemed to be enjoying every minute. We were a very appreciative audience and apparently the whole cast could hear our cheers for Stella from backstage! From the costumes to the staging, singing and dancing – it was spectacular. It’s lovely to now know where both Oliver and Stella keep disappearing off to. Good luck, with your rehearsals for young Simba, Oliver! We're so proud of you both. 

We also had a fantastic time at Aladdin today. During both trips, the class behaved impeccably (even when coming back on the tube during rush hour!). It was a real pleasure to take them.

In the classroom, the children have also had a fantastic week and have been exceptionally focused and hard-working. In maths, we have been converting measures and have learnt how to find percentages of amounts.

In English, the class have written some very good persuasive texts about Anti-Bullying. They were cohesive and included many persuasive features.

Well done Year 6 for a brilliant week – you’ve been fantastic.

 Have a lovely weekend. It sounds like lots of you are getting things for our trip to the farm - only a week to go!

Mrs Adcock

19th November

We have had a week of being back on timetable following the class assembly, which has been lovely!

We did enjoy continuing our Black History Month celebrations during a Caribbean Dance Workshop led by the lovely Sinai Fleary, which was great fun.

In English, this week the children have written their own stories set during World War 1. There have been some fantastically creative pieces and the children are rightly very proud of their efforts. Next week, we’re going to be looking at some persuasive writing based upon Anti-Bullying Week.

In maths this week, we applied our learning of area to find the area of a triangle. We then found the volume of shapes and answered some volume based word problems. Next week we’ll be learning about time, so any revision of this area would be beneficial.

In RE, we began our Christmas unit (yes, already!) and analysed a series of Christmas adverts to see what message they gave about the meaning of Christmas. We all very much enjoyed this lesson. In Geography, we learnt what natural resources are and used atlases to discover how they are distributed across the world.

In Spanish, we continued to learn how to tell the time, focusing on telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Our pronunciation of ‘cuatro’ and ‘cuarto’ is getting better – thanks for the tips, Samira!

In science, we began to learn how light travels in straight lines and we drew light diagrams to illustrate how we see objects.

Finally, in art, we continued our ‘Street Art’ topic by practising our own bubble writing, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Last week, the class began a series of Learn Well workshops for PSHE. Year 6 is a big year for the children with end of year assessments, exams for secondary schools and with it being their last year at St Peter’s.  These sessions aim to empower pupils with the knowledge and skills to better support their own mental health and to manage their experience of significant years of transition.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I know lots of the children are getting confirmed/ baptised this weekend. I hope it goes well and you enjoy the celebrations!

Mrs Adcock

12th November

The highlight of this week has to be the Year 6 production of The Tragedy of Troy. All the children were fantastic and we hope you enjoyed the performance! 

On Wednesday, it was DT Day where Year 6 made bat boxes.  We researched bats and learnt lots about our little furry flying friends. We used our research to create sketchbook pages about them.

*12.11.21 Year 6 DT Day Bat boxes


We wanted to ensure that our bat boxes fit in with the natural environment so we thought about what sort of places we might hang our boxes and designed them to camouflage with the surroundings.

*12.11.21 Year 6 DT Design

In English this week, we wrote letters as if we were Albert from the book War Horse. We have also learnt about to use active and passive voice in our writing.

In maths, we have learnt how to do long division. We’ve found it a little tricky but we’re slowly getting the hang of it. Well done for your perseverance Year 6. Towards the end of the week, we began to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes. The class picked up straight where they left from last year and all really impressed me with the knowledge they remembered.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,


Mrs Adcock

The Tragedy of Troy

Year 6 presents….

We have spent a large part of the week practising for our class assembly. The class have thrown themselves into their parts and have been working hard to project their voices and put expression into their lines. The children are very much looking forward to performing next Thursday 11th November.

We also enjoyed putting together our poetry recital ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All’. We hope you liked watching it! If you haven’t seen it yet, it is saved on Google Classroom.

In maths, we have been busy dividing! We recapped short division, learnt how to express our remainders as fractions and decimals, and then moved onto tackle long division! Y6 have made a good start.

In English, we have started a new unit of learning on historical fiction, centred on the Michael Morpurgo book, War Horse. Below are a few photographs from our drama lesson this week, where the children created tableaus of war scenes.

*04.11.21 Year 6 English Acting

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Adcock

21st October 2021

And it’s half term! The last seven weeks seem to have flown by and now Year 6 are completely into the swing of being at the top of the school.

This week we have been completing our half term assessments. The children have worked really hard and stayed focused, despite assessments not being the most fun.

Asides from sitting the tests, we have enjoyed a number of other subjects and workshops.


In R.E., this term we have been answering the big question ‘How has the Christian message survived for over 2000 years?’. A couple of weeks ago, we learnt about the work of Bible translators and this week, we had the privilege of speaking to John Severn, who is a Bible translator in Indonesia.  The children came up with some excellent questions to ask him and it was fascinating to hear him speak so passionately about it. We couldn’t believe it had taken 20 years for him to translate the New Testament!


In History, we learnt about how decisions were made in Ancient Greece. We then held our own debate about whether the Parthenon should be build and voted to make the decision democratically. The people have spoken and the majority were in favour!

Interschool competitions

Huge congratulations to Cross for winning this half term’s interschool competitions. Across the school, Cross performed excellently and consistently. As a result, they were awarded the highest amount of points. Everyone who took part should be extremely proud of themselves. The winning trophy will be displayed in the entrance to the school. In addition, a huge thank you to the Sports Ambassadors who helped organise the matches.

Black Books Company

On Wednesday, the whole school watched The Sun Shines on Everyone by Black Books Matter Company.

The performance was about a boy who unintentionally made a racist comment at school. One evening, he met an alien who came from a planet where everyone is the same. The student realised that this would be a boring way to live and therefore, our differences should be celebrated because we are each unique.

Have a wonderful half term everyone!

Mrs Adcock

15th October 

It’s been our sixth full week of brilliant learning!

In English, the class has been busy gathering information all about the Windrush for the non-chronological report we are going to be writing. The class has been fascinated to learn of the events and the contributions of the Windrush generation on British society. As part of Black History Month, we also read about Mary Angelou’s life and studied one of her poems ‘The Caged Bird’ which powerfully speaks of the discrimination she faced because of her skin colour.

In Maths, we have been learning about angles and co-ordinates. The class are whizzes at estimating angles using known facts and we put that knowledge to the test when we found missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.

In History, the class investigated the Battle of Marathon and specifically answered the question ‘How did the Athenians win when they were so outnumbered?’ The class were very engaged and wrote some fantastic explanations about why this was the case.

Over the last few weeks, the class have produced some beautiful artwork based upon trees and they are finishing off a second piece of work now.

* 15.10.21 Year 6 Artwork 1


 Finally, in Science Year 6 had their electricity knowledge put to the test as they were asked to design a product to capture Burglar Bill who had been spotted by the neighbourhood watch in the area recently. The class used their knowledge of switches to create a pressure switch which set the alarm off when stepped on. We had fun catching people walking into the classroom for the rest of the day including Mrs Murphey and Miss Bell!

* 15.10.21 Year 6 Science

Next week

In class, we will be completing our end of half term assessments in English and maths.

Additionally, on Thursday the whole class will be involved in a friendly match against St Stephen’s in the afternoon. They will all need their P.E. kit on this day.

Show Racism the Red Card

'Lack of knowledge is darker than the night.'

- African proverb

On Thursday 21st October 2021, St Peter’s staff and children will be wearing an item of red clothing/accessory to show solidarity for and join alliance with, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. Together we can help make the change we want to see in the world and pledge to actively eradicate prejudice and discrimination within our society. Moreover, each class will be taking part in an anti-racism lesson with their class teacher.

In-school competitions

Next week, within our usual PE lessons, we will be holding in-school football competitions where the children will compete in their house groups. The winning house will receive a trophy that will be placed in the Office entrance; a ribbon in the colour of the winning house will be attached. In addition, each member of the winning house will receive a celebration certificate. Best of luck St Peter’s, let the best house win!

8th October 

It's been a lovely week in Year 6.

In English, the class had a fun time being very silly while writing their nonsense narratives based upon Lewis Carroll’s poem ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’. We wrote about Tigers walking hand-in-paw with dentists, Wolves and Bankers having a munch on tadpoles and mice wearing multi-coloured waistcoats and bow ties! Mrs Adcock very much enjoyed reading them all! Next week, we will learn start researching our Windrush reports as part of BHM.

We also enjoyed poetry workshops on Wednesday as part of National Poetry Day. The children wrote and performed their own Haiku poems about the summer and the pandemic.

In Maths, we revised long multiplication and short division and applied our understand to decimals and problem solving questions. 

Next week, we will be completing some half term assessments in both English and maths to see where the children are at with their learning so far.

In R.E, we learnt about the role of missionaries in spreading the Christian message and we researched the charity Christian Aid. In Science, we investigated the affect of increasing voltage on different components in a circuit. In History, we learnt about what the lives of women in Ancient Greek were like. We realised they had a lot less freedom then we do today! 


On Thursday 30th September, a select number of children from Year 5 and 6 took part in an athletics tournament at the Linford Christie Stadium. A huge well done to those who took part, we placed 8th out of 19 schools in the Borough – amazing!

Netball Trials

What a start to the term we have had for sport. Well done to those who took part in this week’s netball trials. Everyone did an incredible job and should be extremely proud of themselves. The team will be announced next week. Please remember, if you were not selected this time, there will be many more opportunities for you.  

Black History Month

'Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else's shoes for a while.' Malorie Blackman. Please come and visit the Black History Month section in the library and choose yourself a book to read. There are some fantastic stories and poems by some brilliant authors.

To honour both Black History Month and this year’s Olympic Games, this week we have been celebrating Black sporting icons and activists.  Next week we will be celebrating Black poets and writers. Over the weekend, every class will learn and recite a poem; we will focus on poems by Maya Angelou, David Campbell and Valerie Bloom. Additionally, each year group will focus on a particular book; they will explore the narrative, illustrations, author, culture and many more features.

 1st October 

After last week’s excitement, this week was more normal i.e. there were no marathons involved.  However, that didn’t stop us having fun in the classroom.

In English, we have been busy studying Lewis Carrol’s poem called ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’, which is full of absolute nonsense and is great fun to read! We enjoyed picking out all the nonsense and acting out the scenes to help us understand what was going on. Next week, we will be planning our own nonsense story, which we are very much looking forward to.

* 01.10.21 Year 6 English Acting

In maths, we have moved onto fractions. We had to have our wits about us as we have learnt to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions but we have taken it in our stride. Next week, we will move onto co-ordinates and angles.

In R.E., Year 6 were fascinated to learn about how Christians are persecuted abroad. The class were shocked to find out about what happens to those that believe in other parts of the world and they wrote some beautiful letters to encourage those facing persecution. 

In science, we investigated whether the length of wire would affect the brightness of a bulb. We observed that the longer the wire the less bright the bulb was and learnt that this was because of resistance caused by the wire.

In Spanish, we practised different parts of the verb ‘to have’ and ‘to be’ by translating a story all about a mouse and a snake who ate bread and cheese!

A few reminders

Please remember to complete homework and submit by Monday or Friday morning.

Children must bring their reading records and books into school every day. 

Black History Month 2021

Black History Month is an annual celebration of the achievements of Black communities and the remembrance of Black history across the world.

Over the upcoming month, at St Peter’s school are excited to celebrate the continued achievements and contributions of black people of African and Caribbean descent.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Well done for your hard work Year 6.

Mrs Adcock.

24th September  

Marathon success!

Today marked the highlight of our week as we attempted to run a marathon to raise money for Macmillan. The children were absolutely fantastic; we smashed our target by running over 900 laps of the playground and reached a grand total of 28.9 miles, making it an ultra marathon! Huge well done to everyone- it was a real team effort and great to see the children encouraging each other along. Thank you to the other classes who came to support us- it really helped.  Thank you so much to those of who have donated already. Please continue to donate through the link sent out by ParentMail.

Here are two group photos- more to follow:

*24.0.2021 Year 6 Marathon


Running, running and more running!

It’s been an active week in Year 6, which is fitting considering it was National Fitness Day on Wednesday.

In honour of the day, Year 6 took part in the daily mile, around Ravenscourt Park. The children did amazingly and all tried their very best – even the teachers did! Here is the before and after pictures. See if you can work out which is which!

* 2021 Year 6 National Fitness Day


One of the biggest excitements this week is that the class have now been matched up with their buddies from Reception! We did our first Buddy reading session today and it was truly wonderful to see Year 6 be so caring and kind. The reception children are in very safe hands!

*24.0.2021 Year 6 Buddy Reading

In the classroom

In the classroom, we have continued to be busy with our learning. In English, the class have written biographies about a person of their choice. I have read about a huge range of people from Helen Keller to Tilly Ramsey, to Nelson Mandela. They have been wonderful to read and I am feeling very knowledgeable  about all sorts of people now!

In maths, we have begun looking at fractions. It is wonderful to see the class pick up on their learning from last year so quickly. We will be adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions next week.

In R.E., we learnt all about the work of Bible translators in spreading the Christian message. In Science, we were problem solving with circuits and working out why certain circuits were not working. This gave us a chance to recap scientific symbols for electrical components and also practise drawing circuits. In History, we took a trip to the Agora in Ancient Greece and learnt all about everyday life in Ancient Greece.

It’s been a busy but brilliant week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs Adcock

17th September

It was lovely to see many of you yesterday at our virtual open evening – thank you for joining.  I hope you found the meeting helpful and informative.

We have had a great week in Year 6. As I said last night, I have been so impressed with how Year 6 have settled into being in and the effort they are putting into their learning. We found out ambassador and House Captain roles earlier today. It was lovely to see the children be so supportive of those that got certain positions when I’m sure there was disappointment for some. All the children have been given a role and I look forward to seeing what the children bring to each responsibility!

In English this week, we have been writing biographies about Roald Dahl. The children have put in a lot of effort to edit their writing and used a range of clause structures to add information. The biographies were engaging to read – well done Year 6. Next week, the children will be using what they’ve learnt to write a biography about someone of their choice! 

In Maths, we have been busy! We started the week adding and subtracting negative numbers by remembering sandbags and hot air - ask the children to explain! Year 6 were introduced to BIDMAS which they loved and also recapped the place value of decimals. They have all worked very hard. Next week, we will be learning about fractions.

In R.E., we considered why it was necessary for early Christians to write down their beliefs in the Apostles’ Creed. In Art, we have continued to work on our beautiful tree artwork. In History, we enjoyed looking at the Ancient Greek myth ‘Thesus and the minotaur’ and considered whether there was enough evidence to prove that aspects of the story were true. Finally, in Science, we learnt what the scientific symbols were for electrical components.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Adcock


10th September

First full week back

This week has been a big week for Year 6 what with Mayor’s Cup trials, House Captain speeches, ambassador nominations and their first full week of Year 6 work. I am so proud of how the children have taken it all in their stride! 

The children spoke so confidently and clearly when delivering their speeches and it was lovely to see each of their personalities shine through. I was so impressed with how all the children performed- they had clearly prepared very well. The children of St Peter’s have a very difficult choice to make!

In the classroom, we have also been very busy and the children have made a great start. We have been learning about place value in Maths and it encouraging to see the children picking up quickly on concepts we learnt last year. The class had lots of fun playing two different maths games this week all about negative numbers!

In English, the children have been researching and finding out about Roald Dahl’s personal life. We have enjoyed reading his book ‘Boy’ this week. Who knew he was such a mischievous child! Next week, we will be writing a biography about Roald Dahl. The children are looking forward to doing their own research about someone who is inspirational to them for the next part of the unit.

We have also made a good start in Science, where we are learning all about circuits.


Finally, in RE we discussed our big question- ‘How has the Christian message survived for over 2000 years?’ and learnt about how the first disciples were equipped to spread the gospel.

It has been a fantastic week. Well done, Year 6.

Mrs Adcock


3rd September 

Welcome back!

We have had a wonderful start to Year 6. The class have begun the year maturely and with great enthusiasm. They have already shown that they are ready to be at the top of the school and have been trying very hard to be good role models to the younger years which is fantastic.

It has been so lovely to see the children again and to hear all that they have been up to over the summer!

Over the past two days, we have talked about the expectations of being in Year 6. The children shared that they were feeling excited and nervous! We have written about our hopes for the coming year and created some artwork for display.  I am already impressed with the children’s focus and positive attitude which will be so important as the year progresses.

I am very much looking forward to another year with this class and hope your child is excited about all the fun things that Year 6 involves. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.  

Things to note

Please be encouraging your child to read as much as possible! This children will need their reading books in school every day. Each child should also be reading every day at home and will need to fill in their reading records in 5 times a week. Thank you for your help with this.

P.E. will be on Monday afternoons. The children must arrive in school in their uniform and bring their school P.E. kit to change into.