GSO Test

Welcome to Year 5 

Class Teacher: Mr Thomas

Teaching Assistant: Miss Royer

Friday 1st July

It’s been a great week in Year 5!

Music assemblies

Congratulations to everyone who performed at this week’s music assemblies- you were amazing! Good luck to those who have made it through to next Tuesday’s final.

Sport for Champions

On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to meet Pierre Henry-Fontaine, the former basketballer, who put us through our paces and explained how he made it to the top. The children enjoyed the fitness circuit and learnt about nutrition, perseverance and the importance of goal setting.

Street dance

WELL DONE to the Street dancers, who won their competition this week. They were so excited and performed brilliantly on the day.

Andy Goldsworthy

This week, we completed our learning about Andy Goldsworthy, by creating our own sculptures using natural resources. Here are some of our creations.


Please encourage your child to practise the words (and moves) to our song for the Oliver production. It’s going really well so far! Please bring in costumes on Monday.

Wac Arts trip

We’re really excited about our trip to Wac Arts on 18th July. Please do let me know if you can accompany us on the day.

Have a great weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 24th June

Health and wellbeing week has a been a resounding success, with the children throwing themselves into all of the activities and workshops- well done!

Growing up

As part of our RHSE curriculum, the children learnt about what happens during puberty and discussed the exciting and challenging parts about growing up. We also looked ahead to Year 6 and talked about the extra responsibility coming our way.

Yoga, dance and ballet

The children thoroughly enjoyed the dance, yoga and ballet sessions. They were particularly passionate about street dance and showed their great moves!

Jaidz Majasi

We had a very interesting workshop with the author, Jaidz Majasi. The children participated thoughtfully and asked some great questions.


We learnt about what happens to our waste and got some top tips for recycling from Debra from the Western Riverside Waste Authority. It was a nice extension of our recent debate about the use of plastic packaging.

Enjoy the fair!

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 17th June

It’s been another action-packed week in Year 5 and we’ve managed to remain cool in these high temperatures. Here is a flavour of what we’ve been up to this week.

Our learning

This week we have been extending our learning about fractions in maths and planning a story with a ‘hidden discovery’ in English, having analysed the dramatic opening to Skellig. We have started our new RE unit about faith in the local community, and have had some fantastic workshops.

No Barriers

On Monday, Year 5 attended the No Barriers 2022 Digital event virtually. The workshop was built around celebrating the Women's EUROs players and the achievements of different women in sport. The session also discussed gender inequality and the harassment of girls and women. We were lucky enough to hear the story of footballer Rebecca Dunning, who talked about her experiences playing football growing up and her time at West Ham and Charlton, as well as her work with the Football Association. The children asked lots of great questions and came up with ideas for our class charter to make a commitment to respecting women and girls as individuals, as a school and within the local community.

Money Sense

On Tuesday, as part of a Money Sense workshop, we learnt about the different ways in which we can reduce the energy we use to help our families save money. We learnt how using renewable energy can save money and be better for the environment, as well as exploring activities that use a lot of energy. We reflected on our current behaviours and thought of new sustainable changes we could employ to reduce our cost of living.

Clean Air Day

On Thursday, we discussed Clean Air Day by thinking about air pollution and how it affects us. We came up with practical ways we can help, such as walking, cycling and using public transport, rather than cars, whenever possible.

Green for Grenfell

The children produced some lovely Green for Grenfell hearts to remember those who lost their lives and celebrate the power of our community. We thought about those people who care about us and those that help us. There were some fantastic designs, which are on display in the classroom and on the school gates.

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 10th June

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely half term break. We are looking forward to an action packed last few weeks in Year 5.

The Highwayman

It was great to see so many of you at this morning’s poetry recital. I was really proud of the children’s performance. They have enjoyed the English lessons about this challenging poem and they certainly put in a huge effort to learn their lines- well done.

Show Racism the Red Card

On Thursday, we were very lucky to have a workshop with Anita, who was representing the charity ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. She discussed the meaning of discrimination, racism and hate crimes. The children and Anita discussed the definitions and their differences, before moving on to discussing the relevance of these terms, and their importance in everyday life. She was able to engage with the children and talk about how everyone is influenced by stereotypes, and how this can lead to discrimination. We learnt that we should not just deflect, but participate in the conversation in order to create change. Through group and pair discussion, the children were able to discuss their knowledge and learn from each other. Both Anita and I were impressed with how well thought through their observations were and their mature reflection of their role in stopping and standing up to racism.

Educate-Enable-Empower - Sports for Champions

Sports for Champions UK will soon visit St Peter’s school. We have been invited to join a sponsored fitness circuit led by a professional Olympic athlete who will EDUCATE-ENABLE-EMPOWER the children with a view to inspiring them to be the Champions of tomorrow. All children should have received a sponsorship form this week; the children are in for the chance of receiving some exciting gifts.

Our athlete this year will be: Pierre-Henry-Fontaine

For more information about Pierre, please visit the website below:

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 27th May

Don’t Stop Me Now!

Huge congratulations to all the children for their wonderful performance of ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ at our Platinum Jubilee Concert this morning. Fresh from their Young Voices triumph, the children put so in so much effort to learn the song and I was extremely proud of their performance- well done! Thank you for your support with learning the words and it was great to see so many of you this morning.

The Highwayman

Please help your child to learn their verses for our poetry recital, which is on Friday 10th June.

Have a fantastic break; I look forward to seeing you for the final half term in Year 5.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 20th May


This week has been STEM week, and what an amazing week we have had! Thank you to Irene, Humera, Eleni, Conor, Philip, and Natali for coming in and sharing their STEM expertise with the children. We have been exploring architecture, boat engineering, why things glow-in-the-dark (the underlying chemistry being fluorescence and phosphorescence), climate change, cryptocurrency, and coding. It has been a jam packed week, and it’s been great to see the children so enthused and excited about the STEM world. We also had the opportunity to use our new iPads, and explore how we can use them in the classroom to enhance our learning.

We continued the STEM theme in lots of our lessons this week. In science, we set up an investigation to find out the factors affecting germination and had a great time designing and creating an egg protector. The children particularly enjoyed testing these in the playground! In computing, the children are creating websites about the local area.

Here are some photographs from the week, with more to come next week.

_Year 5 Stem week 2022

Maths competition

Well done to those children who took part in the maths competition at Kew Green Prep School on Thursday- they were brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the problem solving challenges.

Family Supper

St. Peter’s School is excited to announce that we are reintroducing the Family Supper event- a fantastic event to celebrate our school, and the wider community. We would like to warmly invite every parent/carer, child, and member of staff to the Family Sharing Supper on Thursday 26th May 2022. This event will take place in the Scott Hall from 5pm, and will finish at 7pm. This is a wonderful event where we can share our favourite foods, and dine together as one big St. Peter’s family. This event is free and friendly, and all we ask is that you bring your favourite dish with you. There is no need to bring drinks along as both beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available to purchase. All sales from the drinks will go towards the school fund. The Family Supper is a very special St. Peter’s community evening, and is a brilliant opportunity to see familiar faces, and meet new ones. It has been greatly enjoyed by all in previous years, so please do come along and bring your favourite savoury or sweet dish along with you. A gentle reminder that we are a nut free school, so all dishes must not contain any nuts.

Don’t Stop Me Now!

Please encourage your children to practise our songs for the Jubilee Concert.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 13th May

Our learning

This week the children have enjoyed writing their discussion texts on the ‘great plastic debate’ and have been trying to incorporate lots of the features of this genre of writing in their work. In maths, we have completed our learning about angles and will be moving on to area and perimeter next week. After learning about the reproduction of flowering plants last week, we learnt about asexual reproduction this week, and are attempting to propagate some spider plants and hoya linearis (photograph below). In computing, we are creating websites about the local area, which fits nicely alongside our geography topic about Hammersmith.


Next week is STEM Week, and across the school we have a fantastic range of STEM professionals delivering workshops and talks to the children. Within their classrooms, the children will be taking part in science experiments, computer based learning activities, and lots of maths problem solving activities. We are very excited to be getting out our shiny new iPads, and getting to learn how to use them to enhance our learning.

Don’t Stop Me Now!

Please encourage your children to practise our songs for the Jubilee Concert.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 6th May

The great plastic debate

This week, in English, the children have been researching the benefits and drawbacks of plastic packaging, as part of our unit on discussion texts. There were some strong views in this afternoon’s debate! Next week, we’ll be writing a discussion piece about the topic.


We have been learning about angles in maths: identifying different angles, comparing, estimating and measuring angles. What angles can you identify in real life over the weekend?

Shepherd’s Bush Market

To complete our history unit on the local area, we learnt about the history of Shepherd’s Bush Market and researched the changes over years and what may have influenced them.

Don’t Stop Me Now!

This is our song for the Platinum Jubilee Concert, and we’re very excited!

Have a great weekend

Nick Thomas


Friday 29th April

Young Voices!

Although it seems a while ago now, this week has been dominated by YOUNG VOICES! What a fantastic day it was. The children were brilliant throughout, from their excellent behaviour on the journey, to singing their hearts out from what felt like the roof of The O2! I’m so proud of the class for working so hard to practise the songs over the last few months and performing superbly on the night- singing and dancing with such enthusiasm. They belted out all the songs, from the catchy ‘Power in Me’ to the Beatles Medley. In the terms of the celebrity acts, the highlights for most were the Beatbox Collective and amazing street dance group Urban Strides. It was past 10pm by the time we made it back to Hammersmith- everyone tired, but very happy. How many people can say they have performed at the O2?! Thank you to parents who joined us for the whole day- we couldn’t have done it without you- and to those who came to support in the evening.

_Young Voices


Our learning

In maths, we have continued learning about decimals and will be moving on to angles next week. In English, the children have enjoyed writing an explanation text about surviving in difficult places, such as the desert or jungle. In science yesterday, we dissected flowers to find the key parts and learnt about the reproduction of flowering plants.

Earth Day- Sparks Arts Film

On Tuesday, we discussed Earth Day and the importance of looking after our planet. We were lucky enough to have a workshop with Sparks Arts Film. The children learnt about camera angles and filmed short clips of their ideas on Earth Day, and each played specific roles such as actors, producers and directors.

_Year 5 Sparks Art


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 22nd April

Welcome back!

I hope you had a lovely Easter break.

Unbelievably, we are into the final term of Year 5! And what a way to start….we are all very excited about Young Voices on Monday. The children have clearly been practising over the holiday, which is fantastic, and we have enjoyed our final rehearsals this week. Please get an early night on Sunday!

Our learning

In maths, we have started a unit of learning about decimals, and in English, we have been researching biomes in order to write an explanation text next week. Our RE unit this half term is about Islam, and it was great hearing some of the children’s personal experiences this week.

22nd April 2022

Today is ‘Earth Day’ and we discussed the importance of looking after our planet. The theme this year is ‘Invest in our Planet.’ We’ll be learning more about Earth Day next Tuesday and taking part in a workshop run by Sparks Art Film.

We also talked about Stephen Lawrence because today is the fourth annual Stephen Lawrence Day, and the 29th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s death. Stephen Lawrence Day was founded in 2019 to celebrate his legacy and to raise awareness of racial inequality.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing lots of you on Monday.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas

Friday 1st April

We’ve come to the end of a long, challenging term, with many children needing to learn from home at various points. However, the children have been resilient and given their best in difficult circumstances. Things have been much more ‘normal’ in recent weeks- long may it continue. It has been a very enjoyable term with lots of great learning both in and out of the classroom, with the many fantastic trips we’ve been on.

Here is a flavour of what we’ve been up to this week.


We completed our learning about materials by investigating irreversible changes. The children had lots of fun with milk, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!

Egg rolling!

The egg designs were absolutely amazing! Congratulations to Ivy for winning the competition- it was a hard fought battle!


Young Voices

We have been busy rehearsing- Young Voices is only a few weeks away! The big day is Monday 25th April. Please encourage your children to practise and listen to the playlists on Spotify or Youtube. All the details are on the Young Voices topic page on Google Classroom.

Home learning

I have set the children some optional home learning on Google Classroom for over the holiday. Please encourage them to do this, and in particular, to do lots of reading.


The week beginning Monday 16th May will be St Peters' STEM Week. STEM Week is a fantastic way to celebrate all sciences and their importance in our everyday lives. It provides an opportunity for all children in our school to take part in science, engineering and technology events and activities. It is also a brilliant way to connect with the wider community of the school. If anyone has expertise in science, engineering and technology, or if anyone knows of any contacts in these fields, then we would love to hear from you. Throughout the week, we would like to incorporate a range of workshops and talks from people within our local community. If you have any questions, or if you would like to get involved, please contact communications FAO: Miss Cook.

Have a lovely Easter break and I look forward to seeing you in the summer term.

Best wishes

Nick Thomas


Friday 18th March

The children have had an AMAZING Arts Week! Year 5 have such a lot of artistic flair; here is a favour of what we’ve been learning this week.

Butterfly project

The children designed some brilliant butterflies, inspired by Dominic Harris’ work and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the whole school piece he puts together. In Year 5, we have focused on developing our lino printing techniques to produce a piece about butterflies. The children designed their print, cut it out and came up with their own ideas for a background. The final results are outstanding!

_Year 5 arts week butterfly


Halcyon Gallery

Thursday was the highlight for many this week; we had a fantastic day visiting the Halcyon Gallery in New Bond Street to view Dominic Harris’ brilliant work and hear from the artist himself. The children were able to interact with his pieces and asked some excellent questions. They also viewed exhibits by Andy Warhol and James McQueen and produced some artwork themselves. Thank you to everyone at the Halcyon Gallery- what an amazing privilege.

Dramatic Dreams

On Monday, the children took part in a Dramatic Dreams workshop and showed their love of drama by exploring a Greek myth, focusing on nature, which has been our theme this week.

Street Dance

Year 5 LOVE to dance and were really enthusiastic about our street dance workshop this week. We learnt a short routine and had lots of fun.

Ranger Stu

There were many brave children who volunteered to hold tarantulas, snakes and other animals on Tuesday when Ranger Stu visited! Continuing with the nature/environment theme, we learnt about endangered species and the human impact on the environment and animal habitats in particular.

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 11th March

We have had lots of fun in Year 5 this week, from the poetry recital to a fantastic Shakespeare workshop and completing our own versions of The Phoenix of Persia.

Windrush Child

Thank you to everyone who came along to watch our poetry recital on Thursday. I thought the children did an amazing job performing Windrush Child by John Agard. It fitted nicely with our history lesson today, which explored the reasons for the Windrush migration. You will find a recording of the performance on Google Classroom.

Illustrator workshop

On Thursday we had a lovely morning with Oguzhan, learning how to draw the Simorgh from The Phoenix of Persia, and giving us ideas about our own mythical creatures. The children have enjoyed writing their own versions of the story this week.

West End in Schools

We had a great time with Lee from West End in Schools on Wednesday. The children managed to pull together some excellent performances in a very short space of time and I was impressed with their knowledge of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Well done to everyone who took part in the St Benedict’s netball festival on Wednesday; they performed brilliantly, and had a great time.

Arts Week

The children are very excited about Arts week, which begins on Monday. We are looking forward to our class project and visiting another gallery in central London!

Have a great weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 4th March

It’s been a brilliant week in Year5!


On Monday, we had a wonderful morning at the Central Gurdwara in Shepherd’s Bush. It was a lovely way to complete our learning about Sikhism and the impact of the first five Sikh Gurus. We learnt about the key beliefs of Sikhism and what happens at a Gurdwara. The children wrote their name in the Sikh alphabet and were treated to a delicious meal in the langar before we returned to school. It was great to learn about the Gurdwara’s role in helping the local community, especially during recent tough times. A huge thank you to everyone at the Gurdwara for welcoming us so warmly.

Two Temple Place

We have just returned from an amazing trip to central London on the tube! We visited the Two Temple Place gallery to view the exhibition ‘Body Vessel Clay: Black Women, Ceramics & Contemporary Art’. The exhibition brings together more than 80 works by brilliant women artists, including ceramics, preparatory drawings, film and archival material, to explore the ways in which ceramics have been reimagined by Black women over the last 70 years. The children were fantastic on our tour of the exhibition- responding intelligently to the artwork and asking some great questions. They had the chance to make their own clay sculptures and contributed to a class ‘identity tree.’ The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were fully immersed in the all the activities. Thank you to Two Temple Place for a brilliant experience.

_Year 5 Two Temple Place


World Book Day

Here is a class photograph from World Book Day- some great costumes!

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 25th February

Welcome back! I hope you had a great half term break. Here is flavour of what we’ve been up to this week.

Multicultural Hammersmith

On Wednesday, we had a lovely assembly from Fiona Compton, who is an ambassador for Notting Hill Carnival, and learnt all about the history of carnivals. The children have made some amazing headbands to wear this year! It was a fantastic way to start our new Geography unit: Multicultural Hammersmith. The focus this week was about migration; it was great to hear the children’s stories of migration in their families.


This week we continued our learning about materials and investigated the solubility of various solids.

Young Writers

It is time to let your imagination run wild, with a fantastic creative writing competition from ‘Young Writers’. There are many great prizes up for grabs from ‘Young Writers’. If your saga is published, you will receive an exciting goody bag. Plus, every entrant receives a bookmark and young writers award a certificate of merit for all young writers chosen for publication.

Your challenge is to write a mini monster saga that is no more than 100 words long. I have attached the planning sheet, writing sheet and examples to help inspire you! Once you have written your mini saga, please bring your mini saga into school, using the format provided.

Please make sure that you have filled out all of the details in full. The deadline for your saga is Monday 28th March 2022.

Full details on Google Classroom.

Next week

We have a very busy week coming up. It’s going to be a lot of fun! Thank you very much to all the parent helpers who are joining us on the trips.

  • Monday- trip to the Central Gurdwara
  • Thursday- World Book Day
  • Friday- trip to Two Temple Place

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 11th February
Well done to all the children for working so hard so far this term. Enjoy a well-deserved break and I look forward to seeing you all after the holiday. It’s been a very exciting week and a lovely way to end the half term.

DT Day

DT Day was the highlight for many this week. The children designed and made some fantastic wind chimes as part of our ‘Music Day.’ Have a look at the photos below.

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, we marked Safer Internet Day with an afternoon of activities to promote safety online. The children spoke intelligently about the subject and designed a mascot to help children keep safe while playing games. We spoke about the importance of kindness and respect in online relationships.

Children’s Mental Health Week- ‘Growing Together’

We celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week by talking about the importance of our mental health and what we can do to be happy. We thought about those people close to us who support us and the children produced some lovely ‘support balloons’ to represent this.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Today, we found out about inspiring female scientists, such as Jo Shien Ng, who works to develop sensitive electrical components called ‘avalanche photodiodes’, used in everything from satellites that look at the Earth from space, to body scanners in hospitals and airports. We carried out an investigation to find the best material for the lenses in a pair of sunglasses. The children thoroughly enjoyed designing their glasses!

Carnival Celebration

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, to learn about Black History and culture, we will be celebrating the tradition of Caribbean Carnivals. Throughout the day, the children will be taking part in workshops lead by artist, filmmaker and historian, Fiona Compton, who is an ambassador for Notting Hill Carnival. The children will not only learn about the origins of various carnivals but will get the opportunity to create props and take part in a range of activities. I have to say a huge thank you Natasha for organising Fiona to come into school. This will be a nice start to our history unit of learning called Multicultural Hammersmith, which begins after half term.
Have a lovely half term.
Nick Thomas

Friday 4th February

It’s been lovely to all be back together this week- long may it continue. Year 5 have had an enjoyable week in all areas of learning and they are trying their best across the curriculum. Keep it up! We have also talked a lot about the importance of kindness and supporting each other.

Our learning

In maths, we have been learning about area and perimeter, including finding the area of composite shapes. In English, we have started writing our stories about space and will be focusing on developing dialogue next week. We investigated different plastic bags in science- designing and carrying out a fair test to find the best shopping bag for local customers. Here are some photographs.


Following on from last week, the children recreated Monet’s ‘water lilies’ using the media of their choice. I will showcase some examples on next week’s blog.

Gurdwara visit

I have rearranged our trip to the Central Gurdwara for after half term. I will confirm the new date as soon as possible. Year 6 had a great time on Thursday, so we’re really looking forward to it. In RE this week, we learnt about the impact Guru Arjan had on Sikhism.

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year to everyone celebrating The Year of the Tiger. It was great to discuss this as a class and hear some personal experiences from the children.

Next week…

There is a lot to look forward to next week- our last week before half term. It’s going to be busy! We will be doing a number of activities to celebrate the following:

  • Children’s mental health week- ‘Growing Together’
  • Safer Internet Day (Tuesday)
  • DT Day (Thursday)
  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science (Friday)

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 28th January

It’s been great to have the majority of the class back this week and we can’t wait for everyone to return next week.

Our learning

In English, we are continuing with the ‘space’ theme and have started Cosmic by Frank Cottrell- Boyce. We will be writing our own space adventures over the next couple of weeks. In maths, we have been working really hard on fractions, decimals and percentages and will be moving on to learn about area and perimeter next week. Our science lesson involved investigating lots of materials and their properties and in PSHE we discussed our dream jobs, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.


This week, the children recreated a small part of Monet’s ‘water lilies’ using both oil pastels and paint, to compare different media. Here are a couple of examples.

Sports news

Well done to those children who have taken part in football and athletics events this week.

Gurdwara visit

In RE, we learnt about marriage in Sikhism, and next Thursday, we are looking forward to visiting the Central Gurdwara in Shepherd’s Bush to bring our learning into a real life context. It will be a fantastic way to finish the unit all about the impact of the first five Gurus.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 21st January

It’s been a busy week here in Year 5, despite lots of children being off- we’ve missed you all and look forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible.

Our learning

In English, the children have completed their news reports on UFO sightings. They worked really hard and have produced some excellent work- perhaps there are some future journalists among us! In maths, we continued with fractions, this week working on improper fractions and mixed numbers and addition and subtraction. We began our new unit of learning on materials in science; the children enjoyed surveying the school building to investigate which materials have been used. In RE, we learnt about the ‘langar’ and why it’s so important in Sikhism. We started our new cryptography unit in computing- we’ll be learning to crack lots of codes over the next few weeks!

Here are some children carrying out a materials survey of the school building.

Young Voices

We have a new date for Young Voices: 25th April 2022, which is very exciting. I’ll be sending further details about this very soon.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 14th January

It’s been a busy first full week back and the children are throwing themselves into our new topics, which is great to see.

Our learning

In maths we have been learning about fractions, specifically looking at equivalent fractions and comparing and ordering fractions. In English, the children have been really enthusiastic about writing reports on UFO sightings! We learnt about moon phases in science- can you spot what phase we are in this weekend?


We have started our unit of learning about impressionism, which focuses on Monet. This week we looked at some of his most famous paintings and produced an artist profile in our sketch books.


A huge thank you to Joanna for coming in this afternoon to give a presentation about Poland. We learnt about Poland’s history and geography, Polish food and traditions and influential Polish people from the past and today. We even learnt how to sing ‘happy birthday’! It was a lovely way to end our unit of work.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 7th January

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas break. It’s been great to welcome the children back to school this week and we’re very much looking forward to the term ahead.

Our learning

This week we have continued with learning about angles in maths; the children enjoyed measuring and drawing angles as well as investigating angles on a straight line and around a point. In English, we have started a new unit on news reports, which will link with our science unit on Space. Our big question for RE is ‘How did the first five Sikh Gurus shape Sikhism?’ In PSHE we discussed our dreams for when we are grown-ups, which brought up some interesting career choices!

Happy Ethiopian Christmas Day - Friday 7th January 2022

From all the parents, staff and children at St Peter’s, we wish all those celebrating a very joyous day.

Christmas in Ethiopia is called Ganna (or Genna) and is celebrated on January 7th. An important Ethiopian holiday, visitors in the country can get an insight into the religious traditions and culture of the African nation. Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated all over the world.

Timetable changes

I have sent out a new timetable for this term- please let me know if you have any questions. PE will be on Mondays and Fridays, and the children should come into school in their uniform.

Absence due to Covid

If your child is away from school with Covid, please ask them to check Google Classroom for details of home learning each day.

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday  17th December

We’ve made it to the end of a fantastic term. Well done to the children for all their hard work. There have been many highlights, but I think for most, PGL would be top of the list.

Carols by Candlelight

I hope you enjoyed the service from St Peter’s Square on Monday; I thought all the children were brilliant. The recording is saved on Google Classroom, if you missed it. Here is a photograph from the afternoon rehearsal.



Thank you very much for all your support this term and for your very generous cards and gifts.

Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2022.

Nick Thomas

Friday 10th December


This week has been all about Bikeability. The children have thoroughly enjoyed being out on their bikes and learning how to cycle safely on the roads. They have done particularly well considering how cold it’s been!

Here are some photographs:

_Year 5 Bikeability Dec 2021


Reverend Singa

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of Reverend Singa leading our morning worship. Reverend Lesinga Vunipola - known as Singa - is originally from Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 South Pacific islands and now, she spreads her light and faith in the Lord through Methodist ministry.

The worship assembly focused on the good news at Christmas and the joy in which we receive at this time of year. She made it even more exciting by linking it to delicious chocolate – I think the staff and children were fixated.

At St Peter’s we are excited to see more of Reverend Singa and build relations with local schools in Tonga. She even has two children who are play professional rugby for England. Let us hope we might be able to meet them too.

Disability History Month 2021

Disability History Month runs every year between 22nd November and 22nd December. The aim of the month is to promote the rights of people who have disabilities and their struggle for equality now, as well as in the past.

For schools, Disability History month can be a chance to develop a culture of respect for difference and to remove barriers so that everyone can reach their full potential.

Next week’s homework will focus on raising disability awareness and we will continue to focus on the theme into the New Year.

Carols by Candlelight

I look forward to seeing you at our Carols by Candlelight event on Monday at 4pm in St Peter’s Square. The children have been practising- thank you for all your support with this- and they are very excited!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 3rd December

News from Year 5 this week...


This week we have continued with measures in maths and have now moved onto learning about ‘time.’ Any practical activities this weekend will be really helpful, from telling the time in both analogue and digital formats (including 24 hour clocks/watches), to calculating the duration of various activities.


We discussed and analysed The Listeners by Walter de la Mare and the children have enjoyed writing some spooky descriptions.


This half-term’s unit is ‘Celebrating Difference’ and the children have been really engaged with all the activities so far, including learning about our different cultures.


Please encourage your children to practise the carols for our performance at W12 and the school carol concert, both on Monday 13th December. The lyrics and backing tracks can be found on google classroom.


The children are really looking forward to learning how to cycle safely on the roads next week during our Bikeability course. Please ensure they are wearing PE kit and a warm tracksuit. They will also need a waterproof coat and gloves, along with a cycle helmet.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 26th November

Our learning

This week the children have really enjoyed writing their own ‘legend’ stories- it’s great to see the progress they have made. In maths, we moved onto measures, so any reinforcement of practical measuring and converting between different units this weekend would be great. In art, we continued our work on Keith Haring, which has resulted in some very creative pieces.


Our learning about Space took us outside on Thursday, when we demonstrated practically how the planets in our Solar System orbit the Sun.


We had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon watching Aladdin at the Lyric Theatre today- it was a lovely way to end the week, and great to see a live performance!

Young Voices

The children are loving the Young Voices songs and dance routines! I have uploaded lots of the songs we’ll be performing to the Young Voices tab on Google Classroom, so please encourage your children to practise. I have also included details of how to log into the Young Voices ‘Music Room’ for access to lyrics and dance routines. If you have Spotify, you can search for ‘Young Voices 2021’ and perhaps play the songs in the background at home or in the car!

Have a great weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 19th November

Our learning

This week the children have enjoyed starting to write their own legend stories and in maths we have been working on our understanding of division. In science, we continued our unit about space by researching the planets in our solar system. We are learning about Poland in Geography this half term, and this week we used digimaps and atlases to locate the country, key cities and bordering countries. Keith Haring is the focus of our new art unit, which we started this week.

Anti-bullying week

Anti-bullying has been the focus of our PSHE lessons this week. We have talked about what bullying is, and the impact it can have on others. The children came up with lots of words inspired by ‘kindness’ as this year’s theme is ‘One Kind Word.’

Caribbean dance workshops

On Tuesday, we took part in a very exciting Caribbean dance workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Caribbean and trying out some dance routines. Here a few photographs.

_Year 5 Caribbean dance November 2021


Young Voices

The children are loving the Young Voices songs and dance routines! I have uploaded lots of the songs we’ll be performing to the Young Voices tab on Google Classroom, so please encourage your children to practise. If you have Spotify, you can search for ‘Young Voices 2021’ and perhaps play the songs in the background at home or in the car!


Thank you to all parents and carers who have returned the consent forms for bikeability- we’re really looking forward to this in a few weeks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 12th November

It has been a really busy week in Year 5, with lots of Maths Week activities, DT Day and poetry workshops. Here’s a flavour of our learning this week.

Maths Week England

We have had a number of exciting lessons this week, both virtually, and in class, to celebrate Maths Week England. The children were able to test their problem solving skills and learn new strategies. Well done to Annabelle, Bella and Udval for being our ‘most valuable players’ in the Times Tables Rockstars’ England Rocks competition. Here are some photographs from Maths Week lessons.

_Year 5 Maths Week November 2021


Design and Technology Day

The children thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday’s ‘Nature Day’, which was the perfect theme to go alongside our learning about COP26. Firstly, we researched birds we might expect to find in our gardens and how to attract them. We also found out about different bird houses and where to place them. The children then designed and built their own bird houses, which were fantastic! Here are some photographs from the day.

_Year 5 Nature DT Day November 2021


Black History Month- poetry workshops

On Thursday and Friday the children participated in poetry workshops led by Kat Francois, using one of the Black History Month books we studied for inspiration. ‘Jump’, which is a story about Michael Jordan’s route to success, encouraged the children to think about what makes them unique. They wrote some lovely poems about what makes them special, and then performed confidently in class. Here are some photographs.

_Year 5 poetry workshops November 2021



On Thursday, after the national two minute silence, we joined a ‘Mr Dilly meets….’ Remembrance Day special. We learnt about what happened on 11th November 103 years ago and the significance of the poppy. There was a short film about World War II focusing on the home front and VE Day, which helped our understanding of our recent topic. We also watched an interview with the author Tom Palmer, who has written a number of books about the war. I think lots of children in Year 5 would like his books, so perhaps some ideas for Christmas!

Parents’ consultations

It was great to see you this week, if only virtually. I enjoyed discussing the children’s progress and sharing some of the exciting things we have been up to in class. Please do get in touch if you have any questions following our meeting.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 5th November

We’ve had a lovely first week back after half term; the children have worked hard and enjoyed beginning new units of learning. They particularly enjoyed swimming today!

Our learning

In English, we started our legends unit and we’ll be writing our own stories in the coming weeks. In maths we investigated factors, multiples, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers and pulled all this learning together today for a problem solving activity. In science, we started our unit on Space and we are learning about wisdom in RE. In Geography, we will be learning about Poland in our European country study.


On Tuesday, we went to watch A Child’s War by Lotte Moore at Linden House. It was a fantastic way to learn first hand about an evacuee’s experience during the war and fitted so well with our work on World War II. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and asked Lotte some great questions afterwards. Next week, we will round up the topic with a virtual presentation about remembrance.

Maths Week England

Next week is Maths Week England and we’ll be taking part in a number of virtual workshops and challenges to fire our mathematical curiosity and creativity. They will also be a Times Tables Rockstars challenge for the children to take part in at home.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 15th October

A huge ‘well done’ to Year 5 for a fantastic first half term. I have enjoyed getting to know the children and seeing them make great progress. PGL was obviously a real highlight for everyone and we're very much looking forward to the many exciting events and activities to come.

Football fixture

The whole class enjoyed this afternoon’s football matches against St Stephen’s at Shepherd’s Bush Powerleague. It was great to see everyone trying their best, working well as a team, and scoring lots of goals! Here are a few photographs:

21.10.21 Football fixture


Black History Month

On Wednesday, the whole school watched The Sun Shines on Everyone by Black Books Matter Company. The performance was about a boy who unintentionally made a racist comment at school. One evening, he met an alien who came from a planet where everyone is the same. The student realised that this would be a boring way to live and therefore, our differences should be celebrated because we are all unique.

Interschool competitions

Huge congratulations to Cross for winning this half term’s interschool competitions. Across the school, Cross performed excellently and consistently. As a result, they were awarded the highest number of points. Everyone who took part should be extremely proud of themselves. The winning trophy will be displayed in the entrance to the school. In addition, a huge thank you to the Sports Ambassadors who helped organise the matches.

Have a lovely half term break.

Nick Thomas

Friday 15th October

This week has been all about our fantastic class assembly! The children put on an amazing show and I was delighted that all their hard work paid off. Thank you so much for coming along and for all your support in the build-up. I can see many PGL instructors coming from Year 5 in the future!

Class Assembly

Here are some photographs from the day. The recording is available to watch on Google Classroom.

14.10.21 Year 5 PGL class assembly



This week, we continued our learning about forces and investigated friction. The children planned and carried out an experiment to explore the effect of friction on objects. Here are some photographs from the lesson.

14.10.21 Year 5 Science friction

Black History Month

We read a text called Jump! by Floyd Cooper, based on the life of basketball legend, Michael Jordan. It focuses on Michael Jordan’s childhood and how hard he worked to achieve his dreams. The children enjoyed discussing the book and why he is such an inspiration to many.

Show Racism the Red Card

'Lack of knowledge is darker than the night.'

- African proverb

Next Thursday, 21st October, St Peter’s staff and children will be wearing an item of red clothing/accessory to show solidarity for and join alliance with, ‘Show Racism the Red Card.’ Together we can help make the change we want to see in the world and pledge to actively eradicate prejudice and discrimination within our society. We will also be taking part in an anti-racism lesson.

In-school competitions

Next week, within our usual PE lessons, we will be holding in-school football competitions where the children will compete in their house groups. The winning house will receive a trophy that will be placed in the Office entrance; a ribbon in the colour of the winning house will be attached. In addition, each member of the winning house will receive a celebration certificate. Best of luck St Peter’s, let the best house win!

Football fixture

Miss Cook has sent out a parentmail about our friendly fixture next Thursday. The whole class will be playing against St Stephen’s, which should be great fun.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas

Friday 8th October

It’s been another lovely week in Year 5. The children have been particularly engaged with our class assembly- we’re really looking forward to performing next week.

Black History Month 2021

To honour both Black History Month and this year’s Olympic Games, this week we have been celebrating Black sporting icons and activists. Next week we will be celebrating Black poets and writers. Over the weekend, every class will learn and recite a poem; we will focus on poems by Maya Angelou, David Campbell and Valerie Bloom. Additionally, each year group will focus on a particular book; they will explore the narrative, illustrations, author, culture and many more features.

National Poetry Day

We celebrated National Poetry Day with a poetry writing workshop. The children enjoyed the rhyming challenges and wrote poems about their families or pets.

Class Assembly

Thank you for supporting your child with learning their lines for our class assembly. Please use this weekend to make sure they are fully confident without a script. Please also encourage them to practise the songs. A reminder that parents and carers are invited to our assembly at the Scott Hall next Thursday, 14th October at 9:00am.

Young Voices

I have extended the window for buying T-shirts for the children and tickets for the concert for parents/carers until Monday 11th October at 10:00am. Please see the parentmail sent out earlier this week.


On Thursday 30th September, a select number of children from Year 5 and 6 took part in an athletics tournament at the Linford Christie Stadium. A huge well done to those who took part, we placed 8th out of 19 schools in the Borough – amazing!

Netball Trials

What a start to the term we have had for sport. Well done to those who took part in this week’s netball trials. Everyone did an incredible job and should be extremely proud of themselves. The team will be announced next week. Please remember, if you were not selected this time, there will be many more opportunities for you.  

Have a fantastic weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 1st October

It’s been another exciting week in Year 5! Here’s a flavour of what we’ve been up to.

Proud to Be – Black History Month 2021

Black History Month is an annual celebration of the achievements of Black communities and the remembrance of Black history across the world.

First celebrated in the UK in 1987, the month-long festival includes educational events, exhibitions, shows, talks, memorial services and installations across London that raise awareness of history and celebrate traditions, customs and cultures.

Over the upcoming month, at St Peter’s school, we are excited to celebrate the continued achievements and contributions of Black people of African and Caribbean descent.

Today, we discussed what we know about Black History Month; we are looking forward to finding out more over the next few weeks.


This week we have been reflecting on our amazing trip to PGL. The children have written some lovely thank you letters to the wonderful PGL staff; they have also written a recount to describe the experience, detailing some of the fun activities they took part in.

Our Learning

In Maths, we took our learning about multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 out into the playground to demonstrate practically how our place value system works.

In Science, we learnt about water resistance by investigating if the shape of an object effects the time it takes to travel through water.

We continued our learning about World War Two in History and Art and began our unit on building a game in Computing.

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 24th September

We're back! 

We had a fantastic time and it was great to see the children so enthusiastic about all the activities. 

I'm sure they'll sleep well this weekend.

Thank you so much to everyone at Marchants Hill, especially our amazing group leader, Layla, for giving us an amazing few days.

Huge thank you to Miss Royer and Ms Bell for all their help, humour and endless energy.

Here are a few photos from our final day:

_Year 5 PGL September 2021- Friday

 All the best

Nick Thomas

Thursday 23rd September 

Another action packed day here at PGL, with the children loving all the activities, including climbing, buggy building, challenge course, archery and raft building, which involved more swimming than paddling!

We're having lots of fun and are looking forward to tonight's evening session and tomorrow morning's activities, before returning home.

Here's a flavour of what the children have been up to:

_Year 5 PGL September 2021

 See you tomorrow!

Nick Thomas

Wednesday 22nd September


After a really smooth journey down, we arrived at Marchants Hill in glorious sunshine.

We started activities this afternoon and the children have already thrown themselves into everything from the Giant Swing, to Jacob's ladder and Buggy Building. 

They are excited, happy and can't wait for tomorrow.

Here are a few photographs from today:

Year 5 PGL September 2021


All the best

Nick Thomas


Friday 17th September

It’s been another action packed week in Year 5, with the excitement for our PGL trip growing by the minute! Thank you to everyone who joined the Virtual Open Evening last night; I have saved a recording of the meeting to Google Classroom if you missed it. Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Roald Dahl

I was really impressed with the children’s research and their presentations on Monday to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. They spoke with confidence, fluency and expression. Thank you for uploading your presentations to Google Classroom or sending them in by email.


In Science, we continued learning about forces, this week focusing on air resistance. The children investigated the effect of parachute size on the length of time it took to fall. Here are some photographs:


In PSHE this week, we discussed collaboration and then had to work as a team to make the highest tower possible, with very limited resources! Here are some photographs:


I hope the children get some rest over the weekend ahead of what will be a busy week. Please send in any medicines as early as possible and let me know if you have any last minute questions about the trip. I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 10th September

It’s been a fantastic first full week in Year 5. We’ve started some new topics and had lots of fun. Thank you to everyone who joined the PGL meeting last night; the recording is available on Google Classroom if you missed it.

Our learning

The children have enjoyed our work on Goodnight Mister Tom and they have produced some lovely writing in English. In Maths we have been learning about place value and developing our knowledge from Year 4. We have started a new Science topic on Forces; the photograph below was from our lesson investigating the difference between weight and mass. In RE we are learning about miracles and we have been talking a lot about what makes a good friend in PSHE.

Home learning

I have set homework on Google Classroom; please let me know if you have any issues accessing this or any of our online learning programmes.

Open classroom

Next Thursday, 16th September, we have our virtual open classroom, where I will be able to share some curriculum information with you about the year ahead. The link will be sent out on Thursday morning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas


Friday 3rd September

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Year 5 over the last couple of days. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, and I hope the children are too. They have come back to school bubbling with enthusiasm and I am very impressed with their positive attitude. We have lots to look forward to over the next few weeks, with the excitement growing for our trip to PGL in particular.


The children have been given their reading records and have taken home a reading book this week. It is expected that the children make 5 entries per week. These entries can be adults at home listening to them read or the children themselves making comments. The children need to bring their reading record in everyday, so we can listen to them read and check their progress. They will be able to change their books on Monday and Thursday.


Our PE lessons will be on Monday and Wednesday, starting next week.


Please join me next Thursday, 9th September, at 6:00pm, for a virtual meeting about PGL. The link will be sent out by parentmail on the morning of the meeting.

We are all very much looking forward to next week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Nick Thomas