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Year 4

Our class teacher is Miss Cook, our teaching assistant is Ms Jones and our learning support assistant is Ms Bell. 

Autumn One Timetable

Curriculum Map

This week in Year 4…22.01.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra:

I will always thrive to be my best even when things seem tricky.

Another fantastic week despite a few technical hiccups. I have admired your patience and your support with a couple of tech issues that have occurred this week, thank you for that.

In English this week, we have been writing an Arctic Travel Brochure for a dream winter holiday in Norway, Iceland, Sweden or Canada. The children have been exploring persuasive language techniques to market and advertise their resort, they have included rhetorical questions to entice the reader, they have included authentic features of their resort and they have focused on including key features of a travel brochure. In maths we have finalised and reviewed our work on fractions, finishing the week with an assessment paper. Well done for your hard work and I think we all have developed confidence with finding equivalent fractions, finding a fraction of an amount and with writing both improper and mixed number fractions. Bravo!  

In science we have been exploring the main parts of the digestive system and describing the specific functions. In computing we have continued to look at vectors, in art we have been drawing the same flower from different zoomed in perspectives, in RE we looked at the Hindu Mandir (place of worship),  in Spanish we adapted an Ogre poem including different food names in Spanish and in PSHE we explored what photos are ok to share online.

You have impressed me with your online presence, the way you use chat effectively in lessons, how you respond to my comments on the stream and the work which has been submitted has been of a high standard – well done Year 4, you are really showing your maturity.

Check out some incredible artwork from this week!

Rosie's very funny Tudor video - enjoy!

Next Week

Next week in English we will be writing a Narnia Travel Brochure using what we have learnt this week; this task will be increasingly more independent than this week’s, it is your chance to unleash your creativity. In maths we will be looking at decimals which will lead on nicely from our fraction unit – I have every faith the children will be just as awesome.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, I am sure you are in need of some relaxation,

Best wishes,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...15.01.21

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I am excelling with online learning.

Year 4, hard at work!

As our second week of online learning comes to a close, I can safely say you are resilient, hard working and truly outstanding. I am so proud of  your work ethic and your dedication to your learning, keep up the great work and we will back together in the classroom before we know it - fingers crossed!

In maths this week we have been continuing our work with fractions: identifying tenths and hundredths, subtracting fractions and finding fractions of an amount. In English we have finished writing our Narnia twist plot story and have started to look at travel brochures, I am very excited to hear your ideas for your own travel brochures next week. We finished the week by exploring the features of a travel brochure and discussing what a writer should do to persuade and convince someone to go to this destination.

In Re we have been learning about Hindu Holy texts, in art we have been exploring work of Georgia O'Keefe and have been drawing zoomed in flowers, in Spanish we have continued to name food in Spanish, in PSHE we have been learning about 'Who keeps us safe?' and in science we have been learning about 'What happens to our food when we eat it?'. 

It has been a jam packed week and you have all been incredibly busy and getting onto challenge activities and extensions - you are brilliant. Keep up your motivation and enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing you live and direct next week.

Check out this awesome Mayan Mask:

Check out Ella's innovative story...I will add more week by week.

Next week...

We will be planning and writing travel brochures, consolidating and reviewing our fraction learning, looking at the digestive system, drawing more close up flowers from various angles, writing a poem in Spanish and many more exciting activities.

On Monday I will put a weekly timetable online so you can see the live sessions. Daily, at 8:45am, I will add a starter question and a break down of the daily schedule too. I hope you find the useful.

Have a wonderful, safe and restful weekend - everyone truly deserves it. Thank you for your continued support and commitment.

Warmest wishes,

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4...08.01.20

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. 

Well, there aren't enough words to say how wonderful the children have been this week and how amazingly they have adapted to online learning. It has been a joy to see them in the live lessons, you have truly wowed me with your enthusiasm and commitment to your learning - keep it up, I have no doubt that you will. 

This week in English, we have been focusing on our Narnia stories and the children have carefully been writing each section to the story by using a range of punctuation, figurative language techniques, direct speech and different clause types. Next week we will be finishing our stories, publishing them and then moving on to writing a travel brochure, which is a very exciting unit.

In maths we have been looking at fractions; we have been ordering them, finding equivalents and we finished the week by adding fractions. Next week we will be looking at tenths, hundredths, subtracting fractions and finding fractions of amounts. 

In RE we started our Hinduism topic and the children explored 'Why in Hinduism there are so many Gods?'. In fact, we learnt that Hindus believe in Braham, one God, who has many different names for different qualities people need. The children created beautiful artwork to express this belief. 

Here is Udval's beautiful piece of art...I was blown away.

Have a wonderful, safe and rested weekend.

I look forward to see you bright and early Monday morning for live maths,

Take care,

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4...18.12.20

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra:

I can and will achieve anything I put my mind to.

This year has well and truly been one we will remember; we are all in need of a well-earnt safe rest with our loved ones. I can’t thank you enough for your continued support with the children’s learning throughout these unusual circumstances. Each and every child has made me extremely proud this term and I can see how dedicated they are to their learning and their progression; the pride you take in your work Year 4 is wonderful, keep it up.

We have spent the week completing many exciting Christmas themed lessons and activities; making cards, creating eco-friendly Christmas decorations, taking part in the KS2 quiz (which was very competitive) and continuing to learn about how Peace is present at Christmas.  Also, we got to have a virtual goodbye to Miss Jones, who sadly hasn’t been at school this week. The children have spent time recapping various bits of learning from the past 14 weeks and generally have been having a lovely time celebrating as we lead up to Christmas.

As this term comes to an end, a bitter sweet one some might say, as we say goodbye to the lovely and one of a kind, Jimmy Thomson. You will be greatly missed by all Jimmy and have been an utter asset to St Peter’s school, I have had the greatest pleasure of teaching you in both Year 1 and now in Year 4; I couldn’t be prouder of the young boy you have become. Best of luck at your new school, you will blow them away with your charm, charisma and humour; we will all miss you deeply; they are very lucky to have you.

Enjoy some lovely photos of the children from over the past week!

Have the most wonderful Christmas holidays and Happy New Year. I wish you all amazing health, love and kindness. I will leave you with a Christmas Prayer:

Dear God,

we give thanks for this time when we can all be together. We give thanks for this food which is bountiful and delicious. We give thanks for this joyful holiday when we can celebrate our Savior and his love for us.

With joy we pray,



Best wishes,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...11.12.20

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is:

I can achieve anything.

Wow, only one more week until the start of the Christmas holidays. This term has absolutely flown by. The children have worked extremely hard this week to complete many assessments in reading, SPaG, spelling, arithmetic and reasoning - they are in much need of a rest this weekend.

We finished the week by planning our version of Narnia/fantasy story, in English. We then have been looking at and exploring perimeter in maths. Here are some examples of the perimeter questions we have been looking at this week: 

We will continue with this next week and then complete some revision maths sessions, to recap and revisit all that we have learnt so far, this year.

In RE we have been writing prayers based on peace, in geography the children have been investigating 'How are mountains represented on maps?', in computing we created algorithms for every sprite on our toy so that it can move, talk or make a funny sound, in Art we finished some Pop Art final pieces and are beginning to make paper mache masks for our Mayan Art Unit. It truly has been fun filled and jam packed.


The ‘Celebrate Me Book’ is an opportunity to share your authentic and unique self with the rest of your class. Remember, there is only one you and you should have the chance to shout out about it and celebrate! You are wonderful!

Every Friday, one child will have the opportunity to take this book and record something inside. You could share something you love, share something you are proud of or ultimately, just share something that makes you, you!

The book will be due back on the Monday. Inside the book there will be ideas of what you could include...happy celebrating you, Miss Cook and Kindness Ambassadors

Moreover, we have kindness jars in each classroom which are eager to be filled with acts of kindness that the children can complete day to day.

Sporting News

Next week, within our PE lessons, we will be running Christmas themed House Competitions. The competitions will be snowball (dodgeball) competitions, which will take place within each year group. 

Each class will be divided into their house groups where they will compete against their opposing house groups to win the House Competition Trophy. Each year group will have a winning house but the trophy will be given to the house with the most wins across the school; the trophy will be presented in one of our virtual assemblies and each member of the winning house will receive a certificate.

Have a happy and joyful weekend,

Miss Cook 


his week in Year 4...04.12.20

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is: 

I am respectful of all living beings.

This week we have been speaking a lot about respect, it has been intertwined in our PSHE, Computing, Science and RE learning. In Science, we have been discussing how we can respect our planet by recycling and not littering; litter has a huge negative impact on animals and the environment. In RE, we have been focusing on peace and how peace is prominent at Christmas. Jesus was born at Christmas and He is still referred to as The Prince of Peace to try and stop hurt and destruction in the world. In Computing, we were discussing a range of digital technology and spoke about that it is ok if we don't all play the same games, or have the same devices. 

In English, the children have been using and exploring a range of figurative language techniques (similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration) and were introduced to what an oxymoron is (two contradictory words like pretty ugly). we have been discussing a range of fantasy settings and characters so next week the children can create their own setting and ethereal creature when they plan, write and publish their own version of Narnia.

In maths we have been looking at measure. The children have started converting m to co, km to m and vice versa. Through this we have been looking at decimals and discussing what happens when we divide or multiply a number to covert it to a different unit of measure. 

Thank you to those who have brought in food for the food bank, we have a lovely collection. 

Below is some information regarding a lovely Eco Competition - please to enter if possible!

 Next week, we will be recording and looking at perimeter in maths and writing our own version of Narnia in English. I would highly recommend looking at decimal numbers with the children as when converting measure this was a tricky area for most. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...27.11.20

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is:

I can find inner peace by thinking kind and positive thoughts.

As we embarked on our Christmas unit in RE, the children learnt about inner and outer peace; discussing how by having positive thoughts and by keeping faith, we can emanate peace and bring joy to others. 

In English this week, the children have been reading and discussing The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. We have been learning a range of figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration) techniques when describing characters and settings in the story. This is leading up to us writing a letter from one of the children in the story to a loved one who they'd parted with because of the air raids in London. 

In maths we have been using short multiplication and division methods. This week's, Friday homework, is to consolidate this. Here are some methods to help you manage and support your child/children at home:

Don't forget, you might need to carry into the next column!

For more detail of these methods please click the link below:


In art the children have been looking at Mayan Masks and have been designing their own masks and discussing how they want the masks to make someone feel; they generated a range of powerful adjectives to describe them.

In science the children have created and completed a litter survey of all the rubbish which was either in the Year 4 bins or in the playground bin. We discussed which type of material was most frequent in our bins, thinking about why. We then looked up the recycling rules in Hammersmith and Fulham and noticed that some items had been placed in the incorrect bins - woops! In class we watch a snippet of Barney's litter challenge, the children can watch the rest below:

Things to follow up at home:

-spelling words ending with the 'shun' sound spelt tion, sion, ssion or cian

- dividing three digit numbers using the short bus stop method 

- multiplying  three digit numbers by 1 digit number where carrying is required

- reading 5 times a week for 20-30 minutes 

- making sure your are recycling effectively


PTA - well done to the PTA for raising funds for the school by hosting yoga sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you!

Have a wonderful restful weekend, 

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4…20.11.20

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I can make a difference in the world.

As Greta Said, we can truly make a difference, no matter how small our gestures might be. In science we are exploring human impact and discussing the negative and positive impacts that humans have on the world. This week and next, we are exploring litter; discussing how rubbish/littler can be sorted into different waste groups depending on the material. Today’s homework is to create recycling posters for us to display around the school on the bins to help the children/staff and wider school community to effectively dispose of their litter - hooray! I can't wait to see the finished results.

In English, we have finished our non-chronological reports about mythical creatures and we have created an amazing class book of fantastic Norse beasts; the writing is OUTSTANDING and includes important structural elements and a range of emotive vocab! Over the next few weeks, we will be discussing and completing a range of activities based on C.S.Lewis' book series, Narnia: specifically studying The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. You can access a copy of the story via the link below - happy reading!


In maths next week, we will be multiplying using the formal short method and spending a lot of time developing our fluency with times tables facts - have added some additional task for the children to complete on Mathletics.

In Geography with Mrs Fox, the children have been looking at volcanoes and the website below contains some interesting facts and knowledge related to this topic, please check the link below for more child friendly information to look at, at home. 


Finally, this week was Anti-bullying Week and the children have taken part in many conversations around bullying with sensitivity and respect. We are reunited to stand up against bullying in year 4 and we want to help make the change that is needed in the world.

That is just a snap shot of what the children have been doing this week, they are really maturing into wise children who are taking ownership of their learning; well done Year 4! Enjoy the snaps.

P.S thank you to the PTA for organising the yoga class this week, I look forward to teaching a second. I am excited to see how much money has been raised for the school - remember, every little helps!

Have a fantastic week and warmest wishes,

Miss Cook


This week in year 4…13.11.20

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra:

My challenges help me grow.

If things do not challenge us then no learning can take place. In order to grow and flourish, we need challenges along the way, perseverance is key! – Miss Cook

I hope everyone has had a lovely week and are staying happy and positive – week one of lockdown complete, hoorah!

The children have been working hard in English to plan and begin to write their non – chronological reports about a mythical Norse creature which we will finish and publish next week. We have been working on including generaliser such as majority, most, some of and comparative words like similar to, alike, different from.  We have also been working on referencing the audience in our reports by including ‘did you know questions’ or by stating ‘you might already know that,’. We then have been working on including sentences starters which act as signposts for the reader: however, meanwhile, in addition to.

In maths we have been identifying different types of triangles and quadrilaterals then exploring their properties including angles, side lengths and whether they have parallel or perpendicular lines. Over the next two weeks we will be moving on to the Multiplication and Division Unit and next week, the children will be finding mental strategies to multiply, multiplying by 100, multiplying three numbers together and multiplying using the short multiplication method.  

In science we are exploring human impact, discussing the positive and negative impacts humans have on the world. We have been discussing deforestation, littering, noise pollution, food waste and many more.

In computing we are exploring toys which contain computer systems and exploring their inputs and outputs. In Re we have been analysing the Beatitudes and developing a set of our own that wish people would live by.

On Wednesday, it was DT day, the children persevered to create wonderful tipper trucks using tech card, axels, pistons and wheels. We designed, made and evaluated our creations which all successfully worked. Well done Year 4.      

Have a restful and well deserved weekend break,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...06.11.20

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is:

I am happy, healthy and safe.

Well, the cold months have well and truly arrived - what a chilly week it has been! Despite this, Year 4 have had a lovely week. Congratulations to Year 4 on another amazing performance; your poetry recital performance was full of expression and really captured the imagination.

In English, we have been identifying the features of non-chronological reports and have started to develop our mythical Norse characters. We defined expert vocabulary using a dictionary and used a thesaurus to find synonyms so that next week we can write our own report about our new Norse mythical creature. In maths we have been exploring shapes and symmetry; we have been describing the features of 2D shapes, describing angles of 2D shapes, identifying lines of symmetry and completing reflective symmetry. In art we have been focusing on our final piece for Pop Art. In science we completed an experiment; we explored how different materials can create different levels of sound; we used a decibel scale to record the sound levels.

Here are some incredible pieces of writing from Year 4; their Norse myths were authentic and gripping, including wonderful writing features - bravo!

House Athletics Competition

We would like to congratulate all of the children for their wonderful sporting skills in athletics. Mr Cotton was so pleased with the determination and sportsmanship he saw. We would like to give an almighty congratulations to the children in Keys who received the most points in the competition, well done.  We look forward to running the next house sporting competitions at the end of this term. Thank you, Miss Cook

I hope everyone is feeling ok in light of the new lockdown rules - we can't thank the NHS enough for keeping us safe! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families, keeping safe and with bright smiles.

Best wishes,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…23.10.20

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I am an excellent performer.

What a whirlwind of a half term. The children have been back to school for a only 7 weeks and already I can see an amazing attitude to learning, great progress in their learning and lovely smiles at the end of the day. It has been a pleasure teaching the children this half term and they have worked exceptionally hard – I think we are all in need of a well-earned rest.

I have to congratulate all the children this week for an incredible class assembly, each and every one of you shone brilliantly; you learnt you lines effortlessly and spoke with expression, clear intonation and with brilliant acting. I couldn’t have been prouder of you all – thank you for your hard work. In English, the children have been equally as brilliant. They have been writing their own Norse Myths. We finished the week by beginning to edit and publish our myths onto an eye catching writing frame – these myths included some authentic ideas and lots of rich vocabulary. In maths we have been developing mental strategies to answer addition and subtraction calculations and we have been exploring the formal written method for subtraction. We are developing our mathematical fluency and recall in year 4, the progress has been great already.

Black History Month

In honour of Black History Month, Year 4 took back in a Caribbean dance workshop and delved into some research around Rosa Parks. The children wrote newspaper reports describing what happened back in 1955 when Rosa Parks stood her ground and refused to give up her seat in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. What wonderful reports the children wrote using some wonderful language around racism and discrimination.

House Competitions

What a wonderful week for sport. Thank you to all year groups for taking part in the house athletics competitions this week, it has been lovely to get the children involved in competitive sport, and they really enjoy it. It has been a very close call all week but Mr Cotton will tally up the results and announce the winning house after half term. Best wishes, Miss Cook 


Have an amazing break, keep healthy and happy,

Miss Cook and Year 4


This week in Year 4…16.10.20

Miss Cook’s Friday's Mantra is:

‘I am important’.

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – A.A. Milne/Christopher Robin

We have had a lovely week in Year 4 and I am so impressed with the progress in all aspects of learning this week. In maths, the children have been exploring their 7 times tables and have been finding and applying mental strategies to solve addition number calculations. In English, we have been performing our lines for our class assembly and we have been planning our own Norse Myths; we finished the week by beginning to write our Myths. I am excited to read them already. In art we have been looking at digital artwork and we also completed a Norse Mythology inspired piece of pop art – it was very cool and innovative.




Show Racism the Red Card!

Today was show racism the red card day and the children wore something read with their uniform to show their solidarity for the cause. In class we discussed and watched a documentary about racism in Britain. We then discussed how someone might feel in they are being treated unfairly, we discussed the difference between nationalities, race, culture and religion and we finished the session by looking and listening to scenarios, reflecting on how we would feel in that situation.

Next Thursday, is our class assembly, and I look forward to sharing it with you all. The children have worked extremely hard and are most definitely stepping up to the challenge of being the first virtual performance.

Have a wonderful weekend, keep you spirits high,

Miss Cook



This week Year 4…09.10.20

Miss Cook’s Friday mantra:

I am Confident and believe in myself.

“We all can dance when we find music we love.” – Giles Andreae

 We have had a jam packed week this week. I have been so impressed with Year 4’s dedication and perseverance; we have been completing a range of English and maths assessments papers. We then finished the week by starting our class assembly, based on Norse Myths. We read through the scripts and began to include acting and stage directions. We certainly have some budding actors and actresses in Year 4.

In science, we completed a very fun and engaging science experiment – the children loved it. We used metal coat hangers and string which we linked together and twisted around our fingers. The children put their fingers to their ears and then knocked the coat hanger against the table; the sounds which were made were so astounding to the children. In computing we have been making mathematical games. This week we have focused on including a visual scoreboard, repeated random questions and an end screen. In Spanish this week we have been retelling a short story in Spanish. Finally, in art we have been continued to be inspired by the work of Warhol and use tracing paper to copy and replicate our self-portraits so we have numerous on one page – we then decorated them in bright, vibrant colours – I love the blue lips.

Sporting News

During the final week of school, before half term (week commencing 19th October 2020), within our PE lessons, we will be running sporting House Competitions. The competitions will be house athletics competitions which will take place within each year group. 

Each class will be divided into their house groups where they will compete against their opposing house groups to win the House Competition Trophy. Each year group will have a winning house but the trophy will be given to the house with the most wins across the school; the trophy will be presented in one of our virtual assemblies and each member of the winning house will receive a certificate.

I wonder who will be the winning house this half term.

Happy competition and good luck,

Miss Cook

Please ensure you are reading for 20-30 minutes an evening and logging this in your reading logs.

Have a wonderful, safe weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in year 4...02.10.20

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I am ambitious.

‘If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.’ Maya Angelou

What another full on week in year 4 – we have been getting through lots of wonderful work this week.



This week the children have been describing Norse characters and settings. They have also been reading and discussing ‘Odd and the Frost Giants’ by Neil Gaiman. The children read and answered questions about the text and then finished the week by writing a conversation with Odd, the Viking boy, and the bear, who got his paw stuck in a rotten tree. The children explored and learnt rules of how to use inverted commas correctly within text and how to punctuate direct speech.

In maths we have been adding numbers with up to 4 digits, using column addition. We have also been adding numbers with decimals; we enjoyed calculating the prices of items off a restaurant menu. In science, we took part in an investigation with a range of equipment, to make lots of sound. The children observed what happens when we strike a cymbal, listen to the sound a ruler makes when it is struck at the end of a table and pluck an elastic band over an open box . In computing we created our first game prototypes so that our sprite asks a mathematical question. We then challenged ourselves to input data so that the sprite would ask range of randomised questions.


Next week:


Get your happy feet on, it’s time to celebrate.
Living Streets, have created the greatest national Walk to School celebration, where pupils and grown-ups around the UK unite for one week of walking to school.

The five-day walking challenge aimed at primary schools is a fun and engaging week-long activity, raising awareness and celebrating walking for all. Not only will it set them up for a positive day in the classroom, it will also help create healthy habits for life.

 Walk to School Week is now scheduled to take place on w/c 5 October 2020, during International Walk to School Month.

The class with the most amount of children and staff walking to school will receive a lovely, sparkly certificate.

Thank you,

Miss Cook - happy walking!


Have a wonderful, happy and safe weekend,

Year 4 and Miss Cook


This week in year 4...25.09.20

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra (affirmation):

I am a writer.

“You can make anything by writing” – C.S. Lewis

I have been very proud of the children this week, their behaviour and attitude has been great – I am so pleased with the progress and focus they have made. I can already see the progression since the first week of term – bravo Year 4, keep it!

Check out some of our wonderful writing this week:

In Year 4 we aspire to learn to read as much as possible and read stories and poems from different cultures:

In English, we finished our topic on Fantastic Mr. Fox and we are venturing back in time to analyse, write and discuss Norse Myths. The children started the unit by reading three Norse Myths and describing their features; How Thor Regained Mjolnir, The Mead of Poetry and the Building of Asgard’s Wall. The children and I have  enjoyed discussing the Gods, Goddesses, evil villains, powerful weapons and supernatural entities. In maths we have been exploring positive and negative numbers and Roman Numerals. In art we have been drawing self-portraits ready to create our first piece of Andy Warhol inspired Pop art; in computing, the children designed their educational games; in Spanish we have been naming animals, including farm animals; and in PSHE we have been discussing ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ feelings, and how these can affect our bodies and mind.

Enjoy our weekly roundup of Year 4 photos…

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, be mindful and see you Monday.

Miss Cook and Year 4

This week in Year 4...18.09.20

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra:

I am compassionate.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”
― Plato

Our second full week is complete, and what a wonderful week we have had. The children are making brilliant progress and are getting back into the routine of school life.

This week I have been very proud of the children in English, they have been  adapting scenes for Fantastic Mr. Fox: writing play scripts. We have focused on including exciting adverbs, verbs and onomatopoeias (bang, crash, haha, etc.). We finished the week by editing and publishing our scripts so we can put some up on display in the classroom and near the school’s library.

In maths, we have been rounding 3 and 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. As the week progressed, we started to confidently grasp this concept. The children are going to be ‘Software Developers’ in Computing, and they have been analysing a range of educational games. In History, the children started their Viking and Anglo-Saxon topic; in Science, they started explore sound; and in RE, they have been discussing the different concepts you can find in the Bible.

Twitter - do not forget, St Peter’s has joined the hip and trendy trend of being on Twitter. The school’s Twitter account will share exciting news and on goings in school - let’s share the love and follow out account (perhaps we will be trending in no time). @St_Peters_CE


Please ensure that the children are reading for 20-30 minutes each evening; this must be logged in their diaries.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the last of the summer weather,


Miss Cook and Year 4


This week in Year 4…11.09.20

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra – each week I will start our blog with a mantra (a quote/positive affirmation) which will encourage the children to believe in their abilities and to help promote a positive mental attitude.

This week’s mantra is:

"I am beyond capable."

I am so proud of the children for returning to school with such enthusiasm, confidence and eagerness to learn, after a long time away from learning.

What a lovely week we have had, and I am so impressed with the improvements I have seen already. It is my absolute pleasure to be teaching the children again this year; it is lovely to see the growth they have made since I last had them in my class, and I am happy to see their personalities still shining bright.

This week we started the week by ‘Celebrating What Makes us Different’, and the children created beautiful artwork containing all the things which make them unique and special. Similarly, we created a second piece of artwork, ‘The Tree of Life’. Within this tree, we included our strengths, aspirations, dreams, and the people who support us, including what they do to help us grow. Both these activities resulted in great artwork but also cultivated interesting and thought provoking conversations.

In English, we have started reading and analysing Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox: the play script version and the chapter book. We enjoyed getting into character this week and acting out some of the scenes from the book.

In maths, the children have been exploring place value of four-digit numbers, comparing the value of four-digit numbers, and placing numbers up to 10,000 on a number line.

This term’s Christian value is ‘Compassion’ and we have been writing prayers about how we can be compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic. I loved reading the prayers, they were written with sensitivity and maturity. Well done, Year 4!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Happy wishes,


Miss Cook and Year 4