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Year 4

This year our class teacher is Miss Cook, our teaching assistant is Miss Simpson Orelbar and our learning support assistant is Miss Mason. 

Year 4 Curriculum Map


This week in Year 4…01.07.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I strive to always make good choices.

This week in English we have been planning and writing an explanation text. The children have been describing how their mechanical creature, inspired by The Iron Man, came to be. Before we started planning our explanation the text, the children started generated questions that that could answer within their text – thinking carefully about what the reader might want to find out. In maths the children have been exploring money. They have been rounding and converting money, and estimating totals of money.


This week children have been working with Daniella to create a dance to accompany their song for the Year 6 production of Oliver. I was impressed with their enthusiasm and skill within those rehearsals. In RE the children have been discussing ‘Why is liturgy important to Christians?’ They have been learning that at every Eucharist, the Gospel reading must be read – this is to ensure the teachings of Christ are heard and explained in the sermon.  And that Christian life involves people in trying to build closer relationships with - and developing a greater understanding of - God, each other and themselves. We then discussed the different stages of the service.

Here is our RE knowledge organiser for you to look at:

Why is liturgy important to Christians?

Sports for Champions

Thank you so much to those who donated for Sports for Champions. On Thursday we were greeted by Pierre Henry-Fontaine, a professional basketballer, who put the children through their paces and wow’ d us with his basketball skills.

Next week on Thursday the children will be attending SuperBloom, and will be visiting the Tower of London. Thank you to all those that volunteered to help out with the trip, we appreciate all your support and help as always. It will be an exciting day! Cant’ wait!

Have a wonderful, restful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in year 4…24.06.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I will always look after my mind and body to keep me happy and healthy.

This week has been Health and Wellbeing, and what a mindful and informative week we have had.

Health and Wellbeing Week Year 4 24.06.22


The children took part in a creative yoga adventure, where they tested their minds and bodies by performing a range of yoga postures, and breathing activities.


Author, Jaidz Majasi, impressed us with some chapters from her book, Mirror Maze Land. We have many budding authors in Year 4 so the children were left feeling enthused and excited about reading, creating and writing. Jaidz even led the children through a meditation activity.


This week in the classroom we have been focusing on ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Bodies’. I have been impressed with how maturely and sensitively the children approached these lessons.

Cooking with Anil

We had the greatest pleasure of welcoming Anil, Arel’s mum, into the classroom this week. The children learnt about Turkish cuisine, and made delicious cookies.

Ballet and Street Dance

The children were really spoilt this week. They took part in both ballet and street dance classes with external professionals. The children worked together to create routines, performed in small groups, and explored various dance techniques and performance skills. 


The children took part in an online recycling workshop. They discussed the different materials that can be recycled and ones that can't. They then pledged to help make the world a greener, and a more environmentally friendly place. 

Sports for Champions

On Wednesday, Henry-Fontaine, an ex Olympian, will be coming into school and putting the children through their paces. Remember, you will need to bring your sponsorship money in by Tuesday 28th June in order to receive you prizes. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...17.06.22

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is:

I have the power to create anything I desire.

What a scorcher of a week it has been!

This week in English the children have been planning and writing a fictional story inspired by Ted Hughes' 'The Iron Man'. The children have been working hard to create a cohesive narrative which is full of ambitious adjectives, figurative language techniques, and accurate punctuation. 

In maths, the children have been investigating 3D shapes, and they have been creating a range of 3D shapes from nets. They have been using a range of diagrams to categorise 3D shapes based on their properties.

In PSHE, the children have been looking at a sensitive topic: Love and Loss; I was so impressed with the maturity the children approached this topic with. In computing the children have been creating their own webpage using Google Sites, in RE the children have been discussing 'Sangha' and its importance to the Buddhist community, and in art the children have replicating work by Dapo Adeola. 

Green 4 Grenfell

Green 4 Grenfell

On Thursday 16th June 2022, children and staff at St Peter's School wore something green to unite with members of the West London community to remember those who died in the tragic Grenfell fire. As a community we came together to reflect upon this fire, show our respect, and thank those who helped support people affected by the fire. 

Health and Wellbeing Week

Next week is Health and Wellbeing Week and we have a fantastic range of workshops and activities for the children to take part in. We will have specialist teachers in urban dance, ballet, yoga, recycling, mindfulness and many more coming into school and teaching your child/children. It will be an amazing week! 

Have a fantastic and restful weekend. 

Miss Cook 

This week in year 4…10.06.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

Do more of what makes you happy.

I hope everyone had an amazing half term, and is rested for the final stint of Year 4.

We have had a short but sweet week. The children have been working hard to learn their poem for the poetry recital – what a fantastic job they did. In maths, we have been revising our knowledge of shapes. The children have been classifying a range of 2D shapes based on their properties: lines of symmetry, angles and sides. In science, we have started investigating electricity. In Art we have been exploring illustrations, and the children have been replicating Oliver Jeffers’ illustrations.

Show Racism the Red Card

On Thursday, Year 4, 5 and 6 were very lucky to have a workshop with Anita, who was representing the charity ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. She discussed the meaning of discrimination, racism and hate crimes. The children and Anita discussed the definitions and their differences, before moving on to discussing the relevance of these terms, and their importance in everyday life. She was able to engage with the children and talk about how everyone is influenced by stereotypes, and how that can lead to discrimination. We learnt that we should not just deflect, but participate in the conversation in order to create change. Through group and pair discussion, the children were able to discuss their knowledge and learn from each other. Both Anita and the children’s teachers, were impressed with how well thought through their observations were and their mature reflection of their role in stopping and standing up to racism.


Sports for Champions

Sports for Champions UK will soon visit St Peter’s school. We have been invited to join a sponsored fitness circuit led by a professional Olympic athlete who will EDUCATE-ENABLE-EMPOWER the children with a view to inspiring them to be the Champions of tomorrow.

All children should have received a sponsorship form this week; they are in for the chance of receiving some exciting gifts.

Our athlete this year will be: Pierre-Henry-Fontaine

For more information about Pierre, please visit the website below:

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...27.05.22

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I always strive to achieve MY best, and to do things that make me happy.

Queen's Jubilee 

What a fantastic Jubilee performance we had today! Each class sang or danced their hearts out, and it was a pleasure to watch. Year 4 performed a 50s inspired swing dance to Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock Around The Clock. We have been practising extremely hard to perfect our dance moves, and have killer partner work. I was so proud of the children, they were truly amazing. I hope you enjoy your weekend Jubilee celebrations. 

Year 4 27.05.22


Family Supper 

Thursday evening was the return of the infamous Family Supper. It was incredible to see, and taste so many dishes from a range of cultures. We had a fantastic turn out to the event, and we thank the PTA for organising such an amazing event. 

In Class Learning

This week in English we have continued reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have been writing character descriptions to describe the Iron Man, they have been writing diary entries from the perspective of Hogarth, and they have been writing complex sentences in the style of Ted Hughes. In maths we have focused on our times tables. The children have been developing their fluency when recalling their times tables up to 12x12 in preparation for the Year 4 multiplication check. 

Times Tables Check 

During the week commencing Monday 20th June, Year 4 will be taking part in the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help us to identify pupils who are not yet secure with their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

The MTC is an on-screen assessment designed to determine whether pupils are able to fluently recall their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12, through a set of timed questions. The children are familiar with the format, and have started practising the on-screen assessment.

Have a wonderful half term break.

Miss Cook 

This week in Year 4…25.05.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I can be anything I want to be.

This week has been STEM week, and what an amazing week we have had! Thank you to Irene, Humera, Eleni, Conor, Philip, and Natali for coming in and sharing their STEM expertise with the children. We have been exploring architecture, boat engineering, why things glow-in-the-dark, the underlying chemistry is fluorescence and phosphorescence, climate change, cryptocurrency, and coding. It has been a jam packed week, and the children are so enthused and excited about the STEM world.

Year 4 20.05.22

 As well as this, Year 4 explored states of matter; specifically gases. In the classroom, we conducted an experiment where we mixed lemon juice and vinegar together. We then attached a balloon filled with bicarbonate of soda to a bottle containing the mixture, and emptied the bicarbonate of soda inside to create a chemical reaction. The children then observed what happened and recorded the experiment using many of the working scientifically skills. 

In maths we have been focusing on addition and subtraction, and the children have been using the formal column method to add and subtract pairs of numbers with four-digits, including decimals. 

Family Supper

St. Peter’s School is excited to announce that we are reintroducing the Family Supper event; a fantastic event to celebrate our school, and the wider community.

We would like to warmly invite every parent/carer, child, and member of staff to the Family Sharing Supper on Thursday 26th May 2022. This event will take place in the Scott Hall from 5pm, and will finish at 7pm.

This is a wonderful event where we can share our favourite foods, and dine together as one big St. Peter’s family. This event is free and friendly, and all we ask is that you bring your favourite dish with you. There is no need to bring drinks along as both beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available to purchase. All sales from the drinks will go towards the school fund. 

The Family Supper is a very special St. Peter’s community evening, and is a brilliant opportunity to see familiar faces, and meet new ones. It has been greatly enjoyed by all in previous years, so please do come along and bring your favourite savoury or sweet dish along with you. A gentle reminder that we are a nut free school, so all dishes must not contain any nuts

Jubilee Performance

Also, we are super excited to share our 50s inspired performance next week. 

Stay tuned for photos...

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…13.5.22

Miss Cook’s Friday mantra is:

I have the courage to be myself.

In English this week we have finished our learning on Seasons of Splendour, and the children have finished writing their reports. Each child chose one of the myths to focus on, and created a report based on what had happened. They included a witness statement, an overview of the situation, and a callout for any further information.

In maths this week we have been brushing up our multiplication and addition skills. The children started the week by answering multiplication questions up to 12x12, and then moved on to use their knowledge of this to answer more complex questions - using appropriate mental strategies. When focusing on addition, the children were answering missing number problems, where they needed to use the inverse operation to generate the answer.  

In science this week the children researched the characteristics of various invertebrate groups, and then used this information to create a classification key. In RE, we discussed the Buddhist belief, Nirvana. The children then created a piece of poetry which depicted the meaning of Nirvana. In languages this week, the children explored how we could describe our family members in Spanish.

Construction Visit - High Street Kensington

13.05.22 - Year 4 construction

On Thursday, the class went to visit a construction site in High Street Kensington. The children had an amazing time. They got their own personalised Hi-Vis jackets, notepads and pens, and got the opportunity to explore the perimeter of the site.  The children got to watch a crane transfer materials into a hole in the middle of the site. We then got to talk to various professionals who are involved in the development/site.


Next week is STEM Week, and we have a fantastic range of STEM professionals delivery workshops and talks to the children across the school. Within their classrooms, the children will be taking part in science experiments, computer based learning activities, and lots of maths problem solving activities. We are very excited to be getting out our shiny new IPads and getting to learn how to use them to enhance our learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…06.05.22


Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I am kindness, and I always strive to give kindness to others.

This week in English we have continued to read and discuss various tales and myths from Seasons of Splendour. We have devoured many chapters already. The children have been writing newspaper reports and retelling specific tales. Next week, we will be looking at Lord Krishna and writing a report about his birth. 

In maths we have been exploring and investigating area. The children have been identifying the area of rectilinear shapes by counting squares and by multiplying the height by the width.

In Spanish we have been reading Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish. In RE we are exploring Buddhism and have been discussing the meaning of specific Buddhist symbols and describing how they might inform a Buddhist's daily lives. Moreover, we have been exploring the eightfold path of Buddhism.

Family Supper

St. Peter’s School is excited to announce that we are reintroducing the Family Supper event; a fantastic event to celebrate our school, and the wider community.

We would like to warmly invite every parent/carer, child, and member of staff to the Family Sharing Supper on Thursday 26th May 2022. This event will take place in the Scott Hall from 5pm, and will finish at 7pm.

This is a wonderful event where we can share our favourite foods, and dine together as one big St. Peter’s family. This event is free and friendly, and all we ask is that you bring your favourite dish with you. There is no need to bring drinks along as both beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available to purchase. All sales from the drinks will go towards the school fund. 

Good luck for Year 6 children for their SATS next week. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Cook 

This week in Year 4...22.04.22

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is:

My actions can help make the world a better place.

Welcome back, Year 4. I hope you had a wonderful Easter break and feel rested for the term ahead. 

Happy Earth Day!

This year's Earth day theme is 'Invest in our Planet'. We are eager to educate ourselves abut how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and how to collectively preserve our planet. 

In English this week we have been reading Seasons of Splendour; a collection of the most exciting and dazzling myths and legends of India. Many of the myths contain gods, goddesses, princes and demons. We have been reading and discussing various tales and myths from Seasons of Splendour - we have devoured many chapters already. 

In maths, we have been continuing our work with time; we have been representing time, completing word problems and converting time. The children have been learning time by discussing events and schedules. 

In art, we have been experimenting and exploring abstract shape, line and colour inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. 

Today we must also remember and honour the legacy of Stephen Lawrence. 

"I want Stephen Lawrence Day to be a reflective learning experience, and a celebration and a journey toward greater equality and inclusion for all.”

 Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...01.04.22

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is: 

I am forgiving.


I have been blown away by the children's writing this week. After a busy couple of weeks, the children have finally finished their innovated versions of Yeh-Shen Cinderella. The published pieces of work are absolutely fabulous. Well done Year 4. 

In maths, the children have been exploring time. They have been reading, writing and answering questions based on time. The children have been working hard to read the time to the nearest five minutes. They have also been working out how many minutes there are left until the next hour. We are going to continue with time when we come back after Easter. 

In RE, the children have been learning about Holy Communion and they have been recapping their understanding of the Holy Week. In science, we have been exploring vertebrates and invertebrates, and the children have been classifying and grouping animals based on their characteristics. We even completed some complex flowcharts to help identify what group an animal belongs too.

On Thursday, the children took part in an egg rolling competition. I was very impressed with the designs and with accuracy the children had when aiming for the target.  Well done to children, your designs were brilliant. Bravo! 




Check out this half term's Sporting Newsletter...

Sporting Newsletter


The week beginning Monday 16th May 2022 will be St Peter’s STEM Week.

STEM Week is a fantastic way to celebrate all sciences and their importance in our everyday lives. It provides an opportunity for all children in our school to take part in science, engineering and technology events and activities. It is also a brilliant way to connect with the wider community of the school.

If anyone has expertise in science, engineering and technology, or if anyone knows of any contacts in these fields, then we would love to hear from you. Throughout the week we would like to incorporate a range of workshops and talks from people within our local community.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to get involved, please contact communications FAO: Miss Cook.

Thank you

Thank you for your continued support with your child's learning. Have a wonderful Easter break. Be safe with whatever you are doing.

Best wishes,

Miss Cook 

This week in Year 4...25.03.22

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is:

My actions can help to make the world a better place.

This week in English we have been continuing to write our stories inspired by Yeh-Shen Cinderella. I am so excited to read the final pieces; they are our longest pieces of writing to date. We then started to read and discuss Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman which is an Indian tale about a girl who is blind. The children discussed the narrative of the story and identified key messages and topics that the tale included. 

In maths we have been focusing on coordinates. The children have been plotting, reading and translating coordinates. In RE we have been discussing the question below.

What is Holy Communion and how does it help to build a Christian community?

In computing we have been creating compositions using Isle of Tunes, and the children loved it. 

World Maths Day

It was great to see the children have so much fun competing maths challenges against their peers in class and children around the world on Mathletics during World Maths Day!  Over 9,000 schools from 130 countries took part in this year’s event. It truly was a global celebration of maths and learning.

St. Peters school came 57th in the country on the day, which is a fantastic result!  Well done St. Peters and keep it going!  

Arts Cafe

What an amazing Arts Cafe we had Friday afternoon! The children at St Peter's created unique and intricate pieces of art inspired by Dominic Harris and other artists who focus on butterflies. Thank you so much to Miss Miller, the parental helpers and Dominic Harris & Co for creating such an inspiring week.

Bravo children!

Year 4 25.03.22


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Cook 

This week in Year 4…18.03.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I believe in myself.

Arts Week

What an amazing Arts Week Miss Miller put together – thank you so much! Our Arts Week theme this week has been Nature, specifically butterflies. We have been so lucky to take part in so many fulfilled workshops and to explore such an incredible theme. The children have loved this week.

Year 4 18.03.23


We took part in workshops from Dramatic Dreams and Perform for All, and the children busted a few moves in a street dance class. We also has the pleasure of meeting Ranger Stu and some of his fury (and not so fury) friends. Stu spoke about the importance of animal conservations to help prevent extinction and endangered species. The children impressed him with their animal knowledge, their understanding of climate change, and their discussions around combating climate change.

In the classroom we have been creating butterfly inspired pieces of artwork. The children have designed and created a final piece of artwork which has been inspired by Rubem Robierb.

Rubem Robierb is essentially a poet and philosopher who uses visual art as a way to express his thoughts about existential issues.

Check out his website for more information.

Rubem Robierb

We then took further inspiration from Patrick Onyekwere and Pointillism. The children created a symmetrical butterfly using pointillism techniques and ball point pens. This required a lot of precision and perseverance.

Dominic Harris

Finally, we got to have a special workshop from Dominic Harris himself and the children designed their own butterflies in which Dominic and his team of artists are going to transform into digital forms – wow! I can’t wait to see the finish pieces.

Don’t forget to check out our Twitter for all lots of updates and snapshots of the children’s learning.


Have an amazing weekend, and enjoy the sunshine.

Best wishes,

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4…11.03.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I am a creative poet who has a magical way with words.

Well done to Year 4 for performing The Drum Dream Girl by Margarita Engle as part of the school’s poetry recital. The Drum Dream Girl is a long poem that does not follow an easy rhythm. I am so impressed with how hard Year 4 have worked to learn their lines and execute the poem with ease. Stars as always.

As well as rehearsing our poem, in English, the children have been starting to write their own version of Yeh-Shen Cinderella from a different cultural perspective. In maths, they have been answering a range of word problems using all four calculation symbols. They have needed to infer what the question was asking so they can decipher which skill to use. Each question was based on measurement, and included at least one number with a decimal point.

In art, the children have started learning about Wassily Kandinsky and they have been exploring a range of shapes, lines, patterns and colours whilst listening to a variety of orchestral compositions. Following on from this, in computing, the children have been creating their own compositions using Isle of Tunes. We had a lot of fun jamming away in the classroom on Friday afternoon. In PSHE, we have been focusing on friendships and have been discussing different friendships we have. 

This week we were also extremely lucky to be joined by Oguzhan  who led the children through an illustration workshop. The children created their own cartoon goldfish, which was inspired by Yeh-Shen Cinderella. 

We were also very lucky to take part in a Shakespeare workshop and the children got to embody various characters from A Midsummers Night's Dream. What brilliant actors we have in Year!

Year 4...11.03.22


This week we also celebrated Happy international Women's Day 2022. It was a special day for women all over the world to come together and celebrate one another and rally for equal treatment. 


I would like you to finish today’s blog by taking some time for a short reflection and a prayer for the people in the world who are affected by war and conflict. You are forever within our hearts.

Matthew 5:9

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”


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Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...04.03.22

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra is:

I am creative, and I am inspiring.

What a wonderful and creative week we have had. 

In maths this week we have been adding and subtracting decimals, and have been creating our potions by calculating the cost of the ingredients. I am so impressed with the precision the children have when using formal column methods to add and subtract decimals. They have also wow'd me with their skills when converting between decimals and mixed number fractions - I said in assembly today that they really do give Year 6 a run for their money. 

In English we have been reading Yeh-Shen Cinderella. The children have been describing Yeh-Shen's transformation using ambitious adjectives, they have been writing from different perspectives and they have comparing the storyline to the traditional Cinderella story. 

In RE we have been discussing whether fame and Christianity go together. The children then are creating a PowerPoint based on a famous Christian including who they are, what values they represent and how they are good role models to those who support and look up to them. 

In science the children have been discussing why certain animals might have different teeth to humans. We then looked at what the terms producer, consumer and predator mean in relation to food chains. The children then created their own food chains based on animals within specific habitats. 

Year 4 04.03.22

Happy World Book Day 2022!

What an amazing world book day/week we have had. The children have been looking at, discussing and innovating Yeh-She Cinderella, which is the traditional Cinderella based on a different culture. The children have been looking at a range of traditional cuisines, clothing and animals from China. 

Following on from this, the children are now planning their own version relating to another culture. Some children are choosing to write from their own cultural background and family heritage, and some children are writing from an India culture. We have chosen an India culture so that it links with our previous Hinduism learning in RE, and so it is relevant to our next class book: Seasons of Slendour. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook 

This week in Year 4…25.02.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I am important.

Caribbean Carnival

On Wednesday, we had the privileged of meeting and listening to Fiona Compton, ambassador of Notting Hill Carnival, speak about the history of carnival and various cultural elements. The children looked at various ways people would celebrate and discussed what they would wear. This led us on to make our own carnival headpieces inspired from the three types of mas: dirty mas, pretty mas and traditional mas.


In English, we have finished writing Arctic travel brochures and the children have included a range of persuasive language, rhetorical questions, and clear themed paragraphs to entice people to visit a chosen destination.

 In maths, we have been continuing to learn about decimals and fractions. This week we have been placing tenths and hundredths on number lines, have been converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions and vice versa, and have been rounding decimals to the nearest whole number.

In science, we have been continuing to learn about teeth and the different types of teeth we have in our mouth. We then used this information to help ask questions and draw comparisons between human teeth and teeth of different animals.

In RE we have been discussing Hindu pilgrimage and the various elements to the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage in India. The children were enthusiastic about the learning that we have covered in our Hinduism topic; they have a great understanding of key concepts of the religion.

Have wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…11.02.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I am a brilliant designer.


In English this week, we have been planning travel brochures that persuade the reader to visit a Narnia-like, Arctic experience. The children have been thinking about where someone might stay, what someone might do and what people might want to see while visiting a dream destination. In maths, we have been exploring tenths as decimals. The children have been converting tenths (fractions) into decimals by applying their knowledge of place value.

International Day of Women in Science

Year 4 focused on Kattia Kraft. Katia Krafft born Catherine Joséphine Conrad, 17 April 1942 was a French volcanologist. Krafft was also known for being a pioneer in filming, photographing, and recording volcanoes, often getting within feet of lava flowing. She fell in love with volcanoes when she saw pictures of them and redirected her interest in education in geology. We then looked at the Women Science book and discussed other brilliant pioneers – we are very inspired.

STEM - Women and Girls in Science

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 8th February was safer internet day and the children focused on healthy relationships online. We create a recipe for successful relationships online. First, we thought about what key ingredients we need like honesty, wisdom and kindness and then we wrote a method for staying safe online. We finished by looking at a range of scenarios and we discussed what we would do and why.

Safer Internet Resources

DT Day

This term’s theme for DT Day was Musical Instrumentals. In Year 4 we designed, created and evaluated xylophones. The children challenged themselves to draw 3D xylophone designs by using accurate measurements and by using their knowledge of angles and shapes. We linked our scientific learning about sound to help make decisions about the length of the keys. Fox example we thought about how we could make each key create a different sound. The children selected a target audience for their product and with this knowledge; they created a suitable creative design, which would go on the base. Check out some of our snaps:

Upcoming events...

Carnival Celebration

On Wednesday 23rd February 2022, to learn about Black History and culture, we will be celebrating the tradition of Caribbean Carnivals. Throughout the day, the children will be taking part in workshops lead by artist, filmmaker and historian, Fiona Compton, who is an ambassador for Notting Hill Carnival. The children will not only learn about the origins of various carnivals but will get the opportunity to create props and take part in a range of activities. I have to say a huge thank you Natasha for organising Fiona to come into school.

Thank you for all your hard work and support this half term. Have a wonderful half term break.

Best wishes,

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4…04.02.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra:

I am loved.

This week, on Tuesday, it was Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is the beginning of a calendar year whose months are Moon cycles, based on the lunar calendar or lunisolar calendar. It is particularly celebrated in countries within East and Southeast Asia (ESEA), being influenced by the historical Chinese lunisolar calendar. I hope all of those celebrating across the school had a wonderful day!

Here are some photos from this week's sporting competition:

Year 4 04.02.22

In English this week, we have been editing and publishing our Narnia stories. The children have been reading their work to check SPaG features are correct and and they have been improving their work by adding in additional clauses or changing word choices. Then we started our new topic, Travel Brochures. The children are going to be using persuasive writing to entice the reader to travel to Narnia. After identifying the features of a successful travel brochure, the children 

In maths this week we have finished our work on fractions. The children have been been finding fractions of amounts and learning the rules for this. I have been so impressed with the children's conceptual knowledge of fractions - you have worked so hard. 

In science we have been looking at teeth and identifying the different types of teeth adults have. The children have been learning about the different purposes of teeth and how they change through different developmental stages in our lives. 

In RE we have been discussing Puja worship and have been exploring how Hindus celebrate it at home. The children then looked at the different components on a Puja tray and then discussed what they might put on their own version of Puja plate based on their individual beliefs. 

What a beautiful piece of work from the children in Year 4 – you always amaze us with you skill and enthusiasm for learning. Bravo!


Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…28.01.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I am kind to others and I am always kind to myself.

^ This week in PSHE, we reflected on our session with Pete Reed OBE and developed our own set of rules or affirmations, which might help us stay positive when things do not always go our way.

In English, we have been writing our fantasy stories, which have been inspired by The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The children have been challenging themselves to include a range of ambitious SPaG features, figurative language techniques and perfectly punctuation speech – they have been a pleasure to read.

In maths, we have been exploring fractions. The children have been focusing on tenths and hundredths; they have been converting these fractions into decimals and representing them in a range of ways.

In science, we have been looking at the digestive system and we have been discussing what happens to our food once it enters our body. We have been naming the organs, which are responsible for digesting our food, we have been discussing the purpose of the digestive system and we have been using a range of accurate scientific terminology.

In art, we have been looking at Georgia O’Keeffe and have been sketching flowers from a close up perspective. The children have been attempting to use a range of pressure with their pencil to try to create detail in their sketches.


Ardmore and the Constructor’s Charitable Trust invited Year 4 to attend a virtual workshop about the West King Street development site. During the workshop, the children learnt about the process of creating the building, discussed sustainability measures, explored health and safety procedures and identified different careers within the construction industry. The children then took part in a mathematical activity where they had to utilise their problem solving skills to answer area-based questions. We look forward to visiting the Kensington site in March. 

In RE, we been exploring Mandirs as part of our Hinduism unit. The children learnt that a Mandir is a sacred place where Hindus go to worship Gods and Goddesses. We looked at a virtual Mandir and identified some of the sacred practices which might take place inside.

To all those unable to be at school now, we look forward to seeing you very soon. We miss you all.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Stay safe,

Ms. Cook

This week in Year 4…21.01.22

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I am resilient.

We have had a brilliant week of learning in Year 4.

I have to say, both the children’s highlight and mine was speaking to three-time Olympian Gold medallist, Pete Reed OBE. I want to say a huge thank you to Alba and Bowen Breen for completing a magnificent piece of homework about Pete, as part of our optional Disability History Month homework. If it were not for you both, we would not have had the pleasure of speaking to Pete.

The session was truly inspiring for us all. Unfortunately, Pete suffered a spinal stroke in 2019, which has led him to be paralysed from the waist down. Pete’s words of wisdom, courage and optimism were truly mesmerising. He spoke passionately about his beliefs and the lessons he has learnt through his experiences.

Pete’s key points to live by:

1) The reality is that we will ALL suffer adversity in life, at some point.

2) Everyday positivity.

3) Be kind to yourself.

4) Dwelling is normal.

5) Failing is ok.

6) Being vulnerable makes you a stronger than ever.

7) Never Give Up.

8) Stay hydrated, eat healthy food, get exercise outdoors, enjoy sport with friends, talk to your teachers about how you are feeling, get to bed on time and sleep well.

In English, we have been describing fantasy creatures and settings, and we have been planning our fantasy story, which takes inspiration from by The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. In maths, we have been exploring fractions; the children have been showing fractions of shapes, finding equivalent fractions and have been comparing fractions. In science, we have been exploring the importance of nutrition and have been discussing food groups and their nutritional value. In art, we have been learning about Georgia O’Keeffe; we have been looking at some of her work and having a go at replicating them on a small scale. In computing, we have been using Scratch to create a toy, which has various inputs and outputs. In RE, we have been discussing the Bhagavad Gita, a Holy and sacred book. We then compared similarities between Hinduism and Christianity. Finally, in history, we have been discussing why Henry V111 was portrayed in a variety of ways over the years. We have been discussing which is the most accurate and why.

Thank you so much for your patience and support, we have missed all of the children who have not been able to be in school this week.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay safe and healthy.
Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...14.01.22

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. 

Well, there aren't enough words to say how wonderful and focused the children have been this week. 

This week we have introduced 'Word of the Day' and so far, the children are really enjoying it and trying to use their newly learnt vocabulary. At the moment, we have had the words swagger and grit.

In English, we have been writing informal letters as if we are one of the four children for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The purpose of the letter is to write to the children's families after they have been sent away to the professor's house. We have been focusing on the structural features of an informal letter and we have been learning and implementing a range of figurative language techniques: metaphors, similes and personification.  

In maths, we have been exploring perimeter. The children have been working out the perimeter of squares, rectangles and other rectilinear shapes by adding up the length of all the sides. Whilst adding, we have been finding strategies to add effectively; making ten, five or finding doubles. 

In RE, we started our Hinduism topic and the children explored 'Why in Hinduism there are so many Gods?'. In fact, we learnt that Hindus believe in Braham, one God, who has many different names for different qualities people need. The children created beautiful artwork to express this belief. In science, we have been finishing off our human impact unit and have been collecting data about what litter we have found across the school. In computing we have been designing toys which will contain a computerised device so that it can produce an output. 

We were very lucky to have a two hour workshop from Tender Education based on healthy friendships. 


The focus of the workshop was to:

  • educate the class on friendships
  • challenge harmful attitudes about friendships and relationships
  • empower the class with knowledge and confidence to speak out and seek support


The children acted out various scenarios and they discussed how they could respond to someone who wasn't acting kindly or fairly towards them. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Thank you for your support in your child's learning,

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4…07.01.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is…

I am a good friend and speak kindness to others.

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

– Maya Angelou

Happy Ethiopian Christmas Day - Friday 7th January 2022

From all the parents, staff and children at St Peter’s, we wish all those celebrating a very joyous day.

Brief History

Christmas in Ethiopia is called Ganna (or Genna) and is celebrated on January 7th. An important Ethiopian holiday, visitors in the country can get an insight into the religious traditions and culture of the African nation. Ethiopian Christmas is celebrated all over the world.

This week in English, we have been looking at The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The children have been writing character descriptions, which include a range of figurative language techniques: personification, metaphors, similes and expanded noun phrases. In maths, we have been revising division and multiplication strategies and have been using both formal and metal strategies to work out the answers to a range of calculations. We then started our measure unit and the children have been measuring their height using metres and centimetres. Using our data, we converted the results and compared the heights of the children within the classroom.

In art, we have been painting our Mayan masks using acrylic paint. We have been exploring layering, creating highlights and practising how to create shadows. In Spanish, we have been naming a range of food and writing sentences about what food we like – the children have wonderful pronunciation.




It has been a lovely first few days back with the children. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and New Year, and managed to stay healthy.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Stay safe,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...10.12.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra:

My challenges help me grow.

If things do not challenge us then no learning can take place. In order to grow and flourish, we need challenges along the way, perseverance is key! – Miss Cook

In English this week, the children have been reading and discussing The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. We have been learning a range of figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration) techniques when describing characters and settings in the story. This is leading up to us writing a letter from one of the children in the story to a loved one who they'd parted with because of the air raids in London. 

In maths we have been using short multiplication and division methods. This week's, Friday homework, is to consolidate this. Here are some methods to help you manage and support your child/children at home:

In art the children have been looking at Mayan Masks and have been designing their own masks and discussing how they want the masks to make someone feel; they generated a range of powerful adjectives to describe them.

Reverend Singa

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of Reverend Singa leading our morning worship. Reverend Lesinga Vunipola - known as Singa - is originally from Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 South Pacific islands and now, she spreads her light and faith in the Lord through Methodist ministry.

The worship assembly focused on the good news at Christmas and the joy in which we receive at this time of year. She made it even more exciting by linking it to delicious chocolate – I think the staff and children were fixated.

At St Peter’s we are excited to see more of Reverend Singa and build relations with local schools in Tonga. She even has two children who are play professional rugby for England. Let us hope we might be able to meet them too.

Disability History Month 2021

What is Disability History Month?

Disability History Month runs every year between 22nd November and 22nd December.

Disability History Month supported by a wide range of disability groups, unions and voluntary groups. The aim of the month is to promote the rights of people who have disabilities and their struggle for equality now as well as in the past.

For schools Disability History month can be a chance to develop a culture of respect for difference and to remove barriers that everyone can reach their full potential.

Next week’s homework will focus on raising disability awareness and as a school; we will continue to focus on the theme into the New Year.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4...03.12.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I can make a difference in the world.

As Greta Said, we can truly make a difference, no matter how small our gestures might be. In science we are exploring human impact and discussing the negative and positive impacts that humans have on the world. This week and next, we are exploring litter; discussing how rubbish/littler can be sorted into different waste groups depending on the material. 

In English, we have finished our non-chronological reports about mythical creatures and we have created an amazing class book of fantastic Norse beasts; the writing is BRILLIANT and includes important structural elements and a range of emotive vocab!

Over the next two weeks, we will be discussing and completing a range of activities based on C.S.Lewis' book series, Narnia: specifically studying The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. You can access a copy of the story via the link below - happy reading!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

In maths we have been identifying different types of triangles and quadrilaterals then exploring their properties including angles, side lengths and whether they have parallel or perpendicular lines.

In art the children have been looking at Mayan Masks and have been designing their own masks and discussing how they want the masks to make someone feel; they generated a range of powerful adjectives to describe them.

I can find inner peace by thinking kind and positive thoughts.

Finally, as we embarked on our Christmas unit in RE, the children learnt about inner and outer peace; discussing how by having positive thoughts and by keeping faith, we can emanate peace and bring joy to others. 

As we approach the final two weeks of this term and Christmas, please keep stay and continue your fantastic work. 

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…19.11.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I will share my kindness with others through my words and actions.

What a lovely week we have had in Year 4! Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, cards and gifts. I really appreciated it and the children made me very special on my birthday.

In English, we have been reading, writing and discussing a range of Norse Myths. We finished the week by exploring spelling rules for adding ‘-ing’, ‘-er’, ‘-ed’ and ‘-est’ to the end of root words. The words we looked at were one syllable long and ended in a vowel and then one consonant. We identified that mostly, we double the consonant before adding the suffix.

In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing. The children have been multiplying three numbers together, multiplying by 100 and have been using their knowledge of up to 12x12 to answer more questions that are complicated.

One Kind Word

This week has been Anti-bullying week and we took part in a live-streamed lesson. Within the lesson, the presenters took us through a range of scenarios and discussed the different roles there can be within a bullying incident. As a class we reflected on the lesson and discussed what we would do if we thought someone was being bullied and we discussed how we could actively be kinder to aim to stop bullying altogether.

On Monday we also wore odd socks to represent our differences. All children and staff wore their socks to share how wonderful, unique and creative we all are. 

It was so lovely to see the children dressed in their own clothes to help raise money for children in need.

Have a wonderful weekend,

See you Monday,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…12.11.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra is:

I spread kindness with both my words and my actions.

DT Day

This half term’s DT Day focused on nature; the children in Year 4 created observational bughouses. We researched what insects we might find in the UK and wrote facts about them. We then carefully designed our bughouses so that they would camouflage into the current environment and season; we used a range of yellows, oranges, reds and greens. The children identified their special features, the purpose of their product and the materials it would be made from. After we created the designs, the children made their product and then reviewed it.

Kat BHM Poetry Workshops

This week we were very lucky to have two visits from Kat. Together, the children and Kat generated a range of poetic language based on the book My Story, My Dance. The children then reflected on the story’s message and developed their own poems based on their own passions. They discussed the smells, images, textures and sounds related to their passion, to create a rich poem, full of imagery.

For the remainder of the week, we have been finalising our work on formal subtraction methods; we completed a range of word problems and reasoning problems where the children needed to think logically to select the most appropriate problem solving strategy. In English, we have been finishing our first draft of our Norse Myths. In science we have been learning about human impact and have been discussing both the negative and positive actions that humans do. 

* Year 4 12.11.21

Next week is a very busy week…

Monday 15th November will mark the beginning of Anti-bullying Week and this year’s them is ‘One Kind Word’. On Monday the children will wear odd socks to symbolise that we are all unique and different. Also, throughout the week, we will be taking part in a live workshop and will take part in Anti-bullying themed lessons.

 Additionally, next week, the children will take part in Caribbean dance workshops and animal welfare workshops.

Finally, to conclude the week and to raise money for a good cause, the children will wear their own clothes to support Children in Need.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook 


This week in Year 4...05.11.21

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I am curious about the world around me.

What a busy but exciting week we have had in Year 4 – two trips in one week! The children had so much fun and it was truly amazing to be able to go and learn in a new environment after being restricted for so long. 

So what did we do?

Fulham Palace

To conclude our history unit, the children visited Fulham Palace to take part in a Viking themed workshop. They discussed how archaeologists date items and use re-enactment to understand the past. Additional historical evidence is deciphered using the Anglo Saxon chronicles (AD 871-899), which record the events of AD 878. The children were challenged to ask questions about Anglo Saxon defences at Fulham, why the Vikings left their homeland and what happened when they arrived on the border with Alfred’s forces at Fulham.

They also handled replica objects, such as Viking armour, weapons, jewellery and coins and wear Viking costumes.



On Tuesday we went to watch A Child’s War by Lotte Moore at Linden House.

Inspired by the best-selling children's book, Lotte's War, the emotive story was adapted for the stage by Nick Bromley. The show helps young people today to understand the true-life story of Lotte Moore, and the thousands of other evacuees who were sent away from their homes, schools, friends and family during the War.

We also got a very special Q&A with Lotte after the performance.

In the classroom we have been writing our introductions for our Norse Myths, we have been exploring mental strategies for addition and subtraction, we have been using formal methods for addition and subtraction and we have been discussing the roles and responsibilities within our school community. 

Not forgetting, we also practised and performed our poem for the whole-school poetry recital - Making a Difference by Lemn Sissay. The poem is such a powerful and thought provoking poem and the children did a fantastic job. 

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Cook 

This week in Year 4...21.10.21

Miss Cook’s Friday’s Mantra:

My differences are what make me special.

When you dream big, anything can happen.

- Nathan Bryon author of Look Up

Our final week of this half term and what a great one it has been.

Over the past three weeks we have been celebrating Black History Month and learning about stories and poetry from different cultures, identifying Black sporting icons, discussing Black British history and exploring activists who have helped transform life as we know. We are excited to celebrate more cultures from our school’s community, over the year.

Specifically, in Year 4 we have been learning about Maggie Aderin-Pocock, reading ‘My Dance, My Story’ an autobiography about Robert Battle, the Brixton Riots and trailblazing Olympians like Daley Thompson and Sonia Lannaman.

Additionally, we have been completing assessments in reading, writing and maths. The children finished the week by planning their Norse Myth which they will begin to write after half term when they are refreshed and revitalized. In maths we have focused on our times tables, in art we have been using acrylic paint to complete our pop art A3 pieces and in RE we have been discussing the story of David and Goliath. 

21.20.21 Year 4


Special Shout Outs

Black Books Company

On Wednesday, the whole school watched The Sun Shines on Everyone by Black Books Matter Company.

The performance was about a boy who unintentionally made a racist comment at school. One evening, he met an alien who came from a planet where everyone is the same. The student realised that this would be a boring way to live and therefore, our differences should be celebrated because we are each unique.

Gairey Collins

Finally, a huge thank you to Gairey Collins for reading Golda Locks and the Magical Rocks to the children in Year 1, 2 and 3. The children loved your story Gairey. You are a true inspiration to us all. They especially loved your expression and performance.

Interschool competitions

Huge congratulations to Cross for winning this half term’s interschool competitions. Across the school, Cross performed excellently and consistently. As a result, they were awarded the highest amount of points. Everyone who took part should be extremely proud of themselves. The winning trophy will be displayed in the entrance to the school. In addition, a huge thank you to the Sports Ambassadors who helped organise the matches.

Have an amazing half term break,

Best wishes,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...15.10.21

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra: 

I can achieve my wildest dreams. 


What another brilliant we have had in Year 4...only four days left until half term - where has the time gone. 

In English this week we have been describing Norse characters and Norse settings. The children have been trying to include similes, prepositions, ambitious adjectives and even relative pronouns/clauses. We also read the biography, My Story, my Dance, which is about Robert Battle and his journey to the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance company in New York. We discussed the story and then shared what dreams and aspirations we have.

Moreover, today we took part in a live assembly by Abigail Balfe, the author of A Different Sort of Normal. In this session, we joined Abigail Balfe as she introduced A DIFFERENT SORT OF NORMAL - her true-real-life-growing-up-autistic story, showing the challenges she faced navigating the ‘normal’ world around her. Along the way, Abigail shared key information about autism, including commonly held misconceptions.

In maths we have been adding money with both pound and pence. This has meant we have delved into the world of decimals. Together, we have created logical steps to achieving accurate calculations with decimals. We thoroughly enjoyed totalling up the cost of people's orders in a restaurant and tallying up the total for a trip to the British seaside holiday.  

In computing we have been programming a maths game with a range of randomised questions. In science we have been exploring how sound travels through materials and conducting a very fun experiment. In PSHE we have been identifying who makes up our community. Finally, in RE we have been reading and discussing the story of Ruth and reflecting on how we can also be 'selfless' like Ruth in our own lives. 

Welcome to our Online safety Ambassadors 

Show Racism the Red Card

'Lack of knowledge is darker than the night.'

- African proverb

On Thursday 21st October 2021, St Peter’s staff and children will be wearing an item of red clothing/accessory to show solidarity for and join alliance with, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. Together we can help make the change we want to see in the world and pledge to actively eradicate prejudice and discrimination within our society. Moreover, each class will be taking part in an anti-racism lesson with their class teacher.

In-school competitions

Next week, within our usual PE lessons, we will be holding in-school football competitions where the children will compete in their house groups. The winning house will receive a trophy that will be placed in the Office entrance; a ribbon in the colour of the winning house will be attached. In addition, each member of the winning house will receive a celebration certificate. Best of luck St Peter’s, let the best house win!

I hope you  have a restful weekend with your family and friends,

Best wishes,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4...08.10.21 

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra

I am unique and special in everyway possible. 

Our fifth full week of brilliant learning. This week we have been delving into the world of Norse Mythology. We have been analysing specific myths and describing key characters using specific grammatical features - we have lots of Loki fans in Year 4! In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals; we have been identifying the value of Roman numerals up to 100 and additionally, we have been completing addition and subtraction number problems. 

Year 4 08.10.21


In art we have started creating our own piece of Pop Art including bold colours, onomatopoeias and irregular shapes. I can't wait to start adding paint and seeing the finished results. In RE we have been reading and discussing the story of Moses, exploring what God called Moses for and then we reflected on what we thought our vocation might be in life. We have created a time capsule that the children will put their letters to their future selves in - we are going to open them in Year 6. 

School Council

Introducing the Year 4 School Council. I can see their ideas bubbling already.

QuadKids - Thursday 30th September 2021

On Thursday 30th September, a select number of children from Year 5 and 6 took part in an athletics tournament at the Linford Christie Stadium. A huge well done to those who took part, we placed 8th out of 19 schools in the Borough – amazing!

Netball Trials - Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th October 2021

What a start to the term we have had for sport. Well done to those who took part in this week’s netball trials. Everyone did an incredible job and should be extremely proud of themselves. The team will be announced next week. Please remember, if you were not selected this time, there will be many more opportunities for you.  

Black History Month - October 2021

Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else's shoes for a while. Malorie Blackman

To honour both Black History Month and this year’s Olympic Games, this week we have been celebrating Black sporting icons and activists.  Next week we will be celebrating Black poets and writers. Over the weekend, every class will learn and recite a poem; we will focus on poems by Maya Angelou, David Campbell and Valerie Bloom. Additionally, each year group will focus on a particular book; they will explore the narrative, illustrations, author, culture and many more features.

Check out what we will be learning in school via the link below:

Black History Month Overview

Significant Icons

World Mental Health Day - Sunday 10th October 2021

Wishing you a happy World Mental Health Day for Sunday 10th October 2021.I hope you have a restful day of self-care, family and love. 

Best wishes,

Miss Cook


This week in Year 4...01.02.21

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I am a fantastic performer. 

Proud to Be Black History Month 2021

Black History Month is an annual celebration of the achievements of Black communities and the remembrance of Black history across the world.

First celebrated in the UK in 1987, the month-long festival includes educational events, exhibitions, shows, talks, memorial services and installations across London that raise awareness of history and celebrate traditions, customs and cultures.

Over the upcoming month, at St Peter’s school are excited to celebrate the continued achievements and contributions of black people of African and Caribbean descent.


Happy Nigerian Independence Day!

In other news, how amazing were Year 4 in their class assembly this week. I was blown away by their performance; they looked professional and certainly performed professionally. Seeing each and every one of them shine with such confidence, was amazing. I am sure we can all agree that it was a pleasure to be back with a live audience too. Well done Year 4! 

In the classroom we have started our new English topic; we have been reading and discussing Norse Myths. After identifying the themes within the Norse Myths we read, we decided which Gods and Goddesses we would be and why - this caused an interesting discussion. In maths we have been focusing on our 6 and 7 times tables; the children have enjoyed singing the Taylor swift and Dua Lip renditions of the times tables. 

In history the children have continued to look at the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. They have been learning about paganism and when Christianity returned to Britain. In science we completed a science experiment and created various sounds using objects around the school. We then discussed how we could change our experiments so they affect the pitch and volumes of the sounds being made. In art we created some pop art inspired self-portraits which were very fun. 


Here is a photo of our Kindness and Wellbeing Ambassadors: 

What a fantastic pair! 

Thank you for all your hard work and support, especially with the class assembly lines and costumes,

Have a fabulous weekend,

If you haven't yet, please check out this month's sporting newsletter via the link below.

October Sports Newsletter

Best wishes,

Miss Cook

This week in year 4...24.09.21

Miss Cook's Friday Mantra:

I am ambitious.

‘If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.’ Maya Angelou

What another full on week in Year 4 – we have been getting through lots of wonderful work this week. We have been publishing our Fantastic Mr Fox scripts, counting forward and backwards in 10s,100s,and 1000s and exploring negative and positive numbers.

Check out our awesome writing:

In RE we have been writing Harvest Festival prayers, in computing we have been analysing and playing educational games, in PSHE we have been discussing feelings and emotions and in art we have been drawing self-portraits ready to create a piece of pop art. 

Class assembly madness! This week we have been working hard to learn our lines, sing our songs beautifully and create some incredible actions and gestures. The teaching staff in Year 4 have been working hard to create some wonderful props to accompany the children's awesome performing skills. We can't wait for you to watch. The class assembly will be performed on Thursday 30th September 2021. EKKKK! Very exciting. 

Next week, we will be finishing our class assembly, finishing our unit on Fantastic Mr Fox and we will be exploring Roman Numerals, in maths. 

Netball Trials 

On Monday at 8:30am in the main playground, Mr Correia and I will be holding round one of our netball trials. Year 4 and Year 5 boys will be on Monday and Year 5 girls and Year 6 will be on Tuesday morning. I hope to see lots of you there. 

National Fitness Day 2021 – Wednesday 22nd September 2021

At St Peter’s we value the importance of regular physical activity to enhance both mental and physical well-being of all children. In honour of National Fitness Day, every year group took part in the daily mile, either around the school playground or around Ravenscourt Park. The children did amazingly and all tried their very best – even the teachers did! Remember, we have a weekly KS2 running club with Mr Thomas and Mr Correia, which the children can attend if they wish. There is still chance to sign up; we have some talented runners in the school.

 Sports Ambassadors

Each week I will showcase our ambassadors for the year. Starting off, as a new ambassador role this year, here are our sports ambassadors:

Two very happy children!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Cook and Year 4 

This week in year 4...17.09.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra (affirmation):

I am a writer.

You can make anything by writing – C.S. Lewis

I have been very proud of the children this week, their behaviour and attitude has been great – I am so pleased with the progress and focus they have made. I can already see the progression since the first week of term – bravo Year 4, keep it!

Check out some of our wonderful work this week:

In Year 4, we aspire to learn to read as much as possible and read stories and poems from different cultures:


In English, we have finished our script writing on Fantastic Mr. Fox and now we will focus on learning and performing our class assembly. After our class assembly, we will be venturing back in time to analyse, write and discuss Norse Myths.

In maths, we have been rounding 3/4-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. The children have been embedding the rules when it comes to rounding and then have been applying this to real life contexts. In whole class discussions, we have been taking about the purpose of rounding and how it might be incorporated in day-to-day life.

In RE we have been discussing the eight core concepts in the Bible: God, Creation, The Fall, God’s People, Incarnation, Gospels, Salvation and Kingdom of God. This half term we will be exploring stories about God’s People and we started the unit by discussing what we already know from our prior experiences.

In art we have been drawing self-portraits ready to create our first piece of Andy Warhol inspired Pop art; in computing and in Spanish we have been naming animals, including farm animals.

Thank you to those who joined our virtual open evening last night, it was a pleasure to see you.

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, be mindful and see you Monday.

Miss Cook and Year 4



This week in Year 4...10.09.21 

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra:

I am compassionate.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

Our first full week is complete, and what a wonderful week we have had. The children are making brilliant progress and are getting back into the routine of school life.

This week I have been very proud of the children in English, they have been  adapting scenes for Fantastic Mr. Fox: writing play scripts. We have focused on including exciting adverbs, verbs and onomatopoeias (bang, crash, haha, etc.). 

In maths, we have been exploring place value; we have been comparing 4-digit numbers using the greater than and less than symbols, we have been plotting 4-digit numbers on a number line and we have been identify the value of each digit in a 4-digit number. As the week progressed, we started to confidently grasp this concept. In History, the children started their Viking and Anglo-Saxon topic; in Science, they started explore sound; and in RE, they have been discussing the different concepts you can find in the Bible.

The children have been thoroughly enjoying their PE lessons with our new PE coach, Mr Correia - check out the cool photos we took today! 



Please ensure that the children are reading for 20-30 minutes each evening; this must be logged in their diaries. Thank you so much to those who are flying through their books. Moreover, library books will be chosen on a Tuesday afternoon. 


Homework will be set on Google Classroom on a Monday and on a Friday. Thank you to those who submitted their work this week - feedback has now all been provided. 

Next Week

Next week in English, we will continue to look at script writing and will begin to create our own scenes for Fantastic Mr Fox. In maths, we will continue to look at place value. You'll be excited to know that our class assembly is approaching fast - scripts will be sent out next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the last of the summer weather,

Best wishes,

Miss Cook

This week in Year 4…03.09.21

Miss Cook’s Friday Mantra – each week I will start our blog with a mantra (a quote/positive affirmation) which will encourage the children to believe in their abilities and to help promote a positive mental attitude.

This week’s mantra is:

"I am beyond capable."

I am so proud of the children for returning to school with such enthusiasm, confidence and eagerness to learn. A massive welcome to the new members of our class! They are going to be fantastic additions. 

What a lovely couple of days we have had, and I am so impressed with the improvements I have seen already. It is my absolute pleasure to be teaching the children again this year; it is lovely to see the growth they have made since I last had them in my class, and I am happy to see their personalities still shining bright.

This week we started the week by ‘Celebrating What Makes us Different’, and the children created beautiful artwork containing all the things which make them unique and special. This piece of art resulted in not only great artwork but also cultivated interesting and thought provoking conversations.

This term’s Christian value is ‘Compassion’ and we have been writing prayers about how we can be compassionate, sympathetic and empathetic. I loved reading the prayers, they were written with sensitivity and maturity. Well done, Year 4!


Next week

In English, we will be reading and analysing Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox: the play script version and the chapter book. We will be dramatizing the story and getting into character as we act out some scenes. 

In maths, the children will be exploring place value of four-digit numbers, comparing the value of four-digit numbers, and placing numbers up to 10,000 on a number line.

On Monday you will receive this year's timetable along with other key objectives for Year 4. 



Please make sure you are reading at least five times a week for 20-30 minutes and recording this in your reading log. In the back of the reading log you will see a list of key spelling words for Year 3/4. In the front of the reading log you will see some example comments which will help Miss Simpson-Orlebar, Miss Mason and I understand how reading is going at home. Reading books will be changed on a Monday and a Thursday - please indicate if the book is finished. Library days will be confirmed on Monday via the timetable which will be sent out. 


Homework will be on a twice weekly basis. Spellings, timetables and a piece of English work will be set on a Monday to be completed by the following Friday.  A second piece of homework: mathematics or English will then be set on a Friday to be completed by the following Monday.  All homework will continue to be set on Google Classroom.  Green homework books will be sent home, for those children who wish to record their ideas on paper, these books do not need to be returned to school.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Happy wishes,

 Miss Cook