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Welcome to Year 2!


Our Teacher is Miss Murphy.

Our teaching assistant is Ms Browne.

 Year 2 Timetable


Happy Friday Year 2!  

15th January 2021


 Well done for another brilliant week of online learning! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your new Traction Man stories! There were so many wonderful and imaginative ideas. There were new adventures of Traction Man on the moon and deep sea diving. I was also very impressed with your Maths work, looking at multiplication. I can see that many of you are starting to learn your times tables and multiples of different numbers.

Next week, we will start a new unit of work about division. We will learn how to divide by 2, 3, 5 and 10 and also how multiplication and division are the inverse.

In English, our next unit of work will be about writing reports. We will design a new animal superhero and write a report about all of its powers!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


Happy Friday Year 2!

8th January 2021

Happy Friday Year 2! Well done for all of your fantastic home learning this week. I am ever so proud of you all with how well you are doing! I have seen so many excellent pieces of work. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work about Traction Man's new action hero suit. There were so many wonderful ideas, like space suits, diving suits and climbing suits! You Maths work has also been super and you have shown a brilliant understanding about number and place value.

Next week, we are going to be continuing our writing about Traction Man, including writing about a new adventure he could go on, wearing his new suit. In maths, we will start to look at multiplication and division. It would be great to start learning your 2, 3 5 and 10 times table for this unit of work. We will learn how to answer arithmetic questions and also word problems.

Well done again for this week! It has been lovely to see your smiling faces each morning and I will look forward to seeing you on Monday. Thank you to all of the parents/carers for your support this week with the children's home learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


Merry Christmas! 🎅  

18th December

Well done to all of the children in Year 2 for such a wonderful term. Miss Murphy is so proud of each and every one of you for your hard work, perseverance and the kindness that you have shown each other.

This week we have had lots of fun. In English we wrote persuasive letters to Father Christmas and have completed lots of fun Christmas crafts. We also had great fun our KS1 Christmas Party!

Over the holidays, I have sent home a few optional activities for the children to complete and being back when we return to school. During our first week back, we are going to start our new text ‘Traction Man’ and, in maths, we will be learning at multiplication and division.

Please keep reading over the holidays too!

Thank you so much for your kind support over the last term and I will look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 

Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year!

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

11th December

It has been great fun preparing and performing our Nativity this week! The children have worked ever so hard and have put on a showstopper of a performance! On Thursday,  we the Nativity was filmed and will be available to watch at home soon. Thank you ever so much to the parent volunteers who have filmed and edited the show. We hope that you enjoy the Nativity next week!

In English this week, we have been editing and improving our work about a space souvenir. We wrote our final pieces of work. Our next unit of work will be based on the story of ‘Traction Man!’. We will be planning and writing our own adventure stories.

In Maths, we have been answering arithmetic questions, using the four operations. We will start to look at multiplication and division in our next unit of work. Over the weekend try to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times table.

In geography, we completed some field work to answer the question, ‘What do people think of our street?’. We looked at the quality of two locations and used emojis to share our emotional response to the location.

On Monday, we are going to make Christingles as part of our work in RE. I would like the children to each bring an orange to school so that we can make them. We will be learning about what each part symbolises.

Celebrate me book

The ‘Celebrate Me Book’ is an opportunity to share your authentic and unique self with the rest of your class. Remember, there is only one you and you should have the chance to shout out about it and celebrate! You are wonderful!

Every Friday, one child will have the opportunity to take this book and record something inside. You could share something you love, share something you are proud of or ultimately, just share something that makes you, you!

The book will be due back on the Monday.

We have lots of things to look forward to next week, including the KS1 Christmas Lunch, Year 2 Christmas party and watching our Nativity DVD!

I hope that you have a lovely weekend,

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


Live life with a song every brand new day! – Our Nativity


This week, our Nativity rehearsals have been in full swing. I am so impressed with how quickly the children have learnt their lines and the songs. Keep practising over the weekend so that we are ready for filming next week!

This week in English, we have continued our unit about ‘Man on the Moon’. We received a mysterious letter from Bob asking us to design a new space souvenir for him to sell on the moon. We came up with all sorts of brilliant ideas, like talking alien toys, flashing rockets and maps of the universe! It will be very difficult for Bob to choose which is best! Today we planned a piece of persuasive writing to encourage people to buy our souvenir and next week we will write our final piece.

In Maths, we have started to learn about telling the time to the nearest quarter of an hour. Next week, we will be looking at telling the time to quarter past and quarter to, as well as ordering things that we do in the day. Keep practising telling the time at home, including telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

In art, we have been creating a collage of a fruit bowl in the style of Cezanne. All the children have been working so hard to create a beautiful piece of work!

Don’t forget to bring in the items for the costume that you need on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


‘I’m shining as brightly as I can, as bright, as bright, can be’


We have had a very busy in Year 2 practising for our fantastic Nativity ‘A Midwife Crisis’. We have read through the script together and have been practising the songs. Miss Murphy has sent the scripts home today, along with the letter for costume. Please note, that many of the costumes we have in school already (we have built an impressive collection over the years!), so you only need to bring what is specified on the letter. Please make sure that the bag is clearly labelled with your child’s name. Next week, we will start to get rehearsals into full swing!

Please click the link below to practise the songs at home.

Nativity Songs and Lyrics

In English this week we have started our new unit of work about ‘Persuasive texts’ focused on the story of ‘Bob The Man On The Moon’. We learnt about what a persuasive text is and learnt a persuasive text about ‘The Roaring Rocket 3000!’. Next week, we are going to design a new space souvenir and write a persuasive text to persuade people to buy our new toy.

In maths this week, we have continued to find fractions of objects and shapes. We practised answering trickier reasoning questions and today we completed arithmetic questions. Next week, we are going to practice answering other arithmetic questions using addition, subtractions and fractions.

In RE, we have looked at Nativity paintings by different artists from around the world. We have been discussing how light is used in the paintings to depict holiness.

Foodbank Advent Collection

Our School Council is currently collecting items to give to the Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank to support the local community over the Christmas period.

Children can bring any items they wish to donate into school and give them to their class teacher. We are hoping to make a final collection on the 11th December.

For a list of food items the foodbank accepts, please follow the link below.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


‘No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’ – Aesop


This week has been Anti-Bullying Week. On Monday we all came to school in odd socks to show how unique and special we all are. We also were very lucky to take part in an online workshop delivered by Chelsea football club. Will, who delivered the workshop, taught us about different types of bullying and how we can help others who may be being bullied. In class, we learnt about how we can celebrate our differences and the importance of showing respect to others. We thought of ways that we can ‘Unite against bullying’ and the qualities of a good friend.

In English this week, we have been learning about changing adjectives to adverbs and using them in sentences to make our writing even more interesting for the reader. We planned and wrote a new story about ‘How to Catch a Star’, using our great ideas from last week. Some particular favourites of our ideas was going up in a hot air balloon and building a giant lego tower to try and catch a star. Next week, we will start our new unit of work based on the story ‘Bob Man on the Moon’. In this unit, we will be writing a persuasive text to encourage people to buy a new space souvenir that we have designed.

In maths we have been finding fractions of a number, including halves and quarters. We have also been developing our understanding of equivalent fractions, such as 2/4 is the same as ½. Next week, we will be learning how to find fractions of shapes and objects.

Today we held our Nativity auditions and started to practise the songs for the show. Well done to all of the children that auditioned! There were so many beautiful singing voices! I was very impressed! Next week in RE, we will start exploring our new unit of work based on the big question ‘Where is the light at Christmas?’. In the unit, we will explore how light is portrayed through art and why Jesus is called the light of the world.

I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.

This week in Year 2…


A highlight this week was DT Day, where we made fantastic moving cars. We drew out four initial designs to see what colours and materials we wanted to use and then choose our final design. We made the product by carefully following instructions to assembly the tech card and we even used a junior hacksaw to cut the dowel. Our final product was fantastic! Take a look at the gallery below:

In English this week we have been learning how to use apostrophes to spell words with contractions. We have also started to learn about a new story called ‘How to Catch a Star’. In our lessons, we practised answering questions about the text and writing sentences about the story using conjunctions.

In Maths we have been continuing to practising reading scales in 2s, 5s and 10s. We also learnt about different equipment to measure volume, height and temperature.

Next week in English, we are going to be thinking of new ways for the boy to catch the star in the story and writing our own version of the story. In Maths, we will be learning how to find fractions of an object or an amount.

In RE we have been learning about who St. Peter was and why he is special. We have learnt about the different symbols associated with St. Peter, including keys, the upside down cross and the rock.

A few reminders:

It is nearly Nativity time! Next Friday we will be doing auditions for the Nativity play. This year, our Nativity will be ‘A Midwife Crisis!’. There is a short speech to learn from the Nativity and the children may perform a song if they wish.

On Monday it will be ‘Odd Socks Day’. Get your odd socks ready to celebrate how unique we are for anti-bullying week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


Once a mighty dinosaur, came to dine with me...


Welcome back! We hope that you had a relaxing half term. It was lovely to hear about all of the activities the children did during their holiday. The children have all settled back very well into the second part of our Autumn term. Well done to all of the children for a fantastic poetry recital on Thursday. You read your poem ‘The dinosaur’s dinner’ with great expression and the audience enjoyed your actions.

In English, we’ve been reading poems about bonfire night and writing our own poems about fireworks. We wrote an acrostic poem and a poem with a repeated line. We used lots of imaginative vocabulary, including onomatopoeia and ever personification. The poems were a joy to read!

In maths this week we have been naming 3D shapes and looking at their properties including number of edges, faces and vertices. We also sorted 3D shapes and practised answering reasoning problems about shapes.

In RE, we have started to learn about St. Peter and his life. We looked at key events that took place and discussed why our school is names after him.

House Athletics Competition

We would like to congratulate all of the children for their wonderful sporting skills in athletics. Mr Cotton was so pleased with the determination and sportsmanship he saw. We would like to give an almighty congratulations to the children in Keys who received the most points in the competition, well done.

We look forward to running the next house sporting competitions at the end of this term. Thank you, Miss Cook.

Christmas Cards

We loved seeing all of the amazing artwork for the Christmas Cards homework and we're sure that all of the pieces which were sent in are going to make absolutely beautiful cards!  Above is a gallery of a selection of artwork from across the school and we hope that you enjoy!

I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


Happy Half Term!


This week, St Peter’s has been celebrating Black History Month. We took part in a great Caribbean dance workshop. We learnt about significant black figures in history, focusing on Mary Seacole. We also learnt about the ‘Windrush generation’ and the impact it had on our lives today. Oli Moore from Chelsea football club also did a great presentation about famous footballers in history.

In English, we have been learning a poem for our poetry recital called ‘The Dinosaur’s Dinner’. We had great fun reciting the poem and learning the actions to the words. We also created our own poems about an animal that comes for dinner. We had great ideas, like a fearless rhino and a furry bear. In Maths, we have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We also learnt that some shapes have right angles and thought of ways that we could sort shapes.

Don’t forget to log into Mathletics and Readiwriter over half term.

Well done to all of the children for a brilliant half term!

Have a lovely half term.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


‘Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart’ – Winnie the Pooh

We have had a lovely week in Year 2. The children have been working ever so hard!

In English, we have been writing the final versions of our newspaper reports about ‘The Great Fire of London’. We had to choose an interesting headline and included many interesting facts. Today we also had a go at answering questions about a story and marked our answers together.

In maths, we have been continuing to use the column method to add and subtract two numbers. We learnt about borrowing or carrying a ten. We also learnt about how we can find the missing number in a number sentence by finding the difference between two numbers.

Today was wear red to ‘Show racism the red card’. We discussed what makes us special. We all know that we are unique and should always treat others how we would like to be treated.

A few reminders:

Our PE lessons are now on a Tuesday and Wednesday (not Thursday). Please make sure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on these days.

 Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


‘No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’ – Aesop

In English, we have been become newspaper reporters! We travelled back to 1666 to discover what The Great Fire of London was like. We started by collecting facts about the fire and what happened. We also came up with questions to ask people what it was like and interviewed people in the group.

In maths we have been adding by partitioning numbers into tens and units. We have also been practising using the column method to add 2 two digit numbers, including when we have to carry a ten.

In RE this week we have been learning about the parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’. We thought about how we can be a good neighbour to others.

Thank you ever so much for the Harvest Festival donations. The children took the donations to church on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely – Roald Dahl


We have had a very busy week in year 2! In English we created our own version of ‘The Gigantic ‘ story. We had to think of new characters and a new enormous vegetable. We also practised using commas to list items and using an adjective to create an expanded noun phrase. Miss Murphy was very impressed with our stories!

In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 20 and how to add tens to 2-digit numbers. We have also been developing strategies to add a one-digit number to a two or three digit number. Next week, we will be looking at written methods to add and subtract two numbers, including partitioning and using the column method.

In RE was have been learning about the parable of ‘The wise man and the foolish man’. We discussed why it is important to follow instructions and times that we have followed instructions.


Get your happy feet on, it’s time to celebrate.
Living Streets, have created the greatest national Walk to School celebration, where pupils and grown-ups around the UK unite for one week of walking to school.
The five-day walking challenge aimed at primary schools is a fun and engaging week-long activity, raising awareness and celebrating walking for all. Not only will it set them up for a positive day in the classroom, it will also help create healthy habits for life. 

Walk to School Week is now scheduled to take place on w/c 5 October 2020, during International Walk to School Month.

The class with the most amount of children and staff walking to school will receive a lovely, sparkly certificate.

Thank you,

Miss Cook - happy walking!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


A Pirate’s Life For Me!


What a swashbucking-ly fun week we’ve had in Year 2! On Thursday, it was ‘Talk like a pirate’ day and we all came to school kitted out in our finest pirate costumes, complete with hats, hooks and eye-patches ready for a morning filled with writing, drama and art! We had lots of fun inventing new pirate names and we completed lots of speaking and listening activities.

In Maths we have been practising how to add onto a number, including ones and tens. We also revised our number bonds to 20. In English, we have been writing a new adventure story about Alfie the tortoise. We focused on using capital letters and the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence. Today, we started our new story called ‘The Gigantic Turnip’ and answered questions about the story.

In RE, we continued our work about parables. Today we learnt about the ‘Parable of the Sower’ and discussed what the parable means to Christians.

A few reminders:

The children have been doing very well with their homework. Please make sure that blue homework is returned on Monday/Tuesday and green homework is returned on Friday. Please also ensure that you are reading daily with your child and at home sign the reading diary.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Murphy and Year 2.


This Week in Yer 2...

18th September

Well done to everyone in Year 2 for another wonderful week!

We’ve have had a wonderful week in Year 2! The children have all worked ever so hard in our activities and produced many pieces of work to be proud of.

In English, we have been learning how to use an expanded noun phrase to describe the characters and setting. We also planned a new story with a new character and setting. We will look forward to writing our stories next week.

In maths, we have been counting on in 2s, 5s and 10s. We also continued number sequences and wrote the rule for each one. Keep practising your times tables at home! We also looked at how we can order numbers by looking at how many tens and ones it has.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the virtual open classroom on Tuesday. I hope you found it useful and that you have all received the email with the class information.

Next week promises to be another fun-packed week as on Thursday it’s ‘Talk like a pirate day!’ Don’t forget to come dressed as a pirate if possible (a plain t-shirt and trousers will be fine if not), and be ready for some swashbuckling activities! We will still have PE on Thursday, so please make sure that you bring your PE kit to school.

Thank you,

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Murphy and Year 2


 Oh! The places you'll go!' - Dr Seuss


Welcome to Year 2! We have been in year 2 for a week and have enjoyed every minute of it! We have all settled in very well into the new school year. It has been wonderful getting to know our new teacher Miss Murphy and our teaching assistant Ms Browne.

We have been immersed in the imaginative world of Roald Dahl in English. We read Esio Trot this week and were inspired to write amazing character descriptions and write letters from Mr Hoppy inviting Mrs Silver (and Alfie the tortoise, of course!) over for tea and biscuits! In maths, we have been practising finding the place value of numbers and counting on and back to 100.

Today we also learnt about what a parable is and we look forward to exploring parables that Jesus told over the next few weeks.

A few notices:

PE lessons will be on Wednesday and Thursday. Can children please come into school in their PE kits on these days (PE kits will mostly be kept in school and we will send them home on a Tuesday ready for Wednesday). Can I please request that the front of the PE bag is clearly labelled on the outside so that we can quickly identify the children’s PE bags.

Reading books will be changed every Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure that you read with your child each night and sign the reading diary. Please also write when the book is finished, so that we know to change the reading book. Thank you.

Our ‘Virtual Open Evening’ will be on Tuesday 15th September from 5:20 – 5:40pm. In the session, we will share key information about Year 2 and what we will be doing throughout the year.

Well done for a wonderful first week Year 2! Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Murphy and Year 2.