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Welcome to Year 1

Our teacher is Miss Jones and we are supported by Mrs Breen, Mrs Valentina, Miss Dee and Mrs Warty. 

Summer 2 in Year 1

I can’t quite believe we are already in our final half term together! We have lots of fun and exciting plans over the next 7 weeks.


As you are all aware the week commencing June 12th, the Year 1 children will all take their phonics screening check. They will read 20 real words and 20 alien words. Please ensure you are daily reading with your child and ensuring they are accurately segmenting and blending the words. As always, there will be extra books and resources assigned to your child on Bug Club. You will find all logins in the front of their yellow, reading record.

In our writing lessons we will spend the majority of time exploring traditional stories. The children are becoming more confident with changing aspects of the story to create their own versions. We will spend some time editing and publishing our work.

We will be focussing on London in our afternoon subjects so the children will write a recount about their school trip.

The children should use Spelling Frame to practise their spellings ahead of the weekly spelling checks.


The children will begin the term by exploring numbers up to 100. They will consolidate their learning about tens and ones. At the end of the term, they will explore measurement focussing on money and time, to the nearest hour and half past. The children will enjoy spend a lot of time learning through play and practical problem solving. The children will be encouraged to use the word 'because' when explaining their answers, to deepen their understanding.

The children are of course, still encouraged to use Mathletics and TT Rockstars at home to consolidate any learning.


We will continue to learn the compass points and use local maps to mark out a route from one destination to another. The children will explore Digi Maps to look at the local area. They will plan a route to take us from school to the Museum of Steam and Water for our school trip in July.

Mini Mappers Knowledge Organiser


In history this term, we will carry on looking at the River Thames as our local study of a significant place. The children will walk along the river on their way to Spots Day. We will look at what happened during the Great Stink.

Tale of the Thames Knowledge Organiser


This half term the children will learn about African Art and explore the colours and patterns that are often used.

African Art Knowledge Organiser


The children will learn about the seasons and the changes that are taking place in the world around us now that it is summer.

Changing Seasons Knowledge Organiser


The big question for our RE learning his half term is ‘Why did Jesus teach the Lord’s prayer as a way to pray?’ We will explore different lines from the Lord's Prayer so the children understand the meaning. This is vital as we recite it daily during collective worship. We will even have Charles visiting us!

The Lord's Prayer Knowledge Organiser


Now that we are up and running with Showbie (an online platform where you can save your work), we will use Keynotes to make a digital card. These will be printed and given as an end of year card.

We Are Celebrating Knowledge Organiser


This half term we will look at the Spanish Mother’s day. We will continue to join Year 2 once a week for a lesson with plenty of singing and dancing. We will consolidate our learning of greetings, numbers, birthday celebrations and colours.


As it is the last half term we will look at ‘Changing me’ by reflecting on the year and look forward into next year when the children are Year 2.


Mr Jones will teach Year 1 Music once a week focussing on musical form. The children are thoroughly excited about our whole school end of year production where we will learn a song and dance.


Mr Fullerton will explore running, jumping and throwing as well as looking at the fundamental skills of tennis.

Other exciting events coming up this half term:

School trip to the Museum of Steam and Water

Father’s Day

Whole school end of year production

Move up day

Reception/Y1 play afternoon

Open afternoon

Summer 1 in Year 1


This half term our topic is ‘Nature Detectives’ and we will be exploring various texts to spark our imagination! We will rewrite the stories ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘Alien Loves Underpants’, focussing and changing the settings and characters. The children will plant their own sunflowers and write sentences to explain the different stages of growth. Let’s hope we have some sunshine before then! The children thoroughly enjoy our termly poetry recital and we are looking forward to learning and performing another to you very soon.

The children will be revising all phonic sounds and we will be practising those dreaded alien words ahead of the phonics screening check later in the summer term.

Please continue to practise the weekly spellings with your children and little and often, look at the high frequency word lists. The children can use Spelling Frame at home to learn their spellings in a fun and engaging way.


Neurodiversity stories for Year 1

Me and My Sister by Rose Robbins

Pablo and the Noisy Party by Pablo

Bear Shaped by Dawn Coulter-Cruttenden

Leo and the Octopus by Isabelle Marinov

Splash by Charli Howard

Seal Surfer by Michael Foreman

My Must-Have Mum by Maudie Smith

Frida Kahlo by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara


In Year 1 this half term we will continue to follow White Rose Mathematics. The children will begin to learn about multiplication through groups and division by sharing. We will practically introduce fractions of shapes and amounts. To finish the half term we will look at positional language and direction. This will be taught through the use of Beebots and toy cars so the children can physically move the objects.

The children are of course, still encouraged to use Mathletics and TT Rockstars at home to consolidate any learning.


We are thoroughly looking forward to exploring maps in Geography this term. We will learn compass points and use local maps to mark out a route from one destination to another.

Mini Mappers Knowledge Organiser


In History this term, we will look at the River Thames as our local study of a significant place. As we are located very closer to the river, the children are very excited about learning all about the history of the river.

Tales of the Thames


In art we will explore printing in various ways. We cannot wait to show you some of our artwork!

Printing Knowledge Organiser


Following on from our topic about animals last term, the children will learn about the changes that our animals will have as they get older and grow from a new born to an adult. We welcomed 5 caterpillars into our classroom and watched them grow into butterflies!

Animal Antics




This half term in RE we will be looking at the big question ‘What does it mean to be a Muslim?’ Come and visit our classroom to see our display that will showcase all the role play we will take part in this term.

Islam Knowledge Organiser


The children are becoming more confident with saving their work to Showbie. We will use clips to produce our own storybook, including audio. We can’t wait to be storytellers!

We Are Storytellers Knowledge Organiser


This half term we will learn about Spanish Traditions. We will be inviting some parents in to share their transitions.


We will continue to follow Jigsaw for our RSHE lessons and this half term the topic is ‘relationships.’ We will explore friendships and what makes a good friend. We will also touch on trying to resolve problems if they occur. Year 1 will learn how it is important to include people and how it makes you feel when you are included.


Mr Jones will teach Year 1 Music and they will be learning about different composers from around the world.


Mr Fullerton will continue to teach Year 1 PE and the children will focus on fundamental skills such as running, jumping, throwing and dancing.

We cannot wait for Sports Day in May!


Other things to look forward to

Prince Charles Coronation

Family Supper

Spring 2 in Year 1


We will link our texts to our history topic, ‘Explorers’. The main stories we will explore will be ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘The Way Back Home’. Year 1 are becoming more independent with writing their own sentences and are improving their writing stamina. This half term, we will rewrite the stories and write a recount about what happened on the farm in Farmer Duck. The children will enjoy poetry and will take part in the whole school poetry recital in March.


In Year 1, we are confident with manipulating numbers to 20. We will work through the topics below using White Rose Mathematics.


We have learnt the continents and oceans in the world and are thoroughly enjoying using atlas’ to explore. We will continue to learn about the whole world and will look at what life is like in different countries. We will compare things like the weather and food.


We will continue to study ‘Explorers’ in our History lessons. The children will plan and go on their own exploration around the school site!


We are thoroughly looking forward to exploring shape in our art lessons this half term. The children will use a range of materials to create art work in the style of famous artists. We cannot wait to show you!

Spring 2 Shape

Below are some pictures from our Arts Week. The children took part in various workshops and activities throughout the week.


We are moving onto animals in Science! The children will explore a range of different kind of animals and their habitats. We will be going on a school trip to Ravenscourt Park where we will have a workshop and practical activities to take part in. I wonder which animals we may see…

Spring 2 Investigating Animals


We will be covering two topics in RE this half term. First will be the story of Noah’s Ark. The children will learn the story and use small world characters to act it out. Then we will learn about the Easter story and why it is the most important festival for Christians.

Spring 2 What is the story of Noah really about

Spring 2 Easter story


We will use the laptops and computers to explore digital images. The children will learn how to save and edit an image. Some may even learn how to ‘screenshot’ or ‘snipper tool’ an image!

Spring 2 We are collectors


In Year 1 we have lots of birthdays this half term so we will be learning birthday celebrations in our Spanish lessons. We are even going to attempt to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish!


In our Jigsaw Jack lessons every Friday, we will be learning about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.


The children will have their music lessons with Mr Jones. He will teach the children various songs and use instruments to play along.


The children will have their PE lessons with Mr Fullerton. This will be a mix of indoor and outdoor sports. They may even have the chance to try some yoga!


We have lots of exciting extra activities this term. Please check the twitter page and newsletters for more information!

 The days are getting longer and Spring is certainly on it's way! We cannot wait for a busy half term. As always, get in touch if you have any questions. Our door is always open!

Year 1 team

Spring 1 in Year 1


This half term we will be exploring the books, Handa’s Surprise and Oliver’s Vegetables. The children will become more independent at writing full sentences and will learn how to use appropriate punctuation and conjunctions.

The children thoroughly enjoy our daily story time at the end of the day and we will begin to read chapter books so the children are exposed to a wider vocabulary.

Our class assembly was based on the story Handa's Surprise. The children performed beautifully and put on a wonderful show with lots of singing and dancing. Well done Year 1!


The children will continue to learn phase 5 sounds through the use of Bug Club. They will learn new sounds and explore these by reading words and non-words. 

Every child will continue to be read weekly 1:1 with an adult at school. They will have books matched to their phonic level and can access more materials on the Bug Club website.

Bug club phonics -

The children also have an opportunity to take home their own library book every week.


We will learn place value, addition and subtraction, length/height and weight/mass. This will be taught through White Rose Mathematics.

Please find useful website links below for learning materials.

White Rose Mathematics -

Timestables Rockstars -

Mathletics -


The topic is ‘The World’ so we will use the character, Barnaby bear to explore countries and continents. The children in Year 1 will continue to take Barnaby Bear home weekly and take him on an adventure!

Take a look at our key knowledge and skills we will be learning in Geography.

Barnaby Bear Investigates the World Knowledge Organiser


The topic is ‘Explorers’ so we will learn about famous explorers from around the world, in particular Robert Scott. 

Below is the key knowledge that the children will learn this half term.

Explorers Knowledge Organiser


This half term we will create various artwork to explore tones. The children will use a range of craft materials to create different pieces of art. We can't wait to show you!

Tone Knowledge Organiser


The topic for this half term is ‘Plants’ so we will do an experiment to see different growing conditions. The children will use their enquiry skills to plan and observe their experiments.

We will hopefully be going on a trip to explore the local plants and wildlife in our local area!

Please see the key knowledge and skills the children will learn in their weekly science lessons this half term.

Plants Knowledge Organiser


The focus for our RE lessons this half term is the religion, Judaism.

Please see the knowledge organiser below to see what the children will be covering this half term.

Judiasm Knowledge Organiser


The children will learn the basic controls of a computer. They will learn how to turn on a laptop, save their own work and create basic art work.

Below outlines the learning that will be taking place in our computing lessons every Friday afternoon.

We are TV Painters Knowledge Organiser


The children are very confident at basic Spanish greetings which we learnt in the Autumn term. This half term, they will learn numbers 1-10 through fun songs and activities.


We will continue following our RSHE programme, Jigsaw. The children enjoy using the class characters, Jigsaw Jack and Jenie. The topic for this half term is ‘Goals’ so the children will celebrate their achievements and think of ways to improve. We will plan a weekly circle time to encourage children to express their emotions and feelings.

Yoga -


The children will have their music lessons with Mr Jones once a week. They will explore and create their own beats.


PE sessions will continue to be led by Mr Fullerton at the Scott Hall. They will take part in a range of different basic skills such as changing direction, speed and levels.

We are really looking forward to the next, busy half term! If you have any questions, you know where we are. We are always happy to help!

Year 1 team

Friday 16th December 2022

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. 

John 1:5

WOW! Didn’t the children do well with their Nativity performance! They all worked so hard and made us feel so proud.

This week the children have enjoyed making all sorts of Christmas crafts and especially enjoyed their party yesterday.

Below are some pictures from our computing lesson where we acted as TV chefs and made a smoothie. Each child picked three fruits to add to their smoothie and did a great job at chopping and blending. The presenters did a brilliant job at speaking clearly to the camera and the film crew did a superb job at keeping the camera still!

Thank you all, so much, for your ongoing support this term and for your generous cards and gifts.

Have a lovely time this Christmas and we’ll see you in 2023!

Friday 9th December 2022

The children have worked so hard this week to perfect their Nativity performance!

The highlight of the week was our school trip to the Education Centre at Fulham Palace to enrich our history topic of toys. The children took part in various activities such as, designing and making their own peg doll, sorting a range of toys from old to new and the highlight for most was getting the chance to touch a doll that was over 200 years old. The children had a wonderful time and even gave the general public a special Christmas treat by singing Away in a Manager on the top deck of the bus!

Next week we will continue to spread the Christmas cheer by performing our Nativity performance to a room full of parents and make various Christmas crafts.

 The children are thoroughly looking forward to their Christmas party on Thursday.

We are nearly at end the end of term already! Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a great weekend and try to stay warm!

Friday 2nd December 2022

Well, we are in full Christmas mode at school! We are very busy practising daily for our Nativity performance. We can’t wait to show you!

The highlight of this week has to be art where we created our own self-portraits using clay.

I am looking forward to seeing lots of you at the Christmas fair tomorrow!

Thank you to those of you that have logged onto Bug Club and started using the online books and resources to help support your child with their phonics.

Next week we will be practising our Nativity performance and writing all about our toys workshop which takes place on Wednesday.
Please note it is Christmas dinner day on Friday so children are invited to wear a Christmas jumper to school.
Please continue to bring in your children’s Nativity costume as we will be having a dress rehearsal on Friday.

Have a lovely weekend. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Friday 18th November 2022

 ‘Be strong and of good courage, do not fear not be afraid of them:  for the Lord your God who goes with you.  He will not leave nor forsake you’  Deuteronomy 31:6

 World Diabetes Day

 World Diabetes Day is a global awareness day held on the 14th of November each year. It became an official United Nations Day in 2006. The 14th of November was chosen as it's the birthday of Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin. 

The theme for 2022 is 'Nurses Make the Difference'. The aim of this year's theme is to raise awareness about the pivotal role nurses play in the life of diabetics.

 Disability History Month

 What is Disability History Month?

Disability History Month runs every year. This year it'll take place between 16 November, to 16 December 2022. 

Disability History Month supported by a wide range of disability groups, unions and voluntary groups. The aim of the month is to promote the rights of people who have disabilities and their struggle for equality now as well as in the past. 

It has been an annual event since 2010. Each year has its own theme, and this year the event is asking 'How far have we come? How far have got to go?" The month will also have a focus on access. 

Access is a fundamental human right, along with gaining participation on an equal level to others regardless of impairments. 

For schools Disability History month can be a chance to develop a culture of respect for difference and to remove barriers that everyone can reach their full potential. Schools are encouraged to hold activities about disability equality during the month.


On Monday the children joined a virtual assembly all about kindness to help raise awareness for Anti Bullying week.

In science this week, the children took part in food tasting to explore different flavours. They used their sense, taste to help describe the different flavours. The children were not too keen on the pickled onions or mint sauce but thoroughly enjoyed the custard creams! We can't wait to show you the facial expressions we caught on camera!

Today, St Peter’s school was filled with spotty children and staff! Thank you for your dressing up in spotty clothes and for your generous donations to Children in Need. We all know that times are tough right now and for some children it’s been especially rough. Every penny will help support lots of children across the country.

 Next week

 English – We will change the story of The Tiger That Came to Tea.

 Maths – We are learning our left and right and quarter and half turns.

 We are well underway with our Nativity performance. The children are enjoying learning all the songs for the play!

Have a super weekend!

Friday 11th November 2022

Revelation 21:4 

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

Thank you all for attending parents evening on Monday and Tuesday. It was a great opportunity to discuss how your child is progressing and the next steps we can take to help support them further.

The highlight of the week for us in Year 1 was certainly DT day yesterday. The children persevered through the whole process to create a wonderful and unique car that actually moves on wheels!

 Next week is a busy one!

English – We will begin looking at the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Maths – We will continue sharing numbers between two to find odd and even numbers.

Science – The children are learning about their senses this half term. The children will take part in some food tasting to explore flavours.

Art – We cannot wait to show you our self-portraits once they are completed!

RE – We will learn about Saints

History – The children will continue learning about toys from the past.

Computing – As we are pretending to be TV chefs this half term, the children will learn how to record a video on an iPad.

On Monday we will have a kindness assembly and wear odd socks to celebrate diversity.

The children are thoroughly looking forward to movie night after school on Thursday.

On Friday it is Children in Need. The children are able to come to school dressed in spots and donate some money towards the charity.

As always, you know where I am if you have any questions! Have a great weekend.

Friday 4th December 2022

It has been a great week back! The children have come back to school eager to learn and are ready for an exciting half term.
We were all very proud of their poetry performance which I’m sure you were too! They all did so well at speaking clearly and confidently and remembered all the actions too.

Next week


We will continue to explore the story Dogger and will write our own versions.


We are going to begin to find halves of shapes and numbers by sharing.


The children have really enjoyed learning about the human body. We will continue to identify the uses of different body parts.


We will explore toys that different age group’s use and reason as to why they are appealing.


We will pretend we are chefs on TV and begin to plan our very own show!

On Thursday it is DT day so we have lots of exciting learning taking place.


Please can I remind you to send your child in with a coat. The weather is very unpredictable at the moment!
I look forward to seeing you at parents evening on Monday and Tuesday. Before then have a lovely weekend!


Thursday 20th October 2022

‘How good and pleasant it is when Gods people live together in unity’ – Pslam 133:1

Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe we have already finished our first half term together. The children have settled into Year 1 life so well and continue to amaze me with their perseverance and commitment.

We all wore red today to show racism the red card. The children were able to reflect on how we can treat others and be kind to everyone, even if someone looks different to them.

Thank you for the children (and parents!) who have taken the time to complete the Celebrate Me book and for showing Barnaby Bear around our local area… the children thoroughly enjoy sharing these with their friends.

After half term


We will be exploring ‘Dogger’ for the first two weeks. The children will take part in a hot seating exercise.


We will be looking at measuring. The children will measure length, height and weight.


We will begin our new topic of toys. If you have any toys from the past, please bring them in… we’d love to see them!


The children are really looking forward to learning all about our bodies.


The countdown is on to Christmas… we will be looking at the Nativity story this half term!

As always, my door is always open if you have any questions. Have a wonderful, memorable week off and I will see you on Monday 31st October, ready for some Halloween themed learning!

 Friday 14th October 2022

On Thursday 13th October, it was Celebrate Our Community Day, followed by the Family Supper Event. For the community day, we focused on Spain, Ethiopia, Greece and India. We had wonderful Ethiopian language, Indian culture and Indian Warrior movement and Greek dancing workshops. We also had a special Bollywood dance performance. Thank you to Zewdi, Vivian, Mina, Richa, Archana, Sarah, Ruth, Natasha, and other members of our family networks, for helping make the day so special.

Also, a massive thank you to the PTA for another wonderful Family Supper.

 The children have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Black History month and we have done various activities, including reading lots of great books to learn about some special people!

 Next week

 It is only a four day week next week so we will have our spelling check on the Thursday.


 We will write a list poem about our favourite animals.

We will be learning 3D shapes and exploring their properties


 It will be the last lesson of exploring the UK – thank you to those of you that have contributed to the Barnaby Bear book!


 We will finish our art work for our primary and secondary colours display.


 On Tuesday we will finish our topic on materials.

 Have a lovely weekend and as always if you have any questions, you know where I am!

Friday 7th October 2022

Matthew 13:23

‘…but he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it…’

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the United Kingdom this week and were able to identify the four countries and capital cities. Barnaby Bear and our kindness book have been given to the first children… we are excited for this to continue weekly!

Next week

Next week is assessment week so the children will have an informal phonics and maths check-up. This will identify any gaps and inform future planning. Any feedback will be given at parents evening after half term.

We are really looking forward to the family supper on Thursday evening… it should be a lovely occasion!


We will be focussing on writing lists ensuring we are using our phase 3 sounds.


We will be revising 2D shapes and repeating patterns.


We are carrying on with learning about the UK and comparing cities with the countryside.


The children will explain why some objects are made from a certain material.


We will be thinking about God’s image and will create a prayer book for our classroom.


The children will use primary and secondary colours to create a display for our classroom.


We will carry on with coding our Beebots. They will explore quarter and half turns.


Please continue to read every night… let’s make reading a priority! Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a great weekend!

Friday 30th September

1 Timothy 6:18

…that they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate…’

I can’t quite believe we are already at the end of September! I don’t know about you but this week has certainly felt autumnal. Please can I remind you to send in a warm coat as the temperatures start to drop. The harvest service on Monday was certainly the highlight of the week. It was so lovely to all be together, singing in the church. Thank you again for all the generous donations. The children enjoyed our geography lesson this week where we explored the continents of the world and they were able to share stories of all their holidays they have been on in the past! On Wednesday we went in the playground to cheer on our Year 6’s as they completed their charity run… well done to them!

TT Rockstars

This week, Mrs. Johnston introduced a ‘Battle of the Houses’ tournament on TT Rockstars.  The battle will be live from Monday 3rd October until Friday 7th, and final results will be shared in Celebration Assembly.

 The competing houses are:

 For us in Year 1, as we are new to TT Rockstars, we are just sorting out logins but as soon as you receive them, get going and see how many times tables you can complete. Good Luck!!

East and South East Asian Heritage Month

East and South East Asian Heritage Month takes place throughout September. This month is dedicated to honouring, recognising and appreciating East and South East Asian history and culture, as well as to comprehend the rich cultural legacy of countries in East and South East Asia. On Thursday, a group of parents from the school put together and delivered a beautiful assembly honouring East and South East Heritage Month. Each child went home with a task to create a piece of origami: a rabbit, moon or lantern.

Black History Month

Saturday 1st October is the beginning of Black History Month; a month that honours the history of black communities and recognises the great achievements made by black leaders, activists and icons, who have shaped life as we know it.

This year, the children will focus on four themes:

 Within our music lessons, the children will be learning a range of music from black communities, and in art the children will be exploring African and Indigenous People artwork.

It should be an exciting month of celebration, learning and forward thinking.

Next week:


We will be using adjectives to describe the different settings in the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.


We will be exploring subtraction.


We are carrying on with learning about the UK. One child will be taking Barnaby Bear home with them for the first time!


The children will build a suitable house for The Three Little Pigs to live in,


We will be thinking about how we can care for the special people around us.


The children will sort and colour primary and secondary colours.


We will carry on with coding our Beebots. The children will use the language left, right, forwards and backwards.

 Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 23rd September

Thank you so much to all of you for uploading a picture of your child’s homework this week. You do not need to return the paper copy to school.

We hope you all had a reflective Monday and were able to spend time with your families. We have had yet another busy week, becoming more independent with our work! The children have been working hard to write captions, including a capital letter and full stop. We have been practising for our Harvest service next week and have enjoyed learning some new songs. We are looking forward to seeing you in church on Monday morning.

Next week:


We will be looking at one of my favourite stories next week… We’re going on a bear hunt. The children will act out the story and sequence pictures into the correct order.


We will be exploring simple addition using practical manipulatives.


We are carrying on with learning about the UK. In our homework for next week I have introduced Barnaby Bear who is going to go on adventures in our local area with you all.


We will continue to explore materials. The children will carry out an experiment testing different kinds of paper.


We will be thinking about how we can care for the special people around us.


The children will black with blue to create different ones.


We will carry on with coding our Beebots. The children hare thoroughly enjoying computing this term!


As always if you have any questions, my door is always open! Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 16th September

Year 1 have had a great week and are now beginning to record in their subject books. They are so excited how many different coloured books they have! The children are thrilled that clubs have started… in particular lego. It has been so lovely to hear them talk about their extra-curricular activities with their friends.


Please can I ask you to take a picture of your child’s homework and post it on Tapestry as an observation. If you cannot login please let me know and I can send you an activation code.

Children should come to school in their PE kits on Tuesday and Thursday and should bring their school uniform in their PE bags ready to change after the lesson.

Please can I remind you to read with your child as much as you can. 5 minutes everyday will make all the difference!

Next week:


We will be continuing to explore the story of The Little Red Hen and will be captioning some pictures from the book.


We will be learning how to partition two digit numbers into tens and ones.


We are carrying on with learning about the UK.


The children are thoroughly enjoying science! We will continue to explore materials.


We will be looking at God’s creation and how we can care for our environment.


The children will mix colours to make tones of blue and red.


We will carry on with coding our robots.


As always if you have any questions, my door is always open!

We hope you all manage to have time to reflect this weekend and on Monday. We will see you on Tuesday.

Friday 9th September

The Death of Elizabeth II

It is with great sadness that we heard of the Queen’s passing yesterday evening.  As part of our worship today, Charles came in to celebrate the achievements of a monarch whose rule spanned over 70 years.  We talked about her duty of service to our country and the Commonwealth, and watched the video of the Queen having tea with Paddington Bear, showing her sense of humour.  We prayed and thanked God for the Queen’s commitment to our country and prayed for the new King, Charles III.

We discussed in class ‘Who was the Queen to you?’ and considered the impact she had on the lives of the nation.

Prayer for the Queen: 

Gracious God,

We give thanks for the life of your servant Queen Elizabeth,

For her faith and her dedication to duty.

Bless our nation as we mourn for death,

And may her example continue to inspire us;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,



It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know all your children and I think I’m just about there with names! The children have settled well and are now confident with knowing all the routines of Year 1. They are already getting so much quicker at getting changed.

We have spent the week settling in the children and ensuring they know the important things like where their peg is and where they need to sit on the carpet. The children ave shown me how much they can do in terms of reading, writing and maths and next week we will begin recording evidence in their books.

Talking of next week…


We will be exploring the story of The Little Red Hen. Perhaps you could read this over the weekend to familiarise your child with the story. We will use our known sounds to write labels.


we will be representing numbers to 20 in a range of different ways. We are going to ensure our number formations are correct and that they are facing the correct way!


We are starting our UK topic and looking at the four seasons.


This term we are learning all about materials so we will be collecting objects from our classroom and sorting them into groups according to the material they are made from.


We will be looking at The Creation Story and what happened each day.


The children will mix primary colours to make secondary colours and create some artwork for a display in the classroom.


This half term the children will be learning how to programme a Beebot. In our first lesson the children will be human robots and will have to follow a range of directional instructions.


If you have any questions, my door is always open!

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.