GSO Test


At St Peter’s we strive to nurture an ethos that embodies the answer to the question: ‘What does the Lord require of you?’ The Lord requires us to ‘Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God’ Micah 6:8. This is embedded into all aspects of school life and is demonstrated through the rich and diverse opportunities we provide for our pupils. By acting justly, by loving mercy and walking humbly we promote a school culture ingrained in mutual respect, honesty, understanding and compassion for those around us.

We act justly to provide a safe, secure, inclusive environment for our children where they are given opportunities and wide range experiences to ensure that they are happy, motivated and fully prepared for the challenges and responsibilities ahead. 

We love mercy by creating a strong set of values, which will enable our children to reflect and make positive choices with grace and compassion. We teach our children the importance of our diverse community, both local and global, as we reflect on the impact our choices have and the importance of sustainability and growth in order to build a better world.

We walk humbly together towards educational excellence, personal and spiritual fulfilment, underpinned by good physical health and mental well-being.

All members of the school community respect and support the Christian vision of the school which enables us to achieve outstanding progress and attainment, embrace opportunities and experiences and create responsible citizens of the future.

We will achieve our vision by

  • Providing an inclusive school with Christian values at its heart.
  • Providing a safe and happy learning environment.
  • Recruiting and retaining high quality staff, who hold high expectations for all, deliver outstanding teaching and fully support the school’s Christian ethos.
  • Providing a rigorous academic and creative curriculum which is inspirational and enjoyable, enabling pupils to be self-motivated, imaginative and confident lifelong learners who achieve their full potential.
  • Working collaboratively with parents, carers and relevant outside agencies to support all of our pupils with their learning.
  • Providing opportunities for children to learn and develop skills through high quality, first hand experiences in all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Teaching pupils how to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  • Supporting and promoting the emotional well-being of pupils and staff.