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Spanish Curriculum Overview

At St Peter's, we believe that learning another language not only provides our pupils with essential language skills to communicate with the wider world, but also helps them to develop a curiosity about, and a respect for, other people, places and cultures. 

Children learn Spanish from Year 1 to Year 6. In Key Stage 1, children enjoy learning Spanish through games, songs, actions and stories. In Key Stage 2, the children further develop their existing vocabulary and language skills, whilst taking a more structured approach to understanding Spanish grammar. Writing is introduced from Year 3, however the lessons retain plenty of songs, rhymes and videos to make Spanish enjoyable and fun!

Alongside teaching children the skills of the language itself, we also try to immerse our pupils in the culture and traditions of Spain and Spanish speaking countries. We raise world issues and events, giving children a broad multilingual and multicultural appreciation. We also thoroughly enjoy our annual Spanish day which is a day dedicated to Spain (or a Spanish speaking country), encompassing language, food, clothing, music and atmosphere.