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School Council

Why do we have a school council?

At St Peter’s we value the benefits of operating a school council as a way of expanding pupil voice and pupil action within our community. The school council is a group of children representing classes across the school. It is designed to provide an opportunity for children to be directly involved in issues that affect the school. These issues range from general, everyday matters to  ambitious projects that enhance the enjoyment of school for all and our commitment to the local environment.

What do the school council do?

School council members take part in regular meetings. During these meetings members:

  • share the views and concerns of the pupil community;
  • decide upon the key actions to focus upon that will enhance the school experience for all;
  • develop projects to enhance the local environment, including ways to be more sustainable;
  • feedback the outcomes of meetings to the classes, the headteacher and also the governors;
  • have an input in staff appointments;
  • represent the school at outside events;
  • support fundraising events.

Who is on the school council?

Our school council aims to be inclusive and to represent the diversity of our community of pupils. School councillors can be identified by a badge that they wear, so everyone knows who represents the pupil voice.

Year 6: Didi, Thomas and Nguyen

Year 5: Wynie, Sipara and Alexander

Year 4: Amie, Zach and Otto

Year 3: Olivia, Tsegtbiligt and Orly

Year 2: Evalyn and Felix

Teacher: Miss Edmondson

What have our meetings achieved?

Please read the termly newsletter for an overview of our meetings.Autumn_2023_School_Council_meetings