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Welcome to FoSP (Friends of St Peter’s) or St Peter’s PTA as we are known by many! The aim of the PTA here at St Peter’s is to fundraise, build community and  strengthen relationships between parents, carers, teachers and pupils.

 This year we had a new team join the PTA, and we are looking forward to coming up with new and fresh ideas, while still keeping all the firm fundraising favourites! 

We aim to raise funds for all the ‘extras’ that aren’t covered by the budget given to the school, but that make St Peter’s such a wonderful place to be. Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds and this money has been used to fund house trips, pay for Mathletics and Spellodrome subscriptions and provide equipment for the school.  Previous years have seen us raise £65,000 for a new school playground, and £20,000 for an amazing new library which is loved and used daily by all the students. 

We hold many events throughout the year in order to fundraise. Some of our highlights over the last few years have been the Summer and Christmas Fairs,  Auction Night, Movie Night, the School Disco and Bridge to Bridge. Whilst all these events raise much needed funds for the school, they also provide an opportunity for building community too. We have many new and exciting events coming this year and would encourage all parents and carers to get involved.  Obviously this year is very different to previous years and we have been coming up with new and creative ways to raise money in a Covid safe way. 

Every parent is automatically a member of the St Peter’s PTA and one of the committee's main aims is to build strong community relationships. We want every parent to feel as welcome as we did when we joined the school and whilst we want to raise as much money as we can, we also want to enjoy our children’s school years.

We are always looking for people to come and join us on the PTA committee, so if you would like to get involved, please do email us at: