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Healthy Schools

We at St Peter’s believe that being a Healthy School is fundamental in providing our children with the skills and knowledge to grow healthy, safely and responsibly; equipping them with the ability to make informed decisions about their own health in the future. We are committed to ongoing expansion in this area so that it is conducive to the children’s learning; we believe a healthy school is successful in helping our children achieve their best and build on their achievements.


The following targets have been identified to provide a whole-school approach to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. To encourage active travel among all children and staff.
  2. To equip children with the knowledge to make informed decisions on a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To introduce an eco-council, promoting sustainability and fostering a caring ethos towards the environment.
  4. To deliver high quality PE teaching, promoting physical activity and making it accessible for all.
  5. To develop the teaching of food technology as part of the Design and Technology curriculum.
  6. To provide the children with the tools and attitudes to develop good relationships.

 Healthy Schools Policy

Healthy Schools Overview

At St Peter's school we work with Healthy Schools London and Transport for London.  In October 2014 we achieved a Bronze Healthy Schools Award, followed by a Silver Healthy Schools Award in July 2015 and finally we achieved a Gold Healthy Schools Award in July 2017.  We are now working on maintaining our awards and continuing to implement targets.