GSO Test


Our Geography curriculum aims to inspire a real sense of curiosity in finding out about the world around them and the people who live there. We focus on developing children's core knowledge in geography, particularly their sense of place. This starts with understanding and exploring their immediate locality, building to nationwide and global scales. Children learn about a range of topics including Volcanoes, Rivers, Biomes and Climate Zones as well as depth studies into Local Geography, a region in the Americas and Europe. 

Fieldwork is an integral part of our curriculum and we use every opportunity to develop our fieldwork skills for example collecting data, creating surveys and taking measurements. Wherever possible, we use digital technologies including digital mapping, digital photographs and sound recording. 

Children develop secure map skills through different activities and as well as regular OS maps and atlases, we now use a digital mapping program called Digimaps, allowing the children to use maps of different scales; annotating locations, routes and zones to demonstrate their understanding.