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"If you can design one thing then you can design anything"
Massimo Vignelli

Design Technology Policy

Design Technology Curriculum Overview

Design and Technology at St Peter’s school engages children in a broad range of designing and making activities which involve a variety of methods including designing, drawing, assembling, making, writing and using information and communication technology. Design and Technology encourages children to learn to think and intervene creatively to solve problems both as individuals and as members of a team.   

  • to develop children’ designing and making skills,
  • to teach children the knowledge and understanding, within each child’s ability, that will be required to complete the making of their product,
  • to teach children the safe and effective use of a range of tools, materials and components,
  • to develop children’ understanding of the ways in which people have designed products in the past and present to meet their needs,
  • to develop children’ creativity and innovation through designing and making,
  • to develop children’ understanding of technological processes, their management and their contribution to society.

 Throughout the year children will participate in three dedicated Design and Technology theme days based on themes such as food, toys, moving parts, textiles and games. 

Children will design and make a range of products.  A good quality finish will be expected in all design and make activities appropriate to the age and ability of the pupils. 

DT Day Newsletters 


Our most recent DT day was our Nature Day. Please see the newsletter below to find out more.

Nature day


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