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Welcome to our School Council page


Meet our School Council

 Reception: Alfie and Serenity 

Year 1: Georgie and Oscar

Year 2: Arel and Ariella 

Year 3: Elisa and Nasir

Year 4: Giorgio and Samira 

Year 5: Archie and Emma

Year 6: Charlie and Jessica

We are all so proud and excited to represent our class in this year's School Council. Throughout the coming year, we will have regular meetings to organise events, review the Action Teams and discuss ideas about how we can improve our school. Keep popping back to our page to see what we are getting up to!


School Council

Citizenship is an integral part of life at St. Peter’s and so the School Council has an important role to play.

The School Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all the pupils and to improve ‘their’ school.

At the beginning of each term, every class from Reception -Y6 elect 2 representatives to be members of the school council.


The St. Peter’s School Council not only represents the views of all students but it gets things done.

These are some things that make St. Peter’s council effective:

  • Regular meetings

  • A council that is not too big

  • A bank account or budget (however small)

  • Good communication between representatives and their class


16th October 2019 

In our first ever school council meeting, we discussed what our role of school councillors will entail and what we are passionate about. This meeting gave us a chance to get to know each other and think about what we might want to be charge of this year as school councillors. 

5th November 2019 

Today, we took on the role of organising Children in Need Day. As a team, we decided to get children to dress up in bright colours and donate some money towards Children in Need. The school councillors were in charge of designing posters to promote the day and to go back to their classes and announce the day. 

15th November 2020

Children in Need Day. Well done school councillors - you did a great job of collecting money at the beginning and end of the day. We managed to raise £188.53! 

28th January 2020 

During assembly time the school council met with Andrew from the kitchen to discuss menu ideas. The school council were full of amazing ideas for new healthy options. We are planning on having a food tasting session next time to decide on some new soup options! 

3rd March 2020 

Today, we meet together to plan an event. We decided that, as there are so many charity events organised by other teams, we would hold a Swap Shop. This will give children to bring in unwanted toys, games, clothes etc. and swap! Not only is this a fun way to get new things, but it is also very environmentally friendly. Great ideas School Councillors! Now to get organising!