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House Captains 2023 - 2024



Every child at St Peter’s is part of a school House Team.

Our teams were named in consultation with our pupils, parents and staff.  As our Christian faith is integral to everything we do at St Peter’s, we decided upon names which are symbolic to St Peter: Cross, Rock, Fisher and Keys.

Throughout the year, the children are divided into their house teams for various activities, including half termly inter-house sporting competitions, sports days and end of term quizzes.

The children earn points for their house teams by working hard in class and demonstrating our Christian values.  At the end of each term, the points are totalled, with the winning team receiving a special treat. 

Role and Expectations of House Captains

Every house is led by two Year 6 children.  At the beginning of the academic year, each member of the Year 6 class is required to prepare a speech which they deliver to the entire school.  The children and staff then vote to select two House Captains who will lead each house for the academic year. 

The role of House Captain is one of pride and responsibility, and requires dedication and commitment for the entire year.

We expect our House Captains to:

  • Demonstrate our Christian values on a daily basis
  • Be a positive role model and an ambassador for the school
  • Be caring, encouraging, friendly and supportive of all children, especially those in their house team
  • Be enthusiastic and committed to the house system at St Peter’s
  • Work together as a team to achieve success for all

Role Description

  • Inspire the children in their house team
  • Lead and support the children in their house team in a variety of house competitions and activities
  • Work closely with the Headteacher, providing ideas and support for competitions and house related activities
  • Select a charity to support for the academic year; help to organise and lead fundraising activities
  • Help organise and lead house meetings and collective worship sessions
  • Be an excellent role model in terms of behaviour, attitude and dress at all times


This year, the following children were selected as House Captains:



 Matilda and Rafael


 Poppy D and Horatio


 Ted and Alba


 Brooklyn and Ariella


A few words from our Captains:

My name is Matilda and I am one of the House Captains for Cross.  I love being at St Peter’s and I am delighted to have been selected to be a House Captain in my final year at the school.  I am looking forward to leading my team this year and encouraging them to earn lots of house points, so that we can hopefully win the house treat.  I am also looking forward to coming up with lots of ideas to help raise money for our chosen charities.

My name is Rafael and I am also a House Captain for Cross. I am so happy to be a House Captain this year, because I will have the opportunity to take responsibility for aspects of school life.  I think that I am going to need lots of courage to do this, especially when I need to lead a house group meeting.  I love organising things and think I will be required to do a lot of organising in my role.  I want to inspire my team to be the best and to try their best at all times. 

My name is Poppy and I am very proud to be one of the House Captains for Fisher, which is an amazing house!  I am so excited to start trying to raise money for our four chosen charities – one is supporting children with neurodiversity, which is something that I am really passionate about.  I am also looking forward to getting to know all of the members of Fisher and inspiring them to work hard and demonstrate our Christian values.

My name is Horatio and I am so excited and proud to share the role of House Captain for Fisher with Poppy.  I absolutely love all sports, maths, languages, computing and bright colours.  I am looking forward to encouraging our team to earn lots of points, so that we can win the house treat at the end of term.  Most of all, I can’t wait to have fun getting to know my house team and working together.

My name is Ted and I am very happy to be a House Captain for Rock this year.  I am from New Zealand and have lots of family there, but I like living in London and going to St Peter’s CE Primary School.  Some of my hobbies include tennis, Minecraft, sailing and skiing, but my favourite thing to do is to dig in the snow!  I feel proud to have been elected as a House Captain this year, and look forward to helping my team to raise lots of money for charity and to get the most points each term.

My name is Alba and I am one of the House Captains representing Rock. I think the main role of a House Captain is to help motivate others to participate and try their best - but also have fun!  I hope to strengthen the relationship between the year groups, with my creativity and approachable nature, to help make St Peter's an even friendlier and more positive environment that everyone wants to be part of.  I am looking forward to the year ahead!


My name is Brooklyn, I am in Year 6 and I am one of the House Captains for Keys.   I like reading and drawing, I also enjoy swimming and playing hockey.  My favourite subjects are maths and art; I have attended the Street Dance club at school since Year 3 and have entered two competitions.  I have a younger brother who is about to turn one; I love him so much when he smiles at me, it brightens my day!  I am so pleased to be a House Captain and look forward to helping to raise lots of money for our chosen charities, as I believe it is important to support people in need.


My name is Ariella, Brooklyn and I are the House Captains for Keys this year.  I love helping people, playing sport with them, joining in with being creative and trying new things.  Most importantly, I love to make sure that everyone is happy and included.  I am very proud to be a House Captain this year and look forward to the responsibilities associated with the role, I have lots of exciting ideas to share!


This year our House Captains collectively decided to focus upon charities which support and raise money for children.  They have selected:

Young Lives vs Cancer

Shooting Stars

Daisy Chain


Throughout the year, the House Captains will raise awareness of these charities by leading whole school collective worship sessions and fundraising events.