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"Every child is an artist"


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Art Policy

At St Peter’s, we place huge importance on creativity and believe that art is hugely important in developing well-rounded and imaginative minds. Every child has their own sketchbook, and these are used to jot down, sketch, annotate and develop ideas for their own pieces of art. The children of St Peter’s have a passion for Art and are accomplished in discussing and analysing famous artwork, their own and peers art. The children experience a wide variety of artistic mediums, both 2D and 3D.  There is a large focus on art history, drawing skills and the use of colour, which are taught through all of our themes. We base each unit on different, well-known artists from different eras to expose children to an extensive range of styles and forms.

We enjoy our annual Arts Week where the focus, for the whole week, is creativity. The whole school unravel their imaginations on one, carefully chosen, inspirational, piece of artwork. The children discuss, analyse, research and eventually create their own pieces of artwork. This week allows for a deepened understanding and appreciation for artwork and artists. We celebrate the children’s wonderful and skillful work by displaying their artwork around the school so they can feel pride and satisfaction from what they have produced.




 Arts Week 2022-23

This year, Arts Week was inspired by the wonderful work of Picasso. 

Please click the link below to read what the children got up to in our Arts Week newsletter.




Arts Week 2021-22

Please see the photos and the newsletter from our Arts Week this year. The theme was Butterflies, and the children worked closely with digital artist Dominic Harris. 


Arts Week 2021-22



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