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RE Ambassadors

‘Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.’

2 Corinthians 5:20


We are very proud and excited to introduce our RE Ambassadors for this year:



Year 3:   Amber and Zach

Year 4:   Tilly and Charlie

Year 5:   Eliagh and  Georgie

Year 6:   Poppy, Thor, Dolly and Isabel


 The RE Ambassadors have an important role to use their initiative and own ideas to promote RE at school and in the community. The Ambassadors ensure that they are role models in demonstrating our school vision statement:

'Let your light shine before others, so they see your good works and glory to God’ Matthew 5 v.16.

 The children uphold our Christian Values throughout the school.  Our values are Courage, Thankfulness, Respect, Service, Kindness and Perseverance and regularly help during the Collective Worships, by lighting the candle, reading the Collect prayer and helping with any presentations.

 The RE ambassadors attended regular meetings throughout the year to talk about RE in school, evaluate worship and discuss charity events they would like to talk part in.  The will also take part in events, such as the Yearly London Diocese Service at St. Pauls Cathedral, as well as taking a leading role in services in St. Peter's Church throughout the year.


A few words from our RE Ambassadors:


Hi, I am Poppy and I am one of the year 6 RE Ambassadors.  I really like to learn about different cultures and how different religions celebrate their festivals and celebrations.  I am looking forward to leading the Collective Worship and showing and telling the stories and miracles of Jesus.


Hi, my name is Thor and I love taking part in our classes RE lessons. I love talking about all of the different religions, their beginnings and festivals and Holy days.  I am looking forward to attending the LDBS Annual Service in St. Paul’s cathedral.  Furthermore, I am super excited to lead our collective worships alongside my fellow RE Ambassadors.


Hi, my name is Dolly and I am one of the four year 6 RE Ambassadors.  One thing I am really looking forward to is getting to know all the other RE Ambassadors through regular meetings and representing the schools outside in the community. I enjoy learning about why different religions worship their Gods


Hi, my name is Isabel and I am one of the RE Ambassadors.  I am looking forward to going to St. Pauls Cathedral and leading a Collective Worship. 


Hi, my name is Eli and I like reading the Bible.  I am looking forward to taking part in different events throughout the year.


Hi, my name is Georgie, and I love looking at the parables of Jesus in the New Testament.  I am looking forward to all of the RE meetings we are going to have and our trip to St. Pauls Cathedral.


Hi, my name is Tilly and love reading parables.  My favourite parable is when Jesus calms the storm.  I am really looking forward to our trip to St. Pauls for the LDBS service this year. 


Hi, my name is Charlie.  My favourite story from the bible is Daniel and the Lion’s Den.  I am looking forward in taking part in the Easter Service in the church this year.


Hi, my name is Amber and my favourite story from the Bible is Noah’s Ark.  I am looking forward to meeting other RE Ambassadors and working with them.


Hi, my name is Zach and my favourite story is Daniel and the Lion’s Den.  I am looking forward to making new friends and taking part in the Easter Story.