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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities       

At St Peter’s we aim to provide all children with access to a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum. Our school is an inclusive school where every child matters. We aim to address children's needs, support their development in the most appropriate way, and celebrate effort and progress as much as academic achievement. We take a holistic approach when supporting children, especially those with special education needs and/or disabilities. 

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SEND Aims and objectives

  • To enable all children to access a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum.
  • To allow all children to access the National Curriculum at an appropriate level.
  • To ensure all children receive high quality teaching that includes adaptions and differentiation to support all learners. 
  • To ensure that SEND needs are identified, provided for and monitored effectively.
  • To identify clear roles and responsibilities of all staff involved in supporting children with SEND.  
  • To ensure all children, with or without SEN and/or Disabilities, are able to develop positive self-esteem, and feel that they make a positive contribution to the school’s community.
  • To clarify and embed the expectations of all partners in the process.
  • To support and enhance wellbeing of all children, especially those who identify as having SEND. 

Identification and Support 

All members of staff are trained to identify, at an early stage, children who might be experiencing barriers and/or obstacles that are preventing them from making progress. We always consider that this child/these children could have additional needs and/or a disability. It is the policy of the school to put in place suitable support for these children, following a three tiered approach. 

The class teacher will inform the school’s Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) who will track the pupil’s progress through pupil progress meetings, look at ways of supporting the pupil's learning, and if necessary, engage with outside agencies.

Pupil Passports/Profiles are shared with the pupils where appropriate and with parents. These are reviewed termly.

Parents/carers are regularly informed about what we are doing to support their child and the progress they are making and are invited to meet the SENDCo if they have any questions or concerns. 

Please see the SEND Information Report below for more information of SEND identification, and what support is available at St. Peter's. 

SEND Information Report

Please click the link below to access the SEND information padlet for St. Peter's CofE Primary School.

Padlet of SEND Resources and Links


Hammersmith and Fulham Local Offer 

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Other Policies 

SEND Policy 2022-2023

Equality Information and Objectives

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