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“When I go to the start line, I never pray that I’m going to win. I just pray, ‘Help me do my best, don’t let me fear other people, don’t let me fear the job at hand. Help me do all the right things at the right time. And if I win, that’s great. If I don’t, help me be a gracious loser. "

- Christina Ohuruogu

At St Peter’s CE Primary School we believe that high quality physical education is paramount to children’s learning and development across physical, social, emotional and cognitive domains. Furthermore, we believe that when Early Years and Primary physical education are taught effectively, that they create a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle. We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe, engaging and supportive environment, is a significant factor in developing our children’s confidence and encourages creativity, as well as developing their mental capacity for problem solving and critical analysis.

As a school, we are fully committed to teaching a rigorous PE curriculum that focuses upon a developmental, inclusive and safe approach, where children’s acquisition of fundamental movement skills is of high priority. We deliver a wide range of physical activities at St. Peter’s, taught be highly skilled professionals, with the aim of engaging and inspiring all of our children. We are committed to providing pupils with the opportunity to be physically active for a prolonged period - at least two hours of well-planned, high quality physical education every week.

During the year every pupil receives a wide range of lessons encompassing games, athletics, gymnastics, outdoor education and dance lessons; swimming lessons are also incorporated into the curriculum for classes throughout Key Stage Two.

At St Peter's, we strive to offer as many extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities for the children. We aspire to cultivate their personal talents and interests and so they can access a culturally rich and rounded learning experience. To achieve this, we enter a range of intra-school and inter-school sporting competitions. We believe that competitive activity is vital; we attend competitions such as Mayors Cup (Football), Hi-5’s (Netball), swimming gala’s and the district athletics. This year we also have competitions in gymnastics, dance, skittle ball, Cricket, tag-Rugby, fencing, dodgeball and tennis. The number of sporting events we are involved in gives lots of our children opportunities to play competitive sports regardless of ability or experience.

To promote sports further, we provide and promote a variety of early morning and after-school clubs. This year we have worked hard to expand our extra-curricular sporting provision and offer a wide range of opportunities for the children from Reception right up to Year 6 to participate in. We offer karate, tag-rugby, dodgeball, tennis, running, dance, football, play ball, fencing, and mini-cricket and netball clubs.

Given the location of the school we are ideally placed to regularly visit Ravenscourt Park for sporting activities. Alongside Ravenscourt Park, we also take our children to Barn Elms Sport Trust for our annual Sports Day Event. We provide the children the opportunity to experience a proper sports stadium- which we hope will inspire the next Sir Mo Farah and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Physical Education Policy

Primary Supporting Development (PSD)

This year we have enlisted the services of an ‘outstanding’ sporting company, PSD, to deliver our PE curriculum, to mentor targeted children, attend inter-school sporting competitions and develop intra-school competitions, with the support of our PE coordinator. We believe that through effective PE teaching we can share the school's core Christian values, embedding them into all areas of the children's learning.  



 Mr Fullerton, PSD; PE teacher and School Mentor

 Whole School Curriculum Map

Acquiring and Developing Skills Overview


Here is a break down of the specific terminology children should using throughout the key stages:

Dance Vocabulary

Games Vocabulary

Gymnastics Vocabulary

 Mayor's Cup Team 2022-2023

Congratulations to the children who are part of our Mayors cup squads. We look forward to hearing how your progress throughout the year.

Boys Squad: 














Girls Squad: 

Poppy D

Poppy G