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Our Faith 

In accordance with our Trust Deed and with statutory requirements, we have a daily act of collective worship that takes place in the school or, on special occasions, in the church. All schools are required to have a daily act of collective worship and in our school that worship is Christian.

Collective worship is placed at the centre of the school’s daily life. Worship is organised on a whole school basis and led by clergy, staff, visitors and the pupils themselves. The process of worship takes place through a variety of media, song, story, drama, art, music and poetry. It takes place through class assemblies as well as adult-led worship time. There are occasions every week where our parish priest will lead worship using material from the Church of England’s services.  We hope to create an atmosphere in which children and adults are invited to explore issues for themselves, reflect upon and learn from their own experiences and the experiences of others, develop sensitivity and a sense of wonder and awe about the world of which they are part.

We do not require or pressure children to become worshipping Christians or to take part in any activity that will compromise their own family’s faith or religious or secular belief. The spiritual, social, cultural and moral welfare of all pupils whatever their background is of prime concern to us as a school. However, Christian values (Perseverance, Kindness, Respect, Courage, Thankfulness and Service) are built into our ethos and teaching and are reflected in the cycle of the themes around which our daily acts of worship are based.

All staff and pupils are invited to take part in collective worship. Regardless of their religious background, we ask that all attending our school accept and promote our Christian values and ethos.

For more information please see the document link below for information about what is expected of Church of England Schools and how they are inspected: Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools


Prayers are an important part of our daily practice.  Prayers are said during daily collective worship sessions; they are also said before lunch and at the end of the school day.

School prayer:

Dear God,

Here at St. Peter’s,

Help us to be thankful at all times.

And look for opportunities to serve and help others.

Let our classrooms be full of courage and perseverance.

Let love be in our hearts,

With kindness and respect for all.

Let us remember,

In learning together,

We grow together

And succeed together.


Lunchtime prayer:

Thank you for the world so sweet,

Thank you for the food we eat,

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you Lord for everything


End of the day prayer:

Thank you Father for today and all the work we have done;

For help we have been given, our learning and our fun.

Please bless our homes and families;

Our teachers and our friends.

And hold us all dear Father,

In your love which never ends


Our Church

In terms of vision and values, St Peter’s Church seeks to be a generous, inclusive, all-age community, committed to mission and growth:

  • Fostering a culture in which parishioners give generously of their time, skills, and resources to the benefit of the local community, the wider church, and especially those in need.
  • With regard to inclusion, affirming the ministry of women, welcoming LGBT people in the life of the church, and seeking to be representative of the ethnic and economic diversity of the local area.
  • Working to ensure that there are appropriate social, educational and worship opportunities for those of all ages.
  • Building a lively and vibrant community where all can find welcome, friendship and support.
  • Seeking to grow as a congregation - spiritually, numerically and financially - so we can make a difference in our area, and be a resource for the wider church.


As part of this vision, the church values its strong links with St Peter’s Primary School. Members of the congregation serve as school governors; many parents and children from the school worship at the church; and clergy from St Peter’s regularly lead assemblies and church services for the school, and contribute to RE lessons.


As a church school we are also linked to the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS).

Follow this link to the LDBS Website:

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